‘Lameass Of The Year’ Award Goes To This Cruel McDonald’s Employee

Well fuck me seven ways ’til Sunday and call me Leslie, humankind has done it again! We’ve managed to lower ourselves into brand new depths of depravity and degeneracy, but that is to be expected when the story comes from Detroit, a city continuously ranked as one of the worst in America, if not the worst.

One particularly fuckish McDonald’s employee at a Detroit location (shocker) thought it would be funny to prank a poor homeless man named Willy by offering him a sandwich then splashing cold water all over him. It seems as though he did this to impress his two shitnipple friends in the drive thru, who were laughing their asses off while this garbage can of a human being oppressed the oppressed.

In the video, you hear the employee goading Willy into walking over to the window to receive some “help” from him. Willy wisely says “fuck you” to the employee, giving us the impression that this is not the first time this shitbag has harassed this impoverished man.

Eventually, Willy’s curiosity overcame him. As he began to walk towards the employee, whose outstretched hand was holding a sandwich, the McFuckhead jerks the sandwich back and throws a cup of cold water into Willy’s face and all over his clothes. Of course, Supernova Shitcluster and the two slicktits in the car think it’s hilarious, while the majority of mankind generally prefers to be humane. Clearly this dickhole whisperer missed the memo.

However, there is a silver lining to this story, albeit a small one: if you look closely on the windshield, you’ll see that it seems to be raining outside, so at least we can all take solace in the fact that this Moron Burgundy was so stupid that he splashed someone that was already wet. So dumb that he can’t even get being an asshole right. Doesn’t get any more Detroity than that!

Image Source: eBaum’s World