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Kickback This Fall With CBD LEMONADE


The other day, I walked into a grocery store and saw an entire rack of CBD products being sold, from topical creams to essential oils. Even after months of being legal here in California, it’s still odd to see such open consumption of a marijuana-based product. But CBD is everywhere now, being marketed as the magic extraction that provides the stress relief of weed without the high. It’s sold in every way possible– coffee, food, you name it. Hell, even Neiman Marcus sells overly expensive, bug-sized CBD products. Now, it’s being sold in a lemonade, as LA-based Kickback recently dropped a CBD lemonade.

Their new drink comes in three flavors, Mellow Mango, Strawberry Sunshine, and the ever-descriptive Lemony Lemon, that can all be purchased from

Now, the thing with CBD products now-a-days is that it’s easy to get caught up in the linguistics of the branding and end up not getting quite what you bargained for. 

According to the wrapper on the Mellow Mango, each bottle contains “5mg of Broad Spectrum Nano CBD” and is also infused with the terpene myrcene, which is a different chemical extract of marijuana. Due to Kickback’s “proprietary extraction method,” their CBD, when combined with myrcene, creates an effect five times that of “regular CBD.” So, by their calculations, each bottle contains what “feels like” 25mg of whatever regular CBD is considered to be.

Now, I’m no scientist, but as a reader of words, my eyebrows were firmly raised. Doing some preliminary research, the effects of myrcene are murky

So, naturally, it was time to try these guys out. My editor, Reach Guinto, and I popped open the slickly designed glass bottles (he the Strawberry Sunshine and I the Mellow Mango) and glugged away, hoping for the best. 

Taste-wise, I was a fan of mine. Mellow Mango also comes with a hit of ginger which gives it a needed zing that keeps you coming back for another drink. Reach, on the other hand, was not a fan of his drink’s taste, but kept it pushing for the content. It takes a warrior’s mindset to be a Foodbeast.

He was, however, a fan of his drink’s effect.

“I feel pretty relaxed right now, man.” he went on to tell me a while later. 

As did I. It might not have removed my anxieties (nothing short of a meteor striking the Earth and physically removing these worries would do that), but I felt relaxed and a calm mindset come over me post-drink.

Who knows if it feels like 25mg of “regular CBD,” the bottom line is the drink does, in fact, have some effect, and is a marijuana-based product that’s available for the public. You’ll see no complaints here. 

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Sip On Cannabis-Infused Cocktails At This Sleek Los Angeles Bar

Within the historical relics of Downtown Los Angeles, Prank Bar is now the city’s first walk-up bar, serving as a welcome into a two-story, open-air concept merging the outside world with unique cannabis-infused cocktails. However, Prank’s cannabis-infused creations won’t get you high.

By incorporating liquid tinctures containing the essential oils of the cannabis plant, these aromatic oils, known as terpenes, are the basis of the plant’s true aroma and flavor, but aren’t psychoactive. If you’ve ever wondered why, ‘weed smells like weed,’ it’s due to the terpene profile found in the plant’s resin glands.

cannabis-infused cocktails

The limonene terpene, for example, has a sharp, sweet citrusy fragrance, and is known to have therapeutic benefits such as elevated mood, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

cannabis-infused cocktails

While the draw of cannabis-infused cocktails might be enough to pique curiosity, Prank Bar has also established a well-rounded pairing menu that lists wine, cocktail, and beer recommendations for each dish on their menu.

To illustrate this technique, Prank’s signature Salami “Wich” served with black pepper salami, soft goat cheese, spicy & sweet red peppers, and arugula, all on an Italian herb focaccia, has Melini Chianti, Plungerhead Zin, or Trefethen Riesling as the recommended wine pairings.  Adding a Deleon Margarita and a Makers 46 Old Fashioned as paired option cocktails, and Boont Amber Ale or Stone Pale Ale as accompanying beers are options as well.

More importantly, Prank has managed to achieve ideal price points that enable patrons to enjoy elevated fare, without breaking the bank. As a result of this meticulous preparation, Prank Bar has become one of the most unique dining establishments Los Angeles has to offer.

cannabis-infused cocktails

Some might argue that serving cannabis-infused cocktails might be considered taboo, but Prank Bar is also educating people on its benefits, while showcasing what’s possible in terms non-psychoactive cannabis-based infusions.

So, as California gears up for a mainstream cannabis industry, it’s clear to see Prank Bar already has a head start.