Hit-Or-Miss Technology

Robots are Stealing All the Food Service Jobs

We’ll be lucky if robots only steal our jobs, rather than also enslaving civilization and mocking our weak sacks of soft-muscled frailty. Roughly 47 percent of jobs will be replaced by robots over the next 20 years, says one Oxford University study.

The fast food industry is specifically at risk, since labor and food costs represent 60-70 percent of industry revenues, according to a Cornerstone Capital Group report, while the recent national dialogue about a $15-hour minimum wage for quick service employees may speed things up.


And it’s already moving quickly. I mean, it seems like just yesterday I first saw servers using tablets instead of notepads. That’s been evolving too. Earlier this year, Olive Garden said it was going to install Ziosk tabletop tablets at all its restaurants by the end of 2015, so right there, tech’s limiting servers to basically just food runners.

But now robots are locking down kitchen gigs too! Hell, Momentum Machines went ahead and actually invented a burger-flipping robota step hopefully more toward Futurama than Terminator—and the bot can do up a burger every ten seconds. In short, the robot replaces three full-time kitchen employees, which is what the company’s founders intend to do. Why make employees more efficient when there’s money to be made selling “employees” to restaurants?


And there are a lot of jobs for those robots to take. We’re talking 2.4 million servers, about 3 million cooks and food preparers, and 3.3 million cashiers. It hasn’t exactly been a booming industry either. Since 1987, fast food eateries have grown at 0.3 percent per year, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That number is about to skyrocket if the government starts tracking robot employees, who never need vacation days, tips, or HR. So I hope you all enjoyed visiting your favorite server at that local country-themed family restaurant or rolling your eyes at every single server at Buffalo Wild Wings, because those days might be over soon.


This Restaurant Chain Created A Burger For TERMINATOR GENISYS


The fifth installment in the Terminator film series, Terminator Genisys, is hitting cinemas soon. Red Robin is pairing up with with the machines from Skynet to create a new burger that’s supposed to terminate your hunger.

Get it?

Red Robin’s new Genisys Burger features jalapeño aioli, roasted jalapeños, Pepper Jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, avocados and bacon. It’s topped with a jalapeño-cornmeal bun. Like the robots from the future, expect this burger to pack a lot of unnecessary heat.

Still sounds bomb though.

Available beginning June 15, the burger will be on Red Robin menus for a limited time. Probably just as long as the new Terminator film will be around. Terminator Genisys hits theaters July 1.


Celebrity Grub

Arnold Schwarzenegger Inexplicably Feeds a Mini Horse in His Kitchen


A couple of days ago, Kim Kardashian tried to break the Internet by posting a photo of her ass. Now it seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger is countering with a picture of his pet horse.

Not 100 percent sure why the Governator even has a mini horse, or why it steals his breakfast, but he posted this epic photo to his Facebook account and expected us to think this is just normal.

The caption for his post read:

“If anyone notices I have lost a little weight, blame Whiskey. She’s been stealing my breakfast every morning.”

Don’t act like you didn’t just read that quote using your terribly flawed interpretation of an aggressive Austrian accent.