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Mexico Just Developed A Cloud That Literally Rains Tequila [WATCH]

This cloud is the stuff of college party dreams, as it literally rains tequila.

Visit Mexico, the official tourism promotion council and site for the country, developed the cloud to be displayed as part of a specific campaign to get Germans to travel to Mexico.

It sounds like an odd combination, but Germany is the number two importer of tequila from Mexico and gets a TON of rain throughout the year, according to Adweek. So during Germany’s rainiest month, Visit Mexico set up an exhibit that featured this tequila cloud as a promotion for German citizens to vacation in Mexico.

The cloud was constructed by using ultrasonic humidifiers to literally vibrate the tequila into mist before the spirit was condensed so that it could fall as rain drops. Every time it rained, the cloud was programmed to rain tequila as well.

It allowed rain-soaked Germans passing by to get a taste of sunshine and Mexico by stopping at the cloud for a quick sip of tequila to get them through the day.

This seriously sounds like something that belongs at parties though. Can you imagine how many people would go nuts over literally drinking out of a cloud?

I definitely want to have a tequila cloud around me at all times.