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This New Food Festival Is an Ode to the Chicken Strip

Chicken tender fanatics often live out their passion in silence. The dish can draw some serious side-eyes if ordered for dinner during a night out. Once the age has passed where “being picky” is a legitimate excuse for not wanting to try new menu items, the childhood favorite is usually reserved for the occasional bar order or desperate fast food buy. But, those crunchy breaded chicken strips are loved by most for a reason — they’re easily made and moldable to just about any profile. 

Later this month in Los Angeles, tenders will be getting the recognition they deserve, when Off the Menu and John Terzian of the H.Wood Group will be teaming up to throw the city’s first TenderFest at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on November 15. The festival aims to show off the tender’s full potential by bringing together some of the area’s top chicken vendors, including Delilah, Fuku, Raising Cane’s, Hot Mutha Clucker, CAULIPOWER, and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

Additionally, famed chefs Nancy Silverton, Wolfgang Puck, Chris Oh, and Timothy Hollingsworth will each be crafting their interpretation of a tender to serve in front of a panel of judges. The winner of this showdown will be gifted a cash prize to give to a charity of their choice. 

Tickets for TenderFest are available now for $65, which pays for unlimited tenders and beer. The VIP tickets, which run for $175, also include the food and booze, as well as event merchandise, a VIP lounge, access to VIP-only vendor Dave’s Hot Chicken, a gift bag, and a 6 month membership to Off the Menu.

Off the Menu has been throwing dope food-focused events for a while now, and is a consistent source for innovative and creative flavors, which stands out in a Southern California culinary universe that can tend to stagnate on flavor-of-the-month trends. 


Bye, Diet: Applebee’s Has AYCE Shrimp, Riblets & Tenders

The Applebee’s holy trinity of bar food is joining forces in an all you can eat deal.

For a limited time, the grill and bar will be be offering an AYCE special for its classic riblets, shrimp, and chicken tenders, for $14.99.

They’ve offered AYCE deals for their riblets and tenders in the past, but this year, they added their Double Crunch shrimp to the mix.

And yes, you can mix and match between the three, so there’s no fine print with some terrible stipulation about only choosing one.


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Joining the AYCE deal is their $2 Captain and Cola. Apparently Applebee’s is a Pepsi supporter, so that’s why it’s Captain and Cola, and not Rum and Coke.

Probably the best thing about this new deal is the “trailer” Applebee’s put way too much budget into. It’s got a deep baritone narration, random explosions, and Vin Diesel-like driving scenes.

While family-friendly fast casual restaurants aren’t quite as popular as they once were, Applebee’s still cranks out interesting and useful deals, such as the AYCE appetizers and $1 cocktails.

It’s never a bad idea to stuff your face, and for $15, you can do a lot worse.

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Church’s Creates Chicken Tenders Out Of Honey Biscuits

Church’s Chicken has been a staple in the fried chicken industry for quite some time now. It comes as no surprise that the number of feasible fried chicken dishes they can come up with is limited. With that being said, today is not the day they run out of ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 5.29.49 PM

Starting on Monday, March 28th, Church’s will begin selling their Honey-Butter Biscuit Chicken Tenders. The all-white meat chicken strips will be dipped in Church’s Honey-Butter batter then deep fried, as is tradition.

The entire meal, with 3 tender strips, a biscuit, a drink and some Honey Butter dipping sauce, will come out to roughly $5-$7, depending on your state and any customizations you do to your order. This new chicken flavor will only be available through May 22, 2016.



Photo Credit: PR News Wire, Chew Boom


Hardee’s: Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrappers

Utilizing their latest recipe for Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, Hardee’s restaurants have decided to wrap up some of the select tenders and feature them in one of three new 6″ flour tortilla wraps. Filled with shredded lettuce and cheese, the wraps come with your choice of Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Mustard or Sweet Baby Ray’s® BBQ Sauce! Prices vary by location, but they should normally be available as a single entrée for $1.49, in a small combo for $3.49, or as a two-wrap combo for $4.99.