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Wokcano’s Monkey Brain Sushi Roll Is Truly Insane

In a society driven by innovation, not even food is safe. So, it’s easy to see how the brilliant culinary minds at Wokcano, who have been serving Asian-inspired cuisine in Southern California since 2009, have used their collective gastronomic intelligence to dream up their latest item — The Monkey Brain.  

While Wokcano’s newest menu item isn’t exactly what it sounds like, the concept behind the naming convention seems to fit the primary characteristics. Named after its visual presentation, Wokcano’s Monkey Brain contains sliced avocado, crab meat, and spicy tuna, fried in tempura batter, and topped with a spicy eel sauce.

While its name might turn a few heads — the Monkey Brain can only be found at Wokcano at MainPlace Mall.

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

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6 Unexpected Recipes That Use PBR, From Sushi To Sandwiches [WATCH]

We now have six more reasons to place PBR at the top of the grocery list.

For context, we challenged six of our favorite guys known for creating obscenely delicious eats, and asked them to create some more obscenely delicious eats using the golden good stuff PBR—just because we can, and just because we should. (Ask not what PBR can do for you, but what you can do for PBR, right? Something like that.)

Needless to say, our guys delivered, and consequently, history has been made. After all, we’re talking about some of the best. Tym “McBurger Chips” Bussanich. Sushi-making legend Davy Devaux. The Vulgar Fucking Chef, for cheddar’s sake.

PBR pretzel bites, sushi, bacon mac, PABST BLUE REUBEN—this is what happens when you mix fire with fire. You might as well just consider and accept these as your grocery list. Here are six reasons why you need to restock your fridge with PBR immediately:

PBR Philly Cheese Steak Fingers

Tym Bussanich’s genius idea of combining steak marinated in PBR with green peppers, onions, and melted American cheese, all within the cracks of a warm loaf of bread (I like to think of these as sandwich fries). Happiness is just a finger away, y’all.

PBR Bacon Mac and Cheese

This recipe from the Simple Cooking Channel is the ultimate comfort food after a long day wherever: PBR. Bacon. Mac. Cheese. All can be united so effortlessly, it’s almost too good too be true. That’s the joy of Simple Cooking.

Pabst Blue Reuben

An entire sandwich, dunked and fried in PBR batter, and graced with a punderfully appropriate title. We’d be lost without this treasure from Dude Foods.

PBR Tempura Sushi

For many of us, it’s difficult enough making basic sushi. Davy of Make Sushi not only recreated the PBR logo in this PBR-battered roll, but to do so, he imagined the first ever naturally blue rice by using ultra rare butterfly pea flower tea.   

PBR Cheddar Nuggets (in a PBR Can)

The idea of PBR in a PBR can is nice. The idea of PBR Cheddar Nuggets in a PBR can is also nice. Vulgar Chef’s taking things to a whole new level with these cheddar nuggets fried in PBR batter, which he keenly serves in their own can along with a creamy bacon cheese sauce for dunkin’. Dipping cheese into more cheese—that’s what America’s all about.

PBR Sriracha Garlic Cheese Pretzel Bites

Cheesy, salty, and a lil’ spicy—said it before and I’ll say it again, these are the perfect anytime anywhere snack. Seeing a movie tonight? Maybe you pop into your kitchen for a bit beforehand. Maybe you make a couple batches… a couple dozen batches. Maybe you discreetly tuck ‘em into your pockets/purse/mouth and sneak ‘em into the theater with you for a lil’ snack during the show. Maybe you just had the best movie experience EVER.


Three Little Pigs Sandwich

John Howie Steak gives another level of class to a lower-profile sandwich in the form of the Three Little Pigs sandwich. This crazy sandwich is made up of three cuts of pork, a tempura’d Kurobuta pork loin, Black Forest Ham and Kurobuta bacon. The group of meat is topped with a couple over easy eggs, Chipotle Ranch dressing and a shimmery bun holding the entire sandwich down. (PicThx Dsakaki/FuntasticFoodie)


High Class Triple Bypass Burger

Nearly five inches tall, we’re looking at a high class monstrosity. The sandwich has a 12-ounce prime chuck burger, tempura fried Kurobuta bacon, and onion rings sitting between two grilled cheese sandwiches oozing with swiss and Tillamook cheddar cheese. Now available on the menu at John Howie Steak. (PicThx FuntasticFoodie)


Craving: Tempura

Deep fried Asian goodness! I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love to sink their teeth into a deep fried tempura shrimp, sweet potato, or broccoli. I defiantly need to hit up a Japanese restaurant soon, it’s been too long without my fatty fried love. (Thx theheartoffood)

Cravings Sweets

Craving: Crepe Wrapped Ice Cream

I would love to have this in my mouth… I mean, this has to have the weirdest texture on your taste buds. Ginger ice cream wrapped in a crepe, tempura battered and deep fried. Who comes up with this stuff? (Thx TIWYF)


Craving: Tempura Bacon


Lightly salted, peppered, and eaten. Created from thinly sliced fresh pork belly, dusted with flower, and wrapped with lightly steamed garlic cloves. Deep fried, lightly salted, peppered, and eaten. Bacon, tempura fried. (PicThx LTHforum)


Craving: King's Roll (Chomp)

Oh how I love sushi. I’m sure there are many things very “un-authentic” about this roll, but whatever. This bad boy has everything from shrimp tempura, avocado and crab meat baked with salmon, shrimp and then covered in a spicy “Cruzin” sauce. If you’re ever in Downtown Fullerton, you can swing by Chomp‘s and order one of these! (Thx MarkLim)