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This Hands-Free Toothbrush Will Brush Your Teeth In 10 Seconds

Working in any facet of the food industry, having clean and healthy teeth is a must, especially if you fear the dentist more than a late-night visit from Satan himself.

The new Amabrush is supposed to change the teeth-brushing game completely. Apparently it’s the world’s first “hands-free” tooth brush that is capable of brushing your teeth in a mere ten seconds.

There are three parts that make up the gadget: the mouthpiece, the hand piece, and the toothpaste capsule.

Made from antibacterial silicon with built-in micro channels, the mouthpiece connects to the handpiece, which creates strong vibrations needed to get your brush going correctly. Each toothpaste capsule is FDA approved and should last users about a month.

Because the average person should spend about 180 seconds brushing their teeth twice a day, the device is estimated to save them about 100 days worth of time.

If you’re interested in cutting your toothbrushing time in half, or wish to give your teeth that extra TLC needed from all those hours spent stuffing your face, you can find out more about the Amabrush on their Kickstarter page.

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Watch What Happens To A Tooth When Left Inside A Coke Bottle For A Week

We’ve all heard the old adage, soda rots your teeth. Have you ever wondered if there was actual truth to that? YouTuber DaveHax gets to the bottom of this with a simple experiment.

Using his six-year-old nephew’s recently lost tooth, he dropped it into a bottle of Classic Coca Cola for a few days just to see what would happen. After the third day, he noticed there was some discoloring and decided to leave the tooth inside for full week.

After carefully straining the bottle, Dave notices that the tooth has gone from pearly white to dark brown/black with noticeable corrosion and a layer of gunk outside. The roots of the tooth, which was initially thinner, had now become flexible and came apart with even the slightest of pressure.

Overall, the tooth was completely stained and devoid of any white. Dave decided to refill the bottle and leave it for another 24 days, completing a month-long cycle inside the soda. He says he’ll post another update after the month comes to a close.

Definitely going to take a break from sodas for a while after viewing this. Remember kids, always brush your teeth.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

This Idiot Drills Away His Two Front Teeth Eating A Cob Of Corn

Another unfortunate event comes out of the Rotating Corn Challenge this week, and I actually feel bad for the guy. 

Our parents taught us not to play with power tools for a pretty good reason, and now we have people out there putting cobs of corn on them, then into their mouth. Lets not forget that there’s a possibility of the drill bit actually hitting your teeth, mouth or face, and doing some serious damage. 

The full video is quite graphic, so viewer beware. It involves a lot of blood and a massive meltdown once he realizes what he just did.

Buh-bye two front teeth, hellooo massive dental bill! (and maybe even an ER visit with that much blood and any other damage the power tool did) 

My question is: What do you think is going to happen when you put something on a POWER DRILL that’s spinning that fast up against your teeth? This is one of the scariest challenges I’ve seen yet, and would prefer not to see any other people get hurt because they tried to eat something off of a power tool.

There could be a trick to it, like being sure to cook the corn so its softer, or not holding down the drill trigger all the way… or maybe you just need gums of steel. The cob definitely gained some speed wobbles too, so maybe the side to side motion combined with the ultra fast spinning is what popped his two teeth out so fast. 

I’m probably not going to try it to find out, and we are not condoning this nonsense.

People are definitely doing it successfully, unlike this girl who lost half her head of hair a few months back trying to complete the mindless challenge:

Photo Credit: Dentistry Forum


3D-Printed Toothbrush Brushes Your Teeth In 6 Seconds Flat


If sparing a minute or two to clean those pearly whites isn’t in the cards, there’s Blizzident –the extra fast brushing device.

This 3D custom model of users’ mouths is fit with hundreds of tiny bristles, about 10 times more than an everyday toothbrush. Blizzident also has a floss holder and small holes to thread it through, allowing for simultaneous brushing + flossing action. And — last but not least — the tongue-scraping feature ensures minty fresh breathe post use. The best part? All you have to do is gently bite and grind your teeth for 6 seconds to achieve the same results as you would brushing 3 minutes normally.


Blizzident should be replaced just once a year, because if you think about it, you’d only be using it for a few minutes in total every 365 days. Although, it’ll set you back three bills, so maybe your good ol’ toothbrush will do for now.

Blizzident teeth-cleaner, $299 @Blizzident

H/T QZ + Picthx Blizzident


Nihilist Toothpaste is Like Brushing Your Teeth With Reality


You’re definitely not interested in this. You’re too busy burying your head in a Dostoyevsky novel, lamenting the materialism of the world, caring about nothing, existing in an endless, unchanging vacuum. But if, by some small chance, you are, then let me direct your attention to Nihilist Toothpaste, for the nihilist in you.

No flavor, no color, and minimalist packaging make this small tube unassuming and unexciting, perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in flavor, or anything really. And while the commercial is pretty heavy handed with its nothingness pitch, it almost seems like they actually want you to buy something. How very capitalist of them. But do what you want. Go back to negating all the meaningful aspects of life, like minty fresh breath, and see if I care.

Nihilist Toothpaste, $5 @Archie McPhee

H/T + PicThx Nerdalicious


Science Says Cheese Prevents Cavities, Proves Cheese Can Do No Wrong


We’ve always believed that cheese can solve any problem. Didn’t get that job you wanted? Cheese. The love of your life dumped you? Cheese. You keep waking up from nightmares where all of your teeth have fallen out? Cheese, cheese, cheese.

But actually though, cheese will save your teeth and prevent you from turning into this:

A new study published in the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry suggests that stuffing your face with cheese (and other dairy products) can help protect your tooth enamel and cut down on cavities. This is super good news for those of us who like our teeth to be in nice, shiny good health instead of riddled with the acid-induced cavities that happen when you eat too many other delicious things (sugar, for example). And because the universe is a wonderful place, turns out that drinking red wine also kills the bacteria that cause cavities.

So basically, every wine and cheese party you have is a battle against enamel erosion and eventual toothlessness. Tell your dentist to thank us later.

PicThx CheeseStoreCederHurst


Science Says Soda As Bad For Teeth as Meth [Warning: Cringe-Worthy Photos]

cold beverage

Here’s another reason to rethink that super-sized sugary drink.

Heavy drinkers of diet soda could see the same erosion and tooth decay as meth and crack cocaine users, according to a study published in  General Dentistry. But by “heavy,” the study suggests that the acid in a 2-liter-a-day habit, over 5 years with no dentist visits, will cause severe damage to your teeth, so perhaps soda isn’t the only culprit.

diet soda teeth

Meth, crack cocaine and sodas are all highly acidic, which you know is bad news for tooth enamel if you’ve ever done the tooth-in-Coke dissolving experiment. Still, meth and crack cocaine are far worse for dental health since they reduce the amount of naturally present saliva in the mouth, which would otherwise wash away the harmful acids.

That being said, brush your teeth kids and try to lay low on the fizzy stuff.

H/T My Fox Atlanta + PicThx Academy of General Dentistry


Here’s How Soda is Killing Your Teeth Softly [INFOGRAPHIC]


Remember all the times you lied to promised your dentist that you were definitely going to start flossing, bathe your mouth in fluoride, and absolutely, 100% for sure stop drinking soda . . . only to grab a large Coke the next time you hit the McDonald’s drive thru? Cause let’s be real: Coke is delicious, your teeth have always been there, and if they can handle jawbreakers and super tough beef jerky, surely they can handle a few cups of soda . . . right? Yeah, no, apparently not. Turns out that you might as well be punching yourself in the mouth every time you take a sip of soda (especially dark sodas like Coke) because the damage you’re doing to your teeth is less of a small-scale disagreement and more of a full-artillery assault on your enamel. And brushing your teeth right after you drink soda only makes it worse.

Check this infographic compiled by the teeth crusaders over at Biltmore Commons Dental for more information on the ways that soda is destroying your teeth, and some tips to avoid toothlessness while still enjoying your favorite carbonated beverages. Because compromise is always the answer.