Can Robots Debone Chicken? If So, Where Do Humans Stand?

Technology has grown considerably over the past decade. And every time I write a story about robots I allude to the inevitable uprising of the machines. But I swear guys, it’s coming.

Something that researchers have been working on for a good part of the last twenty years is developing a machine that is capable of making the exact cuts needed to extract meat from bone in chickens. If successful, this repetitive task will save tons of money on labor in the industry and replace human workers in poultry plants with machines.

The problem is, according to Gary McMurray, head of a robotics team at the Georgia Institute of Technology, each chicken is different and it takes the intricate balance of hand-to-eye coordination that only a human has along with the ability to gauge the size of a chicken in order to perform the task correctly. These traits have become difficult to synthesize in machines. But have they finally cracked it?

The team does have a prototype they plan to test later this month that they hope will yield successful results. According to McMurray, the machine is equipped with robotic arms that have surgical blades and possesses a three-dimensional imaging system that tells it where the meat, bone, and skin of a chicken is in less than a second.

McMurray tells the Wall Street Journal, they are already demonstrating the machine to different groups and that they are now running tests to see if the robot is making cuts and deboning as quickly and efficiently has a human can. But what will this mean for the human workers in poultry factories? Will thousands of people be out of jobs as quickly as this robot can debone a chicken?

Will you eat a chicken that has been deboned by hundreds of mathematical equations processed in less than a second? What else will machines be able to replace in the upcoming years?

The revolution is coming, guys. Stock up on water.

(via: Wall Street Journal)


Fast Food + Technology = The Melt

The Melt debuted on Monday in downtown San Francisco selling something kind of ordinary… grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. With a very limited menu, it seems rather pretentious to be charging $5.95 for jalapeno jack on sourdough. So what’s the hype? Well…the founder of The Melt is John Kaplan of the Flip Video camera, who has taken the use of the QR code to further combine the food service and technology worlds.

Here’s how this new eatery works:

  • Place your orders on your  phone
  • A QR code is created in the store
  • Come in and swipe your code on the “Order Board”
  • Your grilled cheese is placed in a high-tech grill with a built-in microwave, ready in two minutes or less!

This is definitely a novel idea for a trendy SF eatery. With three more on the way in the Bay Area, and plans to go nationwide this could potentially change the future of fast food service. What do you think?


News Products

Coffee Partners Reveals a Touch Screen Coffee Maker

From the look on the specs behind the Ultima Duo, we’re definitely in store for an interesting breed of in-house coffee makers. This particular machine rocks a 7″ color touch screen utilizing an 800 x 480 pixel display, completely stored behind safety glass (incase you approach it drunk with that new cutting knife you got for Christmas). The unit also comes with 2 high-performance grinders, grinding both coffee and espresso whole beans, and a wealth of other features only super classy coffee drinkers will take note of anyway. The machine’s info is available on the Kafee Partner website, but pricing information seems to be non-existant at the moment.

Hit-Or-Miss Products

Salt & Pepper Robots

Technology is everywhere! These Salt & Pepper shakers are sure to bring some conversation to the table. Need some seasoning on your food? Just wind these babies up and they’ll walk to you. You can buy your own set of S-n-P Bot Shakers for $20 at Perpetual Kid.


The iPhone 4: It Blends

If you read the site often enough, you may have figured out that I am an Apple product fanatic. So of course I had the iPhone 4 a day before it came out. Regardless, a must have kitchen appliance is a blender, and the best in the game are BlendTec. They blend everything including the new iPhone 4. (Thx Engadget)


iPad Frozen Into Slab of Chocolate, Given To Unsuspecting Girlfriend

A bloke from London named Stefan knew that his girlfriend living in Cape Town, South Africa was an Apple product nut and had to have the iPad. Problem is, the iPad wasn’t being released where she was staying. So he thought, what a great idea it would be to get her one as a surprise, but better yet I’ll get my friends to freeze the iPad in chocolate so she’ll have no idea what it is. (Thx AR) Check out how it all goes down after the jump:


Bacon and Egg iPhone Case


What could possibly be better then getting to look at your phone and getting to savor over some fake felt breakfast. Eggs and bacon all day long in my pocket would be awesome. Real or fake. You can even stick your charging cable inside the fried egg. (Thx Geeky-Gadgets)


Pizza Party: Pizza Cams

Pizza Party, a seemingly fun pizza joint out of Santa Clara, California has set up three web cams throughout their restaurant that they’ve ingeniously called “Pizza Cams”. Now, whether you are at home or on your iPhone, after placing your order, you can log in to one of three cameras placed throughout their kitchen to watch your pizza being made: the “DoughCam”, “KitchenCam” or “OvenCam”. Oh well, whatever gets you off! Eat on!