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The First-Ever Amazon Fresh Grocery Store Is Opening In California

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Amazon has announced that California will be the home of its first-ever Amazon Fresh Grocery Store.

Located in Woodland Hills, CA, the Fresh Store is the first of many models that will feature Amazon Fresh produce and grocery items offered at a lower price point than traditional supermarkets.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Convenient store features include Alexa Shoppings lists, which customers can access through their Amazon app while they’re inside the store. Alexa will help them navigate the aisles to find what they need.

There will also be a Dash Cart Lane, which expedites the checkout process using computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify the items in your cart and charge your account accordingly. It’s kind of like Amazon Go in shopping cart form.

Photo courtesy of Amazon Fresh

Customers can also schedule in-store pickups, something that’s been exceptionally preferred while folks are currently minimizing time out in public spaces during this pandemic.

Set to open in a few weeks, Amazon Fresh has already invited a select group of customers to test out the new grocery storefront ahead of the grand opening.

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TGI Fridays Now Lets You Make Reservations Through Facebook Messenger


TGI Fridays is dipping their toes into the world of tech and social media to make dinner a heck of a lot more convenient for patrons. In a new partnership with Conversable, the restaurant chain will now allow guests to reserve a spot at the restaurant through Facebook Messenger.

The restaurant says this will be a first for the industry.

Fridays’ customers can interact with the restaurant 24/7 starting now through Facebook Messenger. Along with making reservations at select restaurants, they can also ask questions about the chain and use Messenger to find local TGI Fridays locations.

Conversable is a conversational platform that provides users with automated one-on-one response flows through message channels. By Fall, the company will allow guests to order food online and get delivery through social media.

This will definitely come in handy on Saturday nights. We hate waiting for tables when there’s so much food to be eaten.


Domino’s Is Actually A Tech Company That Just Happens To Serve Pizza


When you hear the name “Domino’s” your mind automatically starts building your favorite pizza. The pizza brand has become synonomous with fast-casual pizza. With each innovation the company has developed in recent years has anyone noticed that Domino’s has slowly positioned themselves as a tech company?

The pizza company has made amazing strides in the past decade. Domino’s has gone from selling acceptable fast-food pizza to revamping their entire recipe in 2009 down to the crust. Here’s the thing, it worked.

Sauce is good. Crust is good. Pizza’s good. 

Now that they’ve knocked out the recipe, Domino’s seems to have more time to focus on the tech aspect of the company. Nope, you heard it correctly. Tech.


It began with a newly designed website that allows patrons to track their orders. A simple solution to the restless patrons hungrily waiting for their pies to be delivered.

Customers could even customize their trackers, picking the theme and chef. From there, the pizza process was summed up in five steps from placing an order, prepping the pie, baking, quality check and having it ready.

The pizza chain didn’t stop there, however. With the advent of mobile technology, Domino’s was one of the earliest fast food companies to take advantage of the platform.


Image: PRNewswire

Eventually, more platforms arrived at the scene. Domino’s began to expand its presence even further.

Utilizing voice commands, Domino’s personal Siri-like assistant “Dom” will take your order for you through an Android Wear watch. Scarily convenient enough, Dom isn’t limited to the confines of your smart watch. Rather, the AI software is accessible through various platforms including Ford SYNC cars and Samsung TV sets in what they call the “Anywhere” program.

Imagine watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. When the hunger sets in, all you have to do is push a few buttons and a pizza is on its way to your home. Movement is set to a bare minimum.

Domino’s is doing all their tech development in-house.

The company has dedicated an entire department to creating apps to accompany multiple platforms instead of opting for a 3rd party solution.

Domino’s has since made its presence known as an ‘e-commerce’ company that just-so-happens to sell pizza pies. The company has taken advantage of multiple platforms and appears to be growing with the every technological opportunity that presents itself.

Domino’s has announced plans to introduce themselves to more platforms this year. As of 2014, Domino’s has an estimated worth of $32.9 billion.


iCup: Mug Shaped Like the Apple Logo Stays Warm by Plugging Into Your MacBook


Created by Tomislav Zvonarić, the eye-catching “Apple iCup” features the iconic Apple logo along with a matching stirring spoon and saucer. Zvonarić was inspired by his love for the brand and included such details as the signature bit mark on the side and the leaf on top as a handle to grip on.


The Vancouver-based designer developed the hi-tech mug to help keep your coffee hot while you work away on your computer. The iCup easily plugs in via a USB cable and its thick walls ensure that your daily dose of caffeine stays warm until you’re done with your work. The mugs come in four colors including white, black, red and green. However, at the moment the product seems to be just a concept. A tease for all you die-hard Apple fans, I know.

H/T Behance


AmazonFresh Delivers Your Local Food, Poses Serious Threat to Grocers

Amazon Fresh

When it comes to keeping up with our fast-paced culture, convenience is key. This is particularly true with everyday tasks like grocery shopping. See, sometimes just making the trip to buy your daily diet of Swedish Fish, Hot Cheetos and Vitamin Water (gotta keep it healthy, yo) can be a big pain. Lucky for us, the folks over at Amazon have offered us a handy solution: AmazonFresh.

Via AmazonFresh’s site or mobile app, customers can browse and buy groceries and home essentials, plus the usual products like books and tech gadgets, all with the tap of your finger. The service even includes deliveries from local markets, bakeries and restaurants.

At the moment, the service is only available for the Los Angeles and Seattle area. In the meantime, grocery stores should watch out for this online competition looming on the horizon. The concept of being able to order groceries from the comfort of one’s home is not one to be taken lightly, especially when presented in a simplified, appealing fashion. Check out a peek of the “grocery aisle” below to see what we mean.


Excuse us while we hole up in the office eating Hot Cheetos, watching Netflix and never seeing the light of day again. Thanks, Amazon.

PicThx AmazonFresh


High Tech Japanese Bakery Scans Pastries Without Barcodes

Tired of waiting while that new cashier fumbles with the register? A bakery in Tokyo has implemented a new scanning system that allows the cash registers to ring up food without barcodes or human assistance. Cameras and scanning software at Donq Bakery identify the food placed on the checkout counter by recognizing the shape and color of each item. This allows for new and part-time employees who might not recognize all of the items to work the register efficiently and keep down lines.

Not all baked goods are created equal, so the scanner has been trained to recognize various deviations of each type of starchy mass. When unsure about an item, the scanner marks it in yellow and presents a list of similar options in a drop down menu to the cashier who makes a selection. This process trains the software so that it becomes more accurate with use.

Watch the snazziness below: