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This Chocolate Teapot Is Both Functional And Delicious

There will never be enough ways to get chocolate into our bellies. Still, that won’t stop the chocolate-lovers of the world from continuing to come up with wild and innovative creations.

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Enter the chocolate teapot. This delicious creation from Firebox makes drinking your tea and eating your dishware easier than ever. Weighing in at a hefty 600g, this delectable item is made in Britain using quality dark chocolate (58% of which is cocoa solids).

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With this creation, making hot chocolate is as simple as putting hot water and some cocoa powder in the pot. After letting it soak for a few minutes, just pour and you’re set! You can even turn it into a chocolate fondue set if you let it sit long enough.

After seeing this, my next question is: why aren’t all types of dishware edible? Dishwashers are overrated anyways.

The teapot can be purchased for $35 at the Firebox website.


Photo Source: Firebox


Swanky Teapot Instantly Upgrades Any Tea Party



Hey tea drinker. We know what it’s like to constantly be upstaged by cool coffee products. But finally, tea is getting the respect it deserves, with this incredibly cool teapot designed by Snezana Jeremic.

The “Quattro” teapot is elevated by its aluminum base, and tips slightly to pour, no heavy lifting required. The base can be used as a handle, making this the perfect item to carry to and show off at your next frou frou tea party.


The mix of futuristic design and functionality elevates the tea experience to something only the eighties could have dreamed of and only the present could achieve. So take a step back and calm yourself, coffee fiends. There’s a new way to brew in town, and the Keurig may have finally met its match.


H/T + PicThx Yanko Design


Terrorist Teapot

It may look threatening, but this Terrorist Teapot has some genuinely positive goals for you and your tea drinking comrades — to keep your tea from going cold. The entire pot measures 240 x 280 x 240 mm (width, height, depth), and can hold 1.5 litres of liquid. Terrorism never looked so good — if you will. ($43.23 @ Bouf)


Giraffe Tea Set

This cheerful yellow giraffe would love to brighten your day with a spot of tea.  His teapot body includes a basket for steeping loose tea, and two spotted teacups stack to make his long neck. ($48.00 @ Omoi)