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This Immersive Tea Shop Is As Much An Experience As It Is A Boba Lover’s Dream

Boba tea is something that is near and dear to me. It’s love, I’m sure of it. I could stuff myself stupid on any meal and still highly consider grabbing some boba if there was a tea shop within a five minute drive’s distance. But as much as I indulged in the experience often, it’s valid to wonder, ‘Could hitting up the tea shop be any better?’ Thanks to Percolate, in Los Angeles, CA, throwing in an experiential element into it all brings that ‘better’ part into the equation.

Truly it’s a shop that is ahead of the curve by providing an immersive experience to patrons by stimulating their senses through an interactive touchscreen ordering system that even remembers your favorite orders, a “smell wall” that lets you take in the aromas of various colorful tea leaves, glass percolate globes that measure the perfect tea to water ratio and provide the optimal heat specific to each varietal, small-batch boba that’s made from scratch in-house, and buzzworthy offerings like cheese tea foam and sparkling tea.

Getting mad science boba vibes? Good, me too.

Photos: Peter Pham