The Coolest Way to Brew Tea in All of Time and Space is With This TARDIS Tea Infuser


With all this Doctor Who 50th Anniversary talk how could we not mention this sweet TARDIS Tea Infuser? Designed as a metal replica of the Doctor’s beloved spaceship the infuser steeps your favorite loose leaf tea Whovian style. Unfortunately, the infuser doesn’t make the TARDIS’ traditional “whoosh” sound as it brews the tea. Bummer.

Simply pop open the top of the TARDIS, drop in some tea leaves, and let the TARDIS go to work in a cup of hot water. We suggest pairing the TARDIS Tea Infuser with some TARDIS tea, served in a TARDIS mug. No, don’t talk crazy, there’s no such thing as being too nerdy when it comes to tea.

Don’t worry about your infuser getting lost in your mug, the Sonic Screwdriver at the end will hold your TARDIS in place.




TARDIS Tea Infuser $19.99 @ Think Geek

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Sip Your Day Away with this Drinkable Tea Calendar


Move over Folger’s Coffee, the best part of waking up is ripping off a tea bag from a calendar, dunking it in hot water, and gulping down some super rad brew. Totally has the same ring to it.

This tea calendar was designed by Hälssen & Lyon, a German based tea manufacturer, and distributed exclusively to select business partners of the company, which naturally makes us all want it more.

Made up of 365 days of brewable deliciousness, each day on the calendar is made up of “finely flavored tea leaves and pressed until wafer-thin”.

The directions to brew up today’s date are fairly straight forward.

1. Boil some water.

2. Tear off the date

3. Throw that bad boy into your cup of hot water

4. Watch that sucker brew itself up…

. . . into a nice little spot o’ tea.

5. Sit back and enjoy possibly the coolest cup of tea ever.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to partake in this fancy way to make some tea, that is, unless some tea loving genius out there can figure out how to recreate this delicious calendar.

Until then, I’ll just sit here with my boring cup of Earl Grey. Hmph.

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“Tea to My Heart” Tea Infuser

Brewing tea is almost a nightly ritual for me now. It may not be actually be putting me to sleep, but I like to think it is…and my new love is finding great tea infusers for my loose leaf flavors. With Valentine’s Day upon us in a few short weeks, if you’re looking to get into the mood a bit earlier, here’s something for you: the “Tea to my Heart” Tea infuser.

This particular silicone tea infuser is both microwave and dishwasher safe. ($14.99 @ Amazon)


Tea Rex — A Tea-infuser That’s Not As Prehistoric As It Sounds

The T-Rex has been extinct for quite some time, but we’ve been lucky enough to see severalcomebacks in recent memory. Anyone remember the character Reptar from the smash 90s cartoon Rugrats? Of course you do, it was one of the premiere pieces of television art to grace our now retro home television sets.

What’s the latest gig for the T-Rex? A cute-as-a-button tea-infuser — a kitchen tool that’ll surely get you some extravagant bonus points when you’re trying to win over that hipster chick at the end of the night. For the ladies, this Tea Rex is comes with a chain for hanging, weighs 1.1 ounces and sits 2 x 3.7 x 2 inches. ($9.50 @ Amazon)



Candy Cane Tea Infuser

The holiday season is not one to take lightly…good tea is a must, as are holiday decorations. Luckily, we’ve found a way to couple both, and it’s through this Candy Cane Tea Infuser. This stainless steel tool sits on the edge of your cup, filled with loose tea leaves, and infuses your warm water with goodness. Measures 1.8 x 4 x 0.6 inches, just the right size for your average cup of warmth. ($14 @ Amazon)



Flavor Your Tea With a Yellow Submarine

I am a huge tea fanatic and this little yellow submarine blew my mind! I am totally buying one of these amazing tea infusers and replacing my old one. This yellow sub would make the Beatles  damn proud. (Thx monkey-bus)