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Starbucks Is Now Cool with Its Baristas Being Inked Up


Starbucks announced Thursday that starting October 20, it would be making some changes to its dress code, most notably the allowance of visible tattoos.

The current policy requires employees to cover their tattoos, but the coffee juggernaut released an updated version of its dress code that lets its members openly show their tattoos as long as they’re not offensive and aren’t located above the shoulders.

In September, Starbucks opened up a discussion through its Facebook page, asking employees to voice their opinions on what should be changed within the company. The baristas responded with over 3,000 comments.

They also fought for the right through a campaign last August that saw over 25,000 people sign a petition to let the workers openly wear their tattoos.

starbucks dress code

Along with the outcry for tattoos, workers asked for allowance of colored ties and scarves, and black denim, all changes that were applied in the new dress code.

New jewelry guidelines will also take effect as the “partners” will be allowed to wear plain band rings, but watches, bracelets and wrist bands are still banned.

Congrats! Wear your ink proudly, guys.

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Starbucks Contemplating Lifting Employee Tattoo Ban


Most know that Starbucks isn’t ’bout that tattoo life, but they just might have a change of heart soon.

USA Today reported that as Starbucks has been reviewing its dress code, it has considered allowing its employees to wear visible tattoos. A definitive decision is expected to be announced within the coming weeks and the new dress code would take effect in the US before going global.

Currently if Starbucks workers have tattoos, they usually must have them covered, leading to lots of long sleeve shirts on inked up employees.

There was an attempt at trying to get the tattoo ban lifted in August by employees and customers alike, as 21,000 people signed a petition on, 12,000 of which were Starbucks employees.

Starbucks has been open to new things lately as they’ve tested out coconut milk for a non-dairy alternative, and tested cold brew coffee in certain stores.

Let’s have a tatted up toast for change.


Hello Kitty Sushi, BLT Hearts and 12 Other Awesomely Awkward Food Tattoos

Putting together the unofficial Top 14 Tattoos of Food list is no lighthearted matter and the task requires an enormous amount of internet sifting. Yet while on the hunt for the world’s top-notch food tatts, I realized that there are lots of people out there who really love bacon, cupcakes and cheeseburgers. And this, ladies and gents, is how they show it:

1. Hello Kitty is everywhere, even on your sushi tattoo.


2. A surefire way to make sure you only eat the best quality pizza? If it don’t match the tatt, don’t eat it.


3. The Girl with the Hot Dog Tattoo.


4. I always thought of leeks as the peaceful and gentle type. This tattoo shifted that notion.


5. Breakfast on my mind.


6. Gettin’ that daily serving of fruits and veggies #TurntUp


7. Happy doughnut is happy.


8. Ladies, just so you know how he likes it.


9. Radishes?!?! Hollaaa


10. Jelly Belly.


11. Nothing sexier than a man roasting s’mores on his arm.


12. Nothing says “I love you” like sharing an avocado tattoo.


13. Kale cuz #YOLO


14. Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato = The perfect night in Vegas.