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This Easy-to-Make Nashville Hot Tots Recipe Is What You Need In Your Life

hidden valley nashville hot tots

Earlier this week, we premiered the first segment in a series of recipes inspired by Hidden Valley Ranch’s new Secret Sauces. Today we continue on with our mission to help bring effortless, Pub-style meals to your home, this time with a recipe for a HVR Nashville Hot Tots.

Let’s dive in.

Start with heating up the tots, which is as simple as following the directions on the back of whatever bag of golden delicious that lies in your freezer. 

Then it’s time to create the base of the dish’s flavor: the spice mix. While the tots are heating up, mix together one tablespoon of brown sugar, one teaspoon of chili powder, one teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, and  3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper (a measurement which can, of course, be seasoned to taste based on your threshold for spice). 

Once the spices have been combined and tots have been crisped, mix the two by coating the tots in the spice mix. 

After that, it’s as simple as topping your spiced potatoes with a cheese sauce of your preference, and a healthy dose of the HVR Smokehouse Secret Sauce, the most BBQ-esque of the HVR’s Secret Sauce trio.

Realistically, though, once the tots have been tossed, the topping choices are pretty flexible. 

Just don’t forget the secret sauce, otherwise you’ll be left with an approximation that’s “missing something.” Which, as far as recreating recipes goes, is a disappointing result. The sauce is the key here, reader. 

Check out the full recipe below, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next HVR Pub to Plate recipe, which will be dropping in the next couple days.

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7-Eleven Now Has Tater Tots You Can Top Just Like Nachos

Tots are pretty big right now in the food world. We’ve begun loading them up with everything from Spam musubi to elote as we hearken back to our childhood with these crispy spud nuggets. With that in mind, 7-Eleven has decided to jump in on the tater tot market and launched their own version that you can custom build.

7-Eleven tots

The 7-Eleven Tots can be treated just like their nachos or hot dogs, with condiments ranging from onions, jalapenos, and pico de gallo available to load on. Chili and cheese are also available, but do cost an extra buck (at least, at the 7-Eleven we got them at, it may vary by store). The actual tots cost $1 for a set of 10, and $2 for 25.

We got our hands on some tots and made a custom build to see how we liked it. The tots are made in one of those microwave ovens 7-Eleven has in their stores, so they’re not gonna be super crispy. However, the guilty pleasure of chili, cheese, and tots was enough to satiate our taste buds.

You can find 7-Eleven Tots now at all participating locations for the aforementioned prices.

Photos: Peter Pham //Foodbeast
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How Tater Tots Went From Potato Scraps To The Icon It Is Today

If there were a deep fried snack food as iconic as the French fry, it would be tater tots. These crunchy potato nuggets have been a frozen food staple as long as we can remember. If you’re wondering where these delicious snacks first came from, though, we’ve found the answer, thanks to Eater.

Photo: Mr. TinDC on Flickr.

It turns out that tater tots came about as a way to use leftover food waste. In the early 1950s, frozen French fry manufacturer Ore-Ida made an important realization regarding their potato trimmings. Instead of just feeding the surplus of spuds to cattle, owners F. Nephi and Golden Grigg decided to convert the scraps into a new product. After developing a new process that smashes the potato pieces into a moldable mix before cooking and freezing them, tater tots were born.

In 1954, Nephi convinced a chef at the National Potato Convention to serve his creation. The tots were a huge hit, and from that point on have been a staple in the frozen food aisle. Ore-Ida became a household name through their tots, and still own the trademark to that name today. Kraft eventually brought the company into its arsenal back in 1965, allowing tater tots to reach everywhere that the food giant sells its products.

Nowadays, there are chefs who attempt to make their own gourmet tots. We also love to throw just about anything from esquites corn to soft shell crab on the potato nuggets, turning them into a complete meal. Despite how tots are elevated today, we shouldn’t forget their origins as a way to limit food waste. Hopefully, as food waste becomes an increasingly crucial issue in the future, more novel creations like tater tots come to life.

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‘Elotots’ Are The Elote And Tater Tot Hybrid We All Need

These aren’t your average potato toddlers tater tots. These bad boys are called “Elotots!”

The staff sergeants at the Mess Hall Canteen food truck in Orange County, California have put together the machine gun of tater tot dishes. The tots — blanketed over creamy eloté style corn and dubbed “Elotots” — are filled with bacon crumble, diced jalapeños, mayo, parmesan and cotija cheese, and garnished with their signature napalm sauce and hot Takis chips. Your tastebuds won’t know what hit them.

Mess Hall’s tater tots are deep fried to a perfect crisp, even with the rich and creamy eloté sauce enveloping them, while all the ingredients are in perfect sync, creating a complementary texture with each bite you take.

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Spam Musubi Tater Tots Are The Ultimate Fusion Of Iconic Snacks

When you think of iconic appetizers, your list better feature two heavy-hitters: tater tots and Spam musubi. Now, let’s shake the universe up a little bit and combine the two. A mind-blowing concept, right?


Enter MFK By Aysee in Anaheim, California, a modern Filipino kitchen that’s flipping the script on traditional Filipino fare by injecting some vibrant and creative takes on many of the items in their menu. One prime example of such ingenuity is their Spam musubi tater tots. I know, I know. I drooled a little saying that, too. We can only hope to be as perfect as this appetizer concept.

Taking the crispiest of tots and topping it with all the goodness that makes up a Spam musubi — think lemon crema, Sriracha crema, musubi sauce — is an iteration of tater tots that’s ready to take the top spot in our collective bellies’ cravings. Snag a serving of them now and trust in your perfect intuition that fusions of life’s bests is the way to go.

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This Carne Asada and Tater Tots Burger Is Ready to Wreck All Appetites At MEAT STREET

It’s safe to say I didn’t know what to expect when I heard The Vulgar Chef and Slater’s 50/50 Burgers decided to collab on a exclusive item for FOODBEAST’s upcoming meat festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall.

But, when I saw what these two masters of burger architecture built — it was more amazing than I could have imagined.

Enter The Totcho Burger.  Think part nachos, part carne asada fries, part bacon burger. Every aspect of this Vulgar Chef x Slater’s 50/50 collab is a detailed and focused on the all-meat theme of MEAT STREET — even the roll has bacon in it.

Slater’s signature 50/50 patty with pepper jack cheese, carne asada marinated bacon, loaded with TATER TOTS, then topped with nacho cheese, real chorizo crumbles, and sliced jalapeños. And all’s served up on a bacon-infused telera roll with guacamole and a cilantro lime dressing.


It wasn’t too long ago we reported on the The Vulgar Chef calling out big names like Burger King for stealing his recipes, so hopefully the corporate trolls will just sit back and enjoy the show.

I know I will — as long as I can grab a Totcho Burger.

MEAT STREET is on Saturday April 22. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit


McDonald’s Testing Tater Tots, Calling Them Hash Brown Bites

mcd tots

Days after Burger King announced its cheesy tater tots, McDonald’s Australia announced it is testing some tater tots, calling them Hash Brown Bites.

McDonald’s has killed the breakfast hash brown game for years, and now they’re incorporating that classic taste in their lunch menu.

The tots are part of a Summer Sides Box, which includes eight Hash Brown Bites, eight Chicken McNuggets, 12 Chicken McBites, and three dipping sauces.

One thing McDonald’s doesn’t have, is Napoleon Dynamite advertising their tots the way Burger King dead, so they’re basically a step behind already.

McDonald’s breakfast hash brown are always a must, though, so they’re probably just as tasty in tot form.

Americans down upward of 70 million pounds of tots a year, so you’d think these little guys would make their way to the States, eventually. Also good to note that McDonald’s McCafe came from Australia, and did make it on US soil, so there’s hope.

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This Food Truck Has SOFT SHELL CRAB Mac & Cheese Tots

What do the popular foods soft shell crab, macaroni and cheese, and tater tots have in common? The three sought-after menu items are all combined into one glorious dish brought to you by the Mess Hall Canteen food truck.

The gourmet food truck, primarily based in Orange County, serves a variety of dishes like loaded tots, mac and cheese bowls, and grilled cheese sandwiches. One behemoth of a menu item is the Panhard Crab Tots. It features two soft-shelled crabs, bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and masago aioli over a bed of tater tots.

Soft shell crab TATER Tot mac and cheese👄👅👮🏻 @messhallcanteen @yngandreckless @foodbeast

A photo posted by Elie (@bookofelie) on

Fellow Foodbeast and inventor of the Big Mac pizza, Elie Ayrouth, had the pleasure of trying them and had this to say:

It’s the most gnarly thing I’ve seen off of a truck. It looks like a party-sized tray of tater tots, then mac & cheese, bacon, more cheese sauce… it looks ridiculous before the crab is even on.

You can find the tots, along with a grip of other savory dishes at Mess Hall Canteen. You can keep track of the truck’s upcoming appearances on their website.

Be right back, gonna take an extended lunch break and track these bad boys down.