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Meet The Tater Tot Burrito Of Your Dreams

Anything with tater tots gets the thumbs up as far as we’re concerned. The deep-fried nuggets of potatoes have been stuffed into our hearts ever since the film Napoleon Dynamite captivated the nation. So what could be the ultimate item for a tater tot lover?

Fellow Foodbeast Elie was looking for some lunch one day when he discovered a new neighborhood food stall: Civic.


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One of the first items on the menu was a chorizo breakfast burrito that was stuffed with tater tots.

Now, breakfast aficionados will know that a typical breakfast burrito utilizes homestyle potatoes or hash browns as the starchy base for the tortilla wrap. Civic, however, threw in deep-fried tots instead.

Inside the breakfast burrito is a savory medley of chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, tons of cheese, honey chipotle crema, and the aforementioned tater tots. Elie recommend pairing the hefty burrito with Civic’s jalapeño secret sauce.

If we recall that day correctly, he took a two hour nap after lunch. A sign of a good burrito.

You can find the Chorizo Tater Tot burrito at Civic, located at the 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana, CA. Now excuse us, we’re going to grab a late breakfast.


I Bet You’ve Never Seen A Tater Tot Volcano


Since the days of Napoleon Dynamite, we’ve been in love with the simple tater tot. There’s something about a deep-fried potato cube that’s so satisfying to snack on. So what if many, many, of those cubes came together to form a cheesy volcano of chili.

Our pal Josh Elkin, the playboy of poutine, rolled into the Foodbeast Kitchen with us and hammered out this insane tater tot volcano made with cheese and chili. Probably one of the sexiest things to come out of the 4th street market since that chili cheese churro burger we made a while back.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • tater tots
  • cheese slices
  • 1 cup of chili
  • green onions

Here’s what to do:

  1. Cook up some tater tots and arrange them in a circular base the size of a hamburger patty.
  2. Add a slice of cheese and now start stacking them so there’s an opening in the middle.
  3. Layer your volcano with tater tots and cheese slices alternating between both.
  4. After the first layer, leave a hole in both the tots and cheese. (See video)
  5. Create five or six layers of tots and cheese.
  6. Carefully bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.
  7. Remove from the oven and fill your volcano with chili. (Store bought or homemade will do)
  8. Garnish your volcano with some green onions.
  9. Now, you can either cut you volcano into slices (like a lasagna), or play a hot and sticky game of Jenga.

These Hot Dogs Are Engulfed In Deep-Fried Tater Tot Buns


There really isn’t a wrong way to eat a hot dog. These Tater Tot Dogs from Oh Bite It! are a prime example of how to eat a hot dog in style. Deep-fried, tater-loving style.

You start by crumbling some tater tots together in a bowl and adding an egg. Mix the egg and potatoes together and add a 3/4 cup of flour. Again, mix the flour into the tots along with a splash of water for moisture.


Once they’re firm enough, mold a bun around your hot dog with the potato mixture.

Heat some oil up to 350 and drop your Tater Dogs in until they’re golden brown and firm. When that happens, take them out and let them cool and drain for a bit.

All that’s left is choosing your condiments and enjoying. Also, check out other awesome recipes form Oh Bite It!

Photos: Oh Bite It!


This Guy Made A Bacon-wrapped Cheeseburger-stuffed Tater Tot [WATCH]


When your Instagram handle claims you’re on a mission for a dad bod, you start stuffing your favorite things into your other favorite things. Tym Bussanich has simultaneously elevated both the tater tot and cheeseburger games with his latest DIY innovation, the Bacon-wrapped Cheeseburger-stuffed Tater Tot.

Using a specifically-sized pot, he forms his cheesy tater tot grounds around a bacon-wrapped cheeseburger patty and encases the entire thing so it becomes entirely handheld:

Let the games begin. Stuffed deep fried tater tot burger. #foodbeast #EatLikeShit

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