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Top Chef Richard Blais Joins Chipotle To Help Revive Stagnant Burger Concept

Chipotle hasn’t been having the best of months. Queso has been a topic of concern across the internet, especially with the discontinuing of their chorizo. While their mainstay is having some issues, the business is looking to revamp and revive one of their lesser-known concepts by bringing in a superstar chef. Top Chef alum Richard Blais joins Chipotle as they try to retool Tasty Made, their one-location burger joint.

Richard Blais brings some serious culinary cred with him to the stagnant burger shop. As a winner of both Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars, he’s proven that he can go toe-to-toe with the greats in terms of producing delicious food. If that wasn’t enough evidence of his prowess, he’s also got Juniper and Ivy, one of San Diego’s best fine dining establishments. There’s also Crack Shack, a mouthwatering fried chicken spot that’s making it’s way up the California coast. And in case you’re wondering what a fine dining and fried chicken gourmet chef knows about burgers, he hosted an entire season of Burger Lab on the Tasted YouTube channel, where he conceived some of the most epic and delicious burgers you can find on the internet.

Chipotle could definitely use a flex or two from Blais’s culinary muscles when it comes to Tasty Made. The restaurant has been open for about a year, but has received mediocre views for its fare, at best. Hopefully, a burger and culinary genius like Blais is just what Tasty Made and Chipotle need to turn the concept around.


East Coast’s Tasty Burger Says Chipotle-Owned ‘Tasty Made’ Copied Them

Chipotle isn’t even supposed to open its new burger restaurant until fall, but it already has beef with another restaurant. A burger chain is claiming that Chipotle copied their logo, mark and name.
The complaint was made by a growing East Coast burger chain named Tasty Burger, which is nicknamed Tasty. Tasty Burger said there has already been confusion from customers.

In a statement from Tasty Burger CEO Dubois, Tasty Burger said it sent Chipotle a cease and desist letter on July 19, and still haven’t heard anything from the company. Instead, Chipotle has continued to market and promote Tasty Made. The company said Chipotle copied not only their name, but their logo and mark.

Tasty Burger said they have several locations near Chipotle locations, and even share the same landlord at one, causing them to find it “reasonable to assume” that Chipotle is knowledgeable of their signage. On top of that Tasty Burger is also the official burger of the Red Sox.

It isn’t clear where this will go from here, but Tasty Burger isn’t going down without a fight.

“Despite the obvious David and Goliath scenario, we cannot simply stand by and watch an enormously powerful company like Chipotle move forward with opening a burger restaurant with a similar name, mark, and logo design,” the statement reads.

Looking beyond just the confusion of the names, Tasty Burger seems to have a right to complain.  A side by side comparison does make their claim a little meatier.

Tasty side by side comparison[2]

The most obvious similarity is their red logos which are fairly simple, featuring the name in white on a red background of fairly similar shapes. The white and black logos also have overlap. Both are doughnut shaped, with the food product names in the outer circle. On the inner circle Tasty Made has their name rather than a burger center.

Originally, Chipotle trademarked the name Better Burger, in March. It’s unclear why they made the switch from the original name to Tasty Made, but coupled with Tasty Burger’s complaints it does seem a bit suspicious.

Photo: Tasty Burger


The Guys Behind Chipotle Just Opened A Burger Joint


Chipotle has officially announced plans to soon open a burger restaurant named Tasty Made.  According to CNBC,  the restaurant will make its debut this fall in Lancaster, Ohio after eight months of speculations and rumors of the restaurant. Tasty Made is expected to adopt the Chipotle model of food service.

The possibility of a burger joint was hinted at in March after the company hinted at it with its purchase of the trademark “Better Burger.” The restaurant will serve only burgers, fresh cut fries and milkshakes.

This isn’t the only time Chipotle has strayed away from its Mexican food origins. The chain also opened ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in 2013 and its investment in Pizzeria Locale in 2012  The company was secretly invested in the pizzeria since summer 2011, keeping the partnership quiet through a non-disclosure agreement. Both ShopHouse and Pizzeria Locale aren’t widely known to be connected to Chipotle.

The annoucement of Tasty Made comes as Chipotle is attempting to recover from the E. Coli outbreaks tied to the chain. The chain did have some “modest” improvement in the second quarter that has been attributed to the Chiptopia summer loyalty program which rewards the most loyal customers, and the addition of chorizo to the menu. The announcement of Tasty Made did lead to slightly higher stock trading for the company.