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All You Need To Know About Tasty Burger, The Chain Suing Chipotle

On July 19, East Coast burger chain, Tasty Burger, filed a complaint against Chipotle, claiming that the logo for the new Chipotle burger chain (Tasty Made, set to open in fall of this year) was stolen from them. As if Chipotle needed one more scandal after the last year the company has had.

In a public statement, Tasty Burger CEO David DuBois confirmed that the company has issued a cease and desist letter, requesting Chipotle amend the similarities between the two logos.

If you’re not native to the Boston-area, you may be wondering what is this chain and why is it trying to take down Chipotle’s newest business venture before it’s even begun?

As someone who lives in the Greater Boston area, I’m here to tell you the unbiased (okay, maybe slightly biased) truth: this chain is everything.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tasty Burger and the chain’s legendary sandwiches, so you can make an educated decision in the upcoming war between it and Chipotle’s newest burger chain.


Tasty Burger FI

Photo: Tasty Burger

In 2010, Tasty Burger opened up a first location just behind Fenway Park. There’s a reason this burger chain makes the official burger of the Boston Red Sox.

The chain was almost an immediate success; the restaurant aimed to give a customer-oriented experience using modern day service, but with the highest quality ingredients. The founders spent years studying the “golden era” of burger making, the 1950s. From this research, they came up with fool-proof method that combined classic burger making with modern day techniques.

Apparently, this is the secret formula, because Tasty Burger was an instant success. The founders have since opened up four additional locations: Southie, Back Bay, Roxbury, and one location in Washington DC.


As we all know, the issue at hand is that Chipotle’s new burger joint, Tasty Made, bares some strong resemblance to Tasty Burger’s logo and name. Tasty Burger executives have even stated that they share operating space with Chipotle Boston locations, giving the company reason to believe that Chipotle is very aware of the company’s existence.

With this information in mind, it seems suspiciously likely that Chipotle MAY have taken direct inspiration from their logo.

Tasty Burger views the situation as a David and Goliath-like standoff; despite Tasty Burger’s success on the East coast, Chipotle is a hugely successful and nationwide chain. It would not be an exaggeration to say Chipotle is one of the giants of the restaurant industry.

Despite that, Tasty Burger and the chain’s supporters (who have already pointed out a noticeable source of confusion between the Tasty Made and Tasty Burger names and logos) are not going down without a fight. Tasty Burger executives have made clear that they intend to see this issue through until Chipotle makes the changes necessary to distinguish the companies.

Tasty side by side comparison[2]


Tasty Burger takes great pride in using the highest quality ingredients. All the beef used is from grass-fed cattle, and the chain strives to use as many fresh, locally cultivated ingredients as possible, which is truly what sets their burgers apart from your everyday sandwich.

Here are three of my all time favorite Tasty Burger picks that are my go-to after every drunken Sox game.

The Classic Tasty Burger

Tasty Burger Cheeseburger

Photo: Cambridge Local First

A never-fail choice is the Classic Tasty Burger. Stacked with fresh classic ingredient like diced tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh, melted cheese, this tried-and-true sandwich is truly the pride of Boston.

The Rise and Shine Burger

Tasty Burger Rise and Shine Burger

Photo: Yelp

What you see before you is one amazing way to start your day. Or your lunch break.

One of my personal Tasty Burger favorites is the Rise and Shine Burger, mainly because this burger combines the most amazing medley of flavors. The Rise and Shine is topped off with ingredients like cheese, a fried egg, all-natural bacon, and ketchup. Add this burger to the list of Bean Town attractions all tourists must see.

The All The Way Dog

All The Way Dog

Photo: Boston Magazine


Not in the burger kind of mood? I’ve never experienced that mood, but that’s okay!

Tasty Burger also offers some of the most delicious franks you’ll ever eat. This 100% all-natural hot dog is nestled in a toasted bun, piled high with melted nacho cheese and diced onions, wrapped it bacon and then – wait for it – plopped on top of a fresh burger.

Looks like Tasty Burger has more than burgers up its sleeve, doesn’t it?


So there you have it, a little bit about the Tasty Burger chain and the joyous food it produces – food which is undoubtedly the highlight of every Bostonian’s day. Use this information to craft your own opinion on the Tasty Burger versus Tasty Made issue as the situation unfolds.

And if you’re ever in the Boston area, stop by for a burger. Your mind will be made up pretty quickly.


East Coast’s Tasty Burger Says Chipotle-Owned ‘Tasty Made’ Copied Them

Chipotle isn’t even supposed to open its new burger restaurant until fall, but it already has beef with another restaurant. A burger chain is claiming that Chipotle copied their logo, mark and name.
The complaint was made by a growing East Coast burger chain named Tasty Burger, which is nicknamed Tasty. Tasty Burger said there has already been confusion from customers.

In a statement from Tasty Burger CEO Dubois, Tasty Burger said it sent Chipotle a cease and desist letter on July 19, and still haven’t heard anything from the company. Instead, Chipotle has continued to market and promote Tasty Made. The company said Chipotle copied not only their name, but their logo and mark.

Tasty Burger said they have several locations near Chipotle locations, and even share the same landlord at one, causing them to find it “reasonable to assume” that Chipotle is knowledgeable of their signage. On top of that Tasty Burger is also the official burger of the Red Sox.

It isn’t clear where this will go from here, but Tasty Burger isn’t going down without a fight.

“Despite the obvious David and Goliath scenario, we cannot simply stand by and watch an enormously powerful company like Chipotle move forward with opening a burger restaurant with a similar name, mark, and logo design,” the statement reads.

Looking beyond just the confusion of the names, Tasty Burger seems to have a right to complain.  A side by side comparison does make their claim a little meatier.

Tasty side by side comparison[2]

The most obvious similarity is their red logos which are fairly simple, featuring the name in white on a red background of fairly similar shapes. The white and black logos also have overlap. Both are doughnut shaped, with the food product names in the outer circle. On the inner circle Tasty Made has their name rather than a burger center.

Originally, Chipotle trademarked the name Better Burger, in March. It’s unclear why they made the switch from the original name to Tasty Made, but coupled with Tasty Burger’s complaints it does seem a bit suspicious.

Photo: Tasty Burger