Here’s An EXCLUSIVE Look At Pop-Tarts’ First Two Soda Flavors

Pop-Tarts are virtually a staple of American childhood, and anyone that has tried one growing up is sure to have some nostalgic memories linked to them. That trend continues for the next generation as Pop-Tarts introduces their two newest flavors, A&W™ Root Beer and Crush™ Orange.


As I’m sure you’ve imagined, the A&W™ Root Beer and Crush™ Orange Pop-Tarts will be filled with a bubbly root beer-flavored filling and a citrusy orange soda flavor, respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.42.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.42.36 AM

While interesting flavors to say the least, they bring a change of pace to the typical dessert and fruit flavors that Pop-Tarts traditionally makes. These brand new soda mash-ups will be available for purchase in May 2016.




Adorable Cupcakes Make Your Favorite Disney Characters Bootylicious

Ginza Cozy Corner, a bakery and confectionary consisting of about 400 shops all around Japan, has begun selling what could be considered the strangest cakes ever made: Disney butt cakes.

True to its name, the small, cozy bakery has introduced a collection of small cakes based off of the butts of Disney characters.

Included in the collection are: Chip and Dale’s butts as strawberry-chocolate tarts and banana-chocolate tarts, respectively; Olaf’s butt as a yogurt-flavored roll, Pluto’s butt as a banana-filled white chocolate tart, Mickey and Minnie as white chocolate tarts filled with raspberry jelly, Winnie the Pooh’s butt as (surprise, surprise) a honey tart, the little green alien’s butt from Toy Story as a mint-flavored white chocolate tart, and Tigger’s butt as a pumpkin tart with caramel ganache.

Although you may be able to purchase them online (for roughly $19), these foodie booties are only sold in Japan, and will be pulled off the shelves by February 14.

I’m just glad they set the cutoff for Disney body part treats at butts.

Photo Credit: Rocket News 24, IT Media


Maple-Bacon Mousse Tart

What you’re looking at is perfection on a plate. It is a basic maple mousse married with a bacon-nut crust and topped with meringue and bacon bits! The bacon-nut crust is made with a mixture of bacon and nuts (your imagination can definitely be used here, almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts all work well). The maple mousse has a base of maple syrup that has been combined with eggs, whipping cream and some gelatin for its nice fluffy texture. All of the ingredients are assembled out comes your own Maple-Bacon Mousse Tarts! (Thx UneGamineDanSlaCuisine)