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Vegan Bulgogi and Butter Chicken Bowls Arrive At Target

Every day, more and more vegan options of traditional dishes pop up in our favorite restaurants and local grocery stores. For those who live on a plant-based diet, we’re living in a renaissance of vegan options to choose from.

Vegan brand Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods has now added a few new ready-to-heat bowls that you can find the in frozen food section of your local Target stores.

Two new options include a Bulgogi Bowl and a Butter Chik’N Bowl.

The Bulgogi Bowl is made with Korean inspired plant-based Awesome Grounds and served with purple cabbage, carrots, bok choy and a sesame garlic siracha sauce on a bed of rice.

Fans of Butter Chick’n will find the bowl boasts plant-based Mindful Chik’n with a vegan buttery tomato sauce, chickpeas, carrots and green peas on a bed of rice.

While Sweet Earth offers products in many grocery stores, you can only find these bowls at Target retailers nationwide.

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Uncrustables Launches Costco-Like Sandwich Roll-Ups

Last week, we discovered that Smucker’s Uncrustables created a Taco Sandwich that could be found in the frozen food aisles of Target. A bit of a venture from their traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but we have to commend them for shooting their shot. Turns out it doesn’t just stop at tacos.

Smucker’s just unveiled a line of new roll-up sandwiches that have launched in the Target frozen foods section.

For those of you unfamiliar with roll-ups (also known as rollers, roll-ems, or pinwheels), they’re sandwiches rolled together via tortillas or flat breads. You can mostly see the at the Costco deli section where they’re sold in massive platters.

The two new flavors are Turkey & Colby Jack and Uncured Ham & Cheddar.

Each new flavor of Uncrustables feature meat and cheese seasoned and rolled together in flat bread. Pretty simple, but sounds quite tasty nonetheless.

Each box contains three packages of four roll-ups. All you have to do is thaw them out for a bit and they’re ready to eat. You can find these boxes now at all participating Target locations nationwide.

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Uncrustables Makes Taco Sandwiches Now, Here’s What It Tastes Like

Not too long ago, my wife and I stocked up on a ton of Uncrustables Chocolate-flavored Hazelnut Spread to last us a few months while we worked remotely. Since she’s allergic to peanuts, this was the only form of Uncrustables she could finally try. Turns out the Smucker’s brand goes much further beyond PB&J crustless sandwiches.

Foodbeast Costa spotted a variety of different savory offerings that Uncrustables appears to recently have dropped at Target. One of which was something called Taco Bites.

As you can see from the packaging, it includes beef crumble, cheese, salsa, and taco seasoning encased in a crust-less vessel of bread.

Here’s what Costa had to say about the new item, after picking up a pack for himself:

“So the Uncrustables come in packs of two, each one is about the size of a Hawaiian roll or a White Castle slider,” he said. “They microwave in 40 seconds. They’re not super super cheesy and not super spicy either, more of a savory taco meat bite. Pretty easy quick snack to heat up, but also looks very different to what you’d expect when you hear the word ‘Uncrustables’ which, to me, is a large bread pocket of PB & J.”

Each box comes with three packs of two Taco Bites, six in total. You can find them at participating Target locations.

“I could eat those, but I don’t think I’d want to,” my wife tells me, after showing this to her. I mean, give it a shot babe. Costa did.

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DiGiorno’s Croissant Crust Pizzas Coming To Target Stores Nationwide

Recently, we got a tip from TheImpulsiveBuy that a DiGiorno’s Croissant Crust pizza had been spotted in stores. We’ve been tracking down more info on this new frozen item, and have learned from DiGiorno’s that the novel crust will actually be heading to Target stores nationwide.

The new Croissant Crust Pizzas will come in three varieties: Pepperoni, Four Cheese, and Three Meat. DiGiorno’s describes the croissant base as a “light, flaky, and buttery crust,” while also noting that the pizzas will be a mashup of savory and sweet, that sweetness likely coming from the croissant pastry dough.

Croissant-crusted pizzas would be a first-to-market for both the frozen pizza and pizza delivery space, it seems, but Pillsbury has had a recipe for one on their website for a while as well.

You can find these pizzas at Target stores nationwide starting in May 2020, although some stores may be starting to display them already, as evidenced by what TheImpulsiveBuy found. DiGiorno’s confirmed to Foodbeast that other retailers across the country will be carrying them as well in the coming months.

Photos courtesy of DiGiorno’s.


Target & Walmart Lettuce Hit By Nationwide E. Coli Outbreak

A new Thanksgiving tradition appears to be forming in the United States: a massive recalling of lettuce. 

After last year’s untimely recall of the entire nation’s supply of romaine lettuce, the same appears to be happening again this year. There has been a recall of romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, CA due to its carrying of E. coli.

The CDC first announced the outbreak on Friday, and repercussions have continued to show themselves throughout the weekend. As reported by Fox 11 Los Angeles, some of the nation’s biggest retailers have been clearing their shelves of all romaine lettuce originating from the central valley city. Target recently joined other mega-chains such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and Wegman’s in doing so.

However, before any store could act, there had already been 40 related cases reported in 16 different states, 28 of which have led to hospitalizations, and 5 of which have resulted in kidney failure. Luckily, though, no deaths have been reported in relation to the outbreak. 

The CDC suggests to throw away any remaining romaine lettuce whose packaging says it either originates in Salinas or has no mention of growing location.

Better to play it safe than introduce an E. Coli outbreak to the family.

Unfortunately, it looks like there won’t be any salad to slowly wilt away as everyone ignores it at this year’s Thanksgiving. But, on the bright side, that’s one less dish to worry about. 

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These Cocktail-Inspired Gummy Bears Are The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

We all know there’s no shortage of candy during the holiday season. This year, as the store shelves become packed with candy canes and popcorn tins, find something sweet to take you away from the repetitive holiday season routine.

While there will always be room for tradition, Project 7 has created some must-have holiday treats that are perfect for gifting — or just keeping to yourself.

Project 7 has introduced a brand new line of non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired gummy bears featuring flavors like Old Fashioned, champagne and Moscow Mule. But just because these one-of-a-kind gummies are non-alcoholic, doesn’t mean they won’t get a party started.

Just think, these craft cocktail inspired gummies will surely be a hit at the company work party, or as a gift for the boss that’s the total opposite of NSFW.

It gets even better – these gummies are made with organic sweeteners, they’re non-GMO, and contain no artificial flavors colors OR preservatives.

So, if you’re still trying to pick out the perfect gift, or just need some legit stocking stuffers for the family, get your Project 7 gourmet gummy bear fix at any Target store.

Don’t wait, though – these treats are only available during the holiday season, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! You can find them in the holiday section at your local Target, or on

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Project 7

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Treat Your Sweet Tooth To Milano’s New Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie

Now that Halloween has passed, we’re keeping an eye on all these seasonal sweets dropping for the upcoming holidays. As we bear through one more month of pumpkin-spiced items, we look longingly to December for all the holiday-themed cookies and candies we’d like to spend an intimate evening with.

Perhaps a sultry helping of dark chocolate will stimulate our sweet tooth.

To help us with that, Pepperidge Farm announced their newest flavor of Milano Cookies: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. The new cookie is getting a pretty early seasonal release, still a month out from winter. Hey, we’re not complaining one bit.

For those of you who enjoy titillating your taste buds with a variety of sensations, the gourmet cookie combines both elements of sweet and salty.

The new seasonal flavor will only be available exclusively at Target stores beginning November 5. Man, this would go fantastically with egg nog.

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Major Grocers Like Whole Foods Are Recalling Fresh-Cut Vegetables Over Potential Listeria

If you’ve gone grocery shopping and bought fresh-cut vegetables recently, check them now, because they may be under recall.

Multiple major grocers, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s, Meijer, Albertson’s, and others, are all issuing voluntary recalls after Mann Packing Co., a major produce supplier, learned that Listeria monocytogenes may be in their product. Mann called for their products to be returned after Canadian food authorities inspected some vegetables and got a positive test for the pathogen.

Mann Packing Co. has since posted a full list of all products under recall on its website. The packed vegetables predominantly consist of broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Several party trays of veggies were also affected.

On top of the Mann’s recall, Whole Foods and others are issuing select voluntary returns of their own for various salad products in light of the potential Listeria contamination.

Listeria is a pathogen that does well in cold environments and typically results in symptoms like fever and diarrhea. However, if the bacteria spreads to other parts of the body, it causes a disease called Listeriosis that can result in muscle aches, confusion, and loss of balance. In pregnant women, it can result in stillbirths and miscarriages.

Fortunately, no illnesses have yet to be reported regarding the vegetables, and all of those affected by the recall have gone past their expiration dates. Thus, it’s best to discard or return any veggies you purchased on the list to the original store, where you will receive a full refund.