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This Monstrous Burrito Is Stuffed With Taquitos And Wrapped In A Footlong Quesadilla


You can always measure a good burrito by how sleepy you get immediately after. So imagine how badly we caught a food coma from this footlong monster known as the TGunz Burrito.

On a recent venture to Huntington Beach, CA, fellow Foodbeasts Reach, Brayden and myself decided to grab a quick bite at Lupe’s Taco Shop. Brayden, who lived a few streets down the road, frequented the taqueria and didn’t think we could handle an entire TGunz burrito split between the two of us.

He was right.

The massive TGunz featured carne asada, guacamole, fries, taquitos, and is wrapped in a 12-inch quesadilla. We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s the size of your forearm.


“It’s like every type of Mexican food, all rolled into one gnarly monster.”


“It was like one big stoner foods orgy… or a Mexican stand off scene in food form.”

Reach was able to finish his half of the burrito through valiant effort, but I only completed half of my half. We for sure had to hit the Starbucks next door before going back to work. Not that any kind of caffeine kept us from nodding off into that aforementioned food coma the size of this burrito.

Photo: Marc Kharrat


This Restaurant Only Serves Taquitos and It’s Glorious


A new food joint has opened up on the Lower East Side of New York, a haven for late night snacks, fried food, and quick bites that sop up all the cheap vodka you’ve been throwing back.  Taquitoria, on Ludlow street, only serves taquitos, but since that’s all they do, they do it damn well.  


Taquitoria has quite the résumé: its owners/chefs worked at Restaurant Marc Forgione, and are dedicated to quality ingredients and creating kick-ass street food taken up a notch. After sampling tons of different varieties, they settled on a yellow corn tortilla, twice fried to surround fillings made from Bell and Evans chicken, brined in secret spices, or short ribs from Creekstone Farms. Oh, and don’t forget Berkshire pork, topped with Cholula.

All I can say is, I’m very glad I’ll be drinking on the LES this weekend, and I know exactly where I’m getting my snack for the train ride home.

H/T + PicThx Thrillist

Fast Food

Taco Bell Testing New Taquito Dippers for $1 Each


Taquitos are kind of like the annoying little brother of Mex-American fast food — which is to say that while typically harmless and sometimes even delicious, the taquito for the most part has widely been ignored, except in the frozen food aisle. Until today.