How To Properly Tap A Beer Keg Because None Of Us Know How

If you’re over the age of 21, there’s a good chance you might find yourself in a position where you may be required to tap a keg to get the party started — or keep it going. For some, this task is standard adult behavior, but if you’ve never done it before, it can seem daunting.

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After watching some horrific attempts, it’s time for some keg tapping 101. Watch and learn as these guys fail miserably, while simultaneously looking like rookies in front of people, who at one time, probably respected them.

First, The No. 1 unwritten rule to keg tapping is, unless you’re a professional bartender, or work in a place that sells draught beer, a keg is probably best tapped outside. Seriously. These guys learned the hard way.

Don’t let this be you.


The people in the video above were tapping a cask — which is a little different than a normal aluminum keg, because the spigot is hammered in after the keg is vented.

Don’t do this:


Or this could happen. 


When you’re tapping a cask, it should be vented — which releases some of the pressure inside the keg. Also, notice how the cask is placed on its side.

Like this:


Next, the spigot should be inserted with a large mallet.

Like so.


The standard, aluminum keg is a modern version of the cask and much easier to tap. Although, you can still make mistakes and end up wearing your favorite beer, like this guy for example.


This shows you how important it is to master the process.

If you’ve ever tapped a keg, you’ll know there’s a little more to it than “pressing down and turning”. No matter how fast you try, there’s a little more finesse to it. There’s also a lever on a standard taps, which locks the tap into place.

Thanks to the YouTube channel, Consumer Beverages, we got a step by step break down of how to tap a keg like a boss (if you’re of age, of course).

Step 1: Line up your tap


Next, thread the tap’s groves into the keg’s. Make sure the locking lever is point up.


Lastly, pull the locking lever outward and press down and release the lever to lock the tap into place.


For the record, when you purchase or a keg, always be sure to ask to rent a tap too. Most places will include one in the price. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got ice on deck to keep the keg cold. There’s nothing more disgusting than a warm, untapped keg.

Happy tapping.


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