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Tapatio x HipDot Cosmetic Collection Is The Spiciest Collab We’ve Seen This Fall

Photo courtesy of HipDot Cosmetics

I’ve seen many food collaborations with different brands over the years. Restaurants were pairing up with Hello Kitty, Panda Express doing apparel, and even Star Wars doing cookware. Never once did I expect to see hot sauce paired with makeup, however. 

Yet here we are. 

Photo courtesy of HipDot Cosmetics

Makeup brand HipDot Cosmetics has paired up with Tapatio to launch an exclusive makeup line inspired by the hot sauce. 

The new collection includes Tapatio eye shadow palettesTapatio lip glossTapatio drip sponges, and a Tapatio Collector’s Box that features all the products well as a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce to complete the set. 

You can find the collection now at,, and at Ulta locations nationwide in early November. 

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Afters Ice Cream is Now Serving Tapatio Flavored Sorbet

This week, on September 15th, The Hundreds and DoorDash will be hosting the Family Style Food Fest, an event that pairs the streetwear community and with lauded restaurants to create a brand new food experience centered around community. However, one of the most appealing options isn’t coming from a streetwear designer, it’s coming from one of the most dependable sauce brands on the market, Tapatio, and Orange County’s own Afters Ice Cream.

The two will be rolling out a special collaboration flavor, made by infusing Tapatio into Afters’ mango sorbet. To give it some extra punch, they’ve added a Tapatio swirl. Then, they drizzle a good amount of Tapatio on top and dust it with a layer of Tajin, the popular Mexican seasoning powder.

While this may seem overwhelming on paper, the flavor combination is surprisingly mellow. The Tapatio doesn’t overpower the mango, it only adds some heat that’s immediately cooled off by the sorbet. The result is a sweet and spicy treat akin to a mangonada. All it needs is the Flautirriko.

If you want to try this late summer treat, but can’t make it to Los Angeles next Sunday, the flavor will be available at all Afters locations for a limited amount of time. 

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8 Popcorn Toppings And The Moviegoers Who Choose Them

Popcorn is the best snack to have at the movies. It just embodies all that you’re about with a day or night at the theater: slight escapism. You’re not looking to get crazy, but you clearly want to treat yourself. How you do it, though, is up to you, whether it’s well mannered or really going for it. Here’s a few routes to take.

1. Regular

You’re not a wild man or woman, but you make solid decisions. People respect that about you. Maybe you bought popcorn for the group and don’t want to try anything fancy because it may snub a member’s tastes. It’s possible you fear losing your reputation as a reliable person, or it comes down to the fact that you just like things the way they are. A dip or two of butter and a pinch of salt is as far as you’ll go, but even that’s calling it close.

2. Salt


We’re not talking a civil sprinkling here. This isn’t a polite kiss of salt that’s going to delight any and all. No, this is the addition of salt that makes you wonder if heart disease runs in your family. It’s the kind where you spend the movie realizing you might die in your seat, frenzied up with questions about yourself, like why you have this affinity for salty things and how it may be a problem. But you don’t stop because you don’t want to stop. It’s just too good. Salt is life! You’re practically high on the stuff!

3. Flavored Toppings (Butter, Caramel, etc.)


I know this seems like one of the safest moves, but it’s absolutely not. This is such a reckless all-or-nothing deal. It’s like trying to diffuse a flavor bomb. If you nail the ratio, you’re pretty much destined to become a fabled hero. If you add too much, which is all too easy, that voluptuous bag of popcorn is ruined. You then have to buy another one or boldly ask for an empty bag to try and salvage it.

4. Chocolate Candy


Here’s an umbrella move that could mean anything from Junior Mints to a broken-up Butterfinger. It’s all delicious, that sultry yet classic bite of sweet and salty, and yet it doesn’t ring as store-bought. You feel some ownership, like you successfully cooked up a dish without reading the recipe at the snack bar. Personally, I’m a Reese’s Pieces kind of guy, but it’s all pretty killer.

5. Gummy Candy


This is an acquired taste, maybe even simply niche. It’s got a specific taste and texture that you might not be ready for (or even be that kind of the person). It’s probably for people with really strong jawlines. I mean, there is some serious chewing involved here. People are probably going to think you’re trying to kick cigarettes. Don’t be fooled though, because if you are the type of person who enjoys this, you really enjoy it.

6. Jalapenos


This is an underutilized move. It’s got boldness; it’s got sass. Butter and spice and everything nice are at play, and you feel like a king or queen scarfing it down. Of course this combination works, you pridefully think with each handful every time you make this magic happen at the movies. They’ll make a statue out of me someday, you consider, already delusional with pride before the full lights go down. Do work, me, you likely whisper before licking your salty pickled lips.

7. Nacho Cheese

Nacho Cheese

Did you come here to ball or what? This is a game-changer move, or it at least feels like you’re pulling a sly run out of the naughty playbook. “You’re just replacing chips with popcorn,” some yokel might say with a dismissive shrug. Your reply should be obvious: “Oh, I’m just replacing chips with popcorn?” What, like this is an everyday occurrence? Hell no, make them take it back. You did the unthinkable. Where’s your biopic?

8. Tapatio & Lemon Pepper

IMG_2433 (1)

This is if you’re straight up just down to bring your own gear from home. It’s an insanely delicious combo, but this is you playing God. If you get carried away with hot sauce power, be sure to bring a spoon, because you’re going to have to eat it like cereal. If you’re capable of restraint, bring a bottle of Tapatio, not some measly packets. Go big or go home, you know? Oh, you do? Okay, good. Yeah, you look like a confident person.

See you at the movies!


Is this how your homies act when someone finds the hot sauce?



10 Facts You Need to Know About Tapatio Hot Sauce [Infographic]


Everyone and their grandmother knows the legendary tale behind Sriracha hot sauce. It’s become a huge staple within not only Orange County, California but across the nation as well. But what of the other hot sauce? The brother from across the border: Tapatio. While its history remained a semi-guarded secret, OCWeekly was able to get the dish on this history that is Tapatio hot sauce.

Dating all the way back to 1971 (which was also the year Escape from the Planet of the Apes came out in theaters), Tapatio has been through much, but one thing will always remain for certain: its flavor will never change. Check out this amazing infographic by Gustavo Arellano that details Tapatio’s rich history through 10 Things You Should Know About Tapatio Hot Sauce.

Boba Thing 2

And maybe, just maybe, the next time you throw a little Tapatio in your oatmeal, on top your potato chips, or even a plateful of veggies,  you’ll feel a little more familiar with one another.

H/T + PicThx OCWeekly

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“Tacos” Flavored Cup Noodles Exists

Looks like ramen remains a hot button viral-worthy food stuff as of late, particularly this decently appetizing look at Cup Noodles brand’s apparent “Tacos” flavor available in Japan.

The flavor utilizes tomato soup to help give a sense of the meat flavors, and there’s a described aroma of tortillas and spices, and a compilation of Daisuminchi, cabbage, tomato, cheddar cheese and onion throughout.

Tacos-flavored instant ramen? Damn. The closest I had to this in college was the half a bottle of Tapatio I was pouring into each batch of noodles. Too bad it seems to be just in Japan right now.

[Thx Geekologie]


FOODBEAST: This Week In Pictures [04/08/2011]

Another Friday, another recap of the work week via pictures:

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Tapatío-flavored Frito-Lay Products In Stores Now

Last month we announced that Frito-Lay brand had plans for a well-suited partnership with the Tapatío hot sauce brand. Today Frito-Lay announced three products in the line: Tapatío-flavored Doritos tortilla chips, Fritos corn chips and Ruffles potato chips. Each chip gets a special treatment and has a distinct level of Tapatío intertwined into the recipe.