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We Used FRIED TAMALES To Make This Zesty Take On Chilaquiles

Here at Foodbeast, it’s hard to find a week where some sort of Mexican food doesn’t pass through the office. Located in the heart of Santa Ana, CA, a plethora of family-run restaurants and Latino-oriented stores stacked with any ingredient one could need to make an authentic dish lie nearby. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to go get a meal, let alone carve out the time required to make one. So when Del Real Foods offered to send us their new Dia de Los Muertos Bundle, the answer was, of course, an emphatic “Yes!”

Here’s why: the Dia de Los Muertos Bundle comes loaded with a plethora of traditional, hand-made Mexican dishes that’ve been made with recipes passed down through Deal Real’s founder Jesus Cardenas’ family for generations. Slow-cooked carnitas, tender barbacoa, a dozen pork tamalitos, six chicken tamales, and Del Real’s fire-roasted red salsa— it’s all there, and ready to be warmed up into an exquisite meal in seconds. Plus, did we mention the bundle includes a limited edition free Dia de los Muertos T-Shirt.

But this being Foodbeast, we weren’t content with simply eating a delicious dinner. No, no. Instead, we sent our resident food genie Chris on a mission to see what he could cook up with the bundle. He did not disappoint, coming up with some seriously incredible Tamale Chilaquiles, a recipe for which can be found at the bottom of this article.

By chopping up the tamales and deep-frying them, Chris created what may be an upgrade to tortilla chips. After being simmered in Del Real’s salsa, they held their crunch just like you’d hope a proper plate of chilaquiles would, but with four times the flavor. And once they were topped with tender carnitas and a crispy fried egg? I mean, come on. How could this not be delicious?

For an even more detailed look at the dish, check out the video above.

With Dia de los Muertos right around the corner, make sure to fill this holiday season with authentic home-made flavors from Del Real Foods. Additionally, this tamale chilaquiles recipe is only one way to get creative. There’s an endless amount of tasty uses. Even simply microwaving a combination of the contents will leave you with a meal that tastes like it was made at home, without any of the hassles of cooking. This bundle is an unbeatable deal, for $51.95, you will receive enough food to easily feed over 10 people, perfect for any Dia de los Muertos festivities.

You can’t beat that.

For more information on Del Real’s Dia de Los Muertos bundle, or to purchase it, visit their website.


  • Tamales and Tamalitos*
  • Prepared Carnitas or Barbacoa*
  • Del Real Red Salsa*
  • Crema
  • Cilantro
  • Cotija cheese
  • Radish
  • (2) Eggs
  • Vegetable oil (1 gal for frying)

* Ingredient included in the Del Real Dia De Los Muertos bundle

Step 1: Make Tamale Chips

  • Chill tamales and tamalitos in the freezer for 15 minutes
  • Slice into thin strips
  • Fry at 375 until crispy
  • Let cool on a wire rack

Step 2: Prepare Your ingredients

  • Thinly slice 1 radish
  • Rough chop cilantro
  • Blend red salsa until smooth

Step 3: Let’s Get Cooking

  • Prepare carnitas according to ingredients on the package, either in the microwave or on the stove.
  • Heat 1Tbsp vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium heat until just barely smoking
  • Set aside about ¼ cup of salsa and carefully add the rest to the hot oil and mix. It should start to bubble a bit. Let cook for about 1 minute
  • Add tamale chips to the party and mix with the salsa until fully covered. Be careful not to move them around too much, they may start to break—don’t worry they’ll still be delicious.
  • While the tamale chips are chillin in their salsa bubble bath, start frying your eggs. I like to fry them sunny side up over very high heat so the edges get crispy. 
  • While you’re waiting on the eggs to finish check in on the tamale chips, they should be slightly soft but not mushy. Once they’re teetering on that fine line, cut the heat on your stove.

Step 4: Plating

  • Slide the tamale chips in salsa onto a plate, leave some space off to one side where you can safely land the eggs later.
  • Top the tamale chips with carnitas. Be generous, you deserve it.
  • Slide the eggs onto their safe space, but let them slightly overlap the chips—they like to feel a little dangerous.
  • Garnish with crema, cilantro, radish, and a dusting of cotija cheese

Created in partnership with Del Real Foods.

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These Tamales Popsicles Might Be One of The Most Creative Flavors Out

I’ve seen my fair share of creative popsicles in this line of work, but these new Tamales Popsicles from Ice Queen out in Portland, Oregon might now be tops in that category.

Ice Queen touts itself as the ‘world’s only all vegan popsicle shop’, specializing in 100% plant-based frozen treats. Their latest creation, which looks like a typical tamal at first glance the way its enrobed in a corn husk, gently reveals itself as a frozen treat. Pleasant surprise would be an understatement here.

These Tamales Popsicles are made with a sweet masa ice cream base, which is then filled with Mexican chocolate fudge. Truly this is one of the wildest popsicle flavors anyone will come across, which will surely bring plenty of curious appetites out to Ice Queen to experience the off-the-charts creativity for themselves.

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Las Vegas Food Truck Serving Up BIRRIA-STUFFED Tamales

Birria has been booming in the food scene outside of those in the know recently. For those that have been up on it, they’ll probably tell you, “What took y’all so long?”

And I get it, birria, from its origins in Jalisco, Mexico to the widespread appeal it enjoys today, is something that shouldn’t be treated as some new trend. Proponents (which I assume would be pretty much anyone that’s had it because it’s f*cking delicious) will extoll the virtues of its savory allure all day, all the while pointing you in every direction to where you can enjoy it in different iterations and contemporary takes. This then can take you into a fantastic journey that will have you feasting through creative takes like birria ramen and birria pizza.

However, keep going further in that journey and you might find yourself in Las Vegas, Nevada, just like I did, where birria takes on the form of tamales. Yes, the concept of birria has now found a home inside a warm tamal, with melty cheese as its roommate, all courtesy of El Tamalucas, the city’s first tamale food truck.

Since opening El Tamalucas in 2014, owner Saul Talavera has innovated his recipes and expanded the repertoire of his takes on the iconic dish, which include unique selections like chicken alfredo tamales and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos tamales. His next hit is the BirriQueso Tamale Dunkers, which I described earlier, and is a holy trinity of birria, consomé, and cheese. My mouth just watered typing out that sentence and now I’m fighting the urge to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas. That’s because these tamales were one of the best things I’d eaten this year and the memories of having it look like a rush of the rich, bold consomé-soaked, cheese and birria-stuffed tamale cascading down my greedy gullet.

If you’re trying to catch a glorious fever dream off one bite, absolutely look up El Tamalucas when you’re out making questionable decisions in Las Vegas.

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Pitch-Black Dessert Tamales Are The Treat YOU Want For Dia De Los Muertos

It’s tradition on Dia De Los Muertos to place ofrendas, or offerings, on altars so that deceased ancestors will come back and visit their families. Tamales, in both sweet and savory form, are one of the most common foods used as an ofrenda, making these dessert tamales a colorful and tasty offering for both eating and placing on the family altar.

This version of a dessert tamal evokes the colors and tastes of fall, utilizing both orange and white sweet potatoes as the chief components of the filling.

For an extra hit of sweetness, OREOs are incorporated into both the masa and creamy interior. Activated coconut charcoal also gives the masa a deep black hue, making the tamales as vibrant as they are flavorful.

You can get all of the ingredients to make these dessert tamales at Northgate Market, who will be launching a holiday cookbook with this recipe and more in early December. If you want to make the tamales before then, though, the full recipe is below.

Servings: 15


25 corn husks
26 Oreo cookies, just the cookie
2 1/2 pounds plain masa

¾ cup granulated sugar
2 ½ Tbsp activated coconut charcoal
¼ cup evaporated milk

For the orange filling

Creamy filling of 26 Oreo cookies

1 pound sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces

6 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1 egg
1/2 cup dark brown sugar

For the white filling

Creamy filling of 26 oreo cookies

1 pound white sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces
6 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1 egg
10 tablespoons powdered sugar

For the drizzle topping

1 bottle Cacique Crema Mexicana

1 cup powdered sugar


Step 1

Combine corn husks and enough water to cover in a large bowl. Soak overnight.

Step 2

Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add sweet potatoes and cook for 25-30 minutes or until tender. Drain and set aside.

Step 3

Separate each Oreo cookie, scrape off creamy filling and place in a separate bowl. Place cookies in a food processor and process until a small crumble texture (about 1 ½ cups of crumbled cookie). Set creamy filling aside.

Step 4
Place masa in a large bowl. Add evaporated milk and mix with a hand held mixer on a slow setting. Add cookie crumbles in ½ cup increments, add charcoal in tablespoons increments, add sugar in increments as well. Continue mixing until color is evenly distributed.  

Step 5

In another large bowl, combine creamy filling, egg, cream cheese, brown sugar, and sweet potatoes. Mix with a whisk or electric mixer until all ingredients are completely incorporated. Repeat this step with the white sweet potato mixture.

Step 6
Drain corn husks and pat dry. On a working surface, place husk with pointy side towards you.  Scoop ½ cup masa mixture on husk and spread with a spoon or masa spreader, leaving a 1 ½ inch border on the sides, place 2 tablespoons sweet potato mixture on the center. Fold one side of corn husk over filling then fold the other side, overlapping. Fold the pointed side up and turn over to keep it from unfolding. Use a piece of corn husk to tie if necessary. Repeat with remaining corn husks.

Step 7

Arrange tamales upright in a steamer. Fill with hot water right below the rack and heat over medium heat. Cover top of tamales with a layer of remaining husks and a damp towel; cover with lid, bring to a boil and reduce to medium, adding water as needed. Steam for 90 minutes. Remove tamales from steaming. Let cool before serving.       

Step 8

Optional: to make a creamy drizzle topping, add powdered sugar to crema mexicana and drizzle on tamales.

Created in partnership with Northgate Markets. 

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These Loaded Breakfast Tamales Can Only Be Found At Playlist Live’s New Food Festival

Foodbeast and Hubert’s Lemonade are bringing a mouthwatering new food festival to Playlist Live in Orlando: BRUNCHFEST. The name says it all and one of the dishes we’re most excited to sink our teeth into are these loaded breakfast tamales.

Created by Tamale Co., the breakfast begins with two tamales of your choice, rice, and beans. The bowl is then smothered in salsa verde and topped with chorizo, cheese, and sour cream. Finally, it’s stacked with two fried eggs covered in even more chorizo and roasted poblano peppers.

In short, it’s essentially everything we love about Mexican breakfast in one serving.

To compliment the savory and spicy dish, the Loaded Tamales are paired with Hubert’s Watermelon Lemonade. You may need a second bottle, if you’re planning on conquering this bowl.

The Loaded Breakfast Tamales were created for Foodbeast’s Brunchfest, presented by Hubert’s Lemonade at Playlist Live. Brunchfest will be running in the Food Truck Area from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, April 28th, and Sunday, April 29th.

Tickets to the event, happening at the Orlando World Center Marriott, are still available.

Photos by Michael Priestley

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

Hit-Or-Miss News

Woman Hospitalized After Binge-Eating 20 Tamales At Once

It is a Mexican tradition to spend the holidays binge-eating tamales to your heart’s content, but that very tradition turned south — south of the border, that is — as a Mexican woman was hospitalized for eating 20 tamales in one sitting.

The 25-year-old woman got food poisoning Christmas Eve, and officials say that it was due to the large amount of tamales she had consumed.

Even more messed up is the video provided by Azteca Sonora, where Jose Luis Osegueda from the Red Cross straight up starts giggling when talking about the incident.

In the Spanish interview, Osegueda said that this was an extremely rare case, but confirmed the woman arrived at the facility “intoxicated.”

It’s usually cute hyperbole to say you were eating 20 tamales at a time, but actually doing it is another thing.

If you love tamales as much as I do, it might be a good idea to pace yourself. They probably taste better when you chew, as opposed to swallowing them whole — doing your best Sasha Grey impression.

Featured photo by Lex Barraza/Instagram

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7 Holiday Foods That Prove Northgate Market Is A Mexican Food Wonderland

There are many aspects of the holiday season that bring us joy. But let’s face it, we all know that food is by far the best part of this time of year. So, as family starts pouring into town, be sure to include these holiday foods during your next trip to Northgate Market.  

1. Champurrado and Ponche Navideno

These warm, liquid treats are the perfect way to ring in the holiday season. Ponche Navideno is a traditional holiday beverage known for its hints of cinnamon and citrus, and will definitely keep you warm during the cold winter months.  

2. Rosca De Reyes 

This traditional Spanish American pastry is a symbol of the seasonal celebration of the holiday season.  

3. Pozole

Northgate Market always has pozole ready to go – this hearty Mexican soup is a traditional favorite. With large chunks of shredded pork, cabbage, chile, onions and radishes, pozole is perfect for any occasion.  

4. Churros

Who doesn’t love churros? These sweet and sugary treats are exclusively made in-house at all Northgate Market locations.  

5. Buñuelos

This traditional wafer-thin pastry is usually topped with cinnamon and sugar and drenched in caramel to create a mouth-watering holiday treat no one will be able to resist.   

6. Tamales

Tamales are one of the most popular holiday foods. These steaming hot treats are irresistible no matter what time of year it is. Northgate specializes in supplying everything you’ll need to get your holiday tamale party started, whether it’s starting from scratch or just grabbing a variety.  

7. Concha Bread Basket

This decorative bread basket is just as cute as it is delicious. Stuffed with colorful pan dulce, this festive bread basket can be used as a festive holiday gift, or just a decorative centerpiece that will keep the family snacking for days.     

Feliz Navidad!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Northgate Market

Culture Video

Watch American Kids Try Authentic Mexican Food For The First Time

The kids from Cut are quickly building some pretty cultured palates with every new video they drop. The little tykes have had the opportunity to try authentic foods from Japan, the Philippines, breakfast around the world, and even Christmas foods.

Now, they’ll get to feast on some mouthwatering dishes from Mexico.

In their latest video, the panel of children get to taste some iconic Mexican entrees and desserts for the first time in their short little lives. Dishes featured in the video include: Molletes (bread topped with cheese and peppers ), Tamales (meat-filled masa husks), Pozole (soup featuring hominy and meat), and Flan (sweet custard dessert).

Kind of an awesome line-up.

Perhaps on their next venture, the kids can try some different cuts of taco meat. We’re talking cabeza (cow head), suadero (cow breast), and lengua (cow tongue) kind of tacos.