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Buffalo Wild Wings Testing A Smaller, Fast Food-Like Makeover

Buffalo Wild Wings is known for getting hundreds of people together in one place to drink beer, watch sports, and eat delicious wings. While the size of their vast restaurant/bar setting has been their bread and butter, the B-Dubs you know and love might soon start looking a bit smaller, like, let’s say, Wing Stop.

BWW is testing a downsized version of its restaurant, in Minneapolis, called B-Dubs Express. You’ll still be able to get your wings, a few selections of beer, and even sit in a smaller dining area, but the restaurant plans to cater to the on-the-go fan who wants to order their food and just head back home.

The dining area will only seat between 35-50 people, and they put an emphasis on their Door Dash partnership for delivery, changing the sit-down feel it has always been known for.

This has a very Instagram vs. Snapchat feel to it, as BWW seems to be dipping into Wing Stop’s business model of easy access take-out wings.

The giant wing slingin’ sports bar does plan to expand these Express restaurants throughout the country, so don’t be surprised when you start seeing mini B-Dubs popping up.