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Takis and Totino’s Just Dropped a Cheesy Snack Bites Collab

The worlds of spicy Takis chips and cheesy Totino’s pizza rolls are combining for a new fiery and gooey snack.

The two iconic snack brands have teamed up to make Totino’s Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites. It’s not exactly a pizza roll (no pizza sauce, just mozzarella cheese inside), but the outside packs a citrusy punch of heat with Takis Fuego seasoning.

For those who have devoured plates of both while snacking, it’ll be an interesting mix of flavors, textures, and nostalgia to see these come out of the microwave or toaster oven (which is recommended for those who want the crunch of Takis to go with that heat).

They could also make an intriguing, spicy alternative to regular pizza rolls for those craving a bit of heat.

You can find these fiery hot and cheesy bites at retailers nationwide. A pack of 60 goes for $5.

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Rapper ‘The Game’ Shows How To Make A Takis Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

West Coast rapper The Game channeled his inner-Tym Bussanich in the kitchen and whipped up a Takis Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Taking to his Instagram for the video recipe, The Game showed the step-by-step, as he smashed the Takis corn chips in a molcajete bowl, coated the bread in egg wash, then coated the bread with the Takis dust.


The Game then applied the cheese, heated up a questionable amount of cooking oil, and tossed the sandwich in there, which created a nice splash that could have burned the hell out of him.

Game even gives us a gratuitous #saltbae reference, as he used a splash of water to make sure the cooking oil was hot enough.


The end result looked, well, a little burnt, but you have to give him credit for trying. According to his Instagram caption, he was left home alone and had to fend for himself while watching the NFL playoff games.

He probably could have asked our boy Tym Bussanich for some advice, as he perfected the Cheetos-covered grilled cheese.

Ok you spoke!! You win!! No sound Cheetos and cheese sandwich

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Sorry, Game. Your sandwich looked kind of boo boo, and using those Mini Takis instead of a full sized bag was a weak move. But on the off chance you read this article, just know I grew up on The Documentary album and have always loved your music. Please don’t kill me, but also, please don’t let anyone eat that sandwich.


HOT ON INSTAGRAM: Wagyu Beef Hot Dog, Slathered in BBQ Sauce, Takis, Cheese and Grilled Onions


As part of an impromptu barbecue session to test out a new package of grill-worthy meat from Steakhouse Elite, Foodbeast developer Rudeluv stumbled upon an insane new creation: a BBQ sauce-slathered Wagyu beef hot dog, cheese, Takis, and grilled onions.

Moments later the process was published to the @Foodbeast Instagram.

What seems like a mess actually turned out to work splendidly. The crunch and spicy bite of the hot dog was complimented by the sweet barbecue sauce, the melted cheese, crispy Takis and grilled onions allowed for a myriad of textures in every bite. Don’t read too much into it though, this was an office grilling experiment gone awry — but our stomachs aren’t complaining.

Make sure to tag #Foodbeast in your food photos, and you could be featured here soon!

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Hot Cheetos and Takis Snacks Get a Summer Anthem [Video]

Picking up a bag of Hot Cheetos, or Takis is a norm when walking into a 7-Eleven, and finally there is a song to express the joy of eating these flaming snacks.

“Snack. Snack. Snack. Crunch.” Couldn’t have described the process any better myself.

The song is simply titled Hot Cheetos and Takis. The group that sings it goes by the name Y.N. Rich Kids and is a part of the North Community Beats and Rhymes Program in Minneapolis.

Since 2006, the Beats and Rhymes program has produced eight albums and is now getting major recognition from Rolling Stone and celebrities like comedian Aziz Ansari.

These kids are cute, energetic and actually have a pretty good flow. The quality of the song is probably what made it popular and will probably still grow in popularity.

If a music group like Odd Future can catch-on in the industry, surely these talented, slick spittin’, crunk kids could catch-on.

When a kid can spit a line like, “I’m on point like an elbow, my hands red like Elmo,” you can’t help but fall in love with the song.

Upon listening, you can tell these kids have talent, a better rap flow than a lot of mainstream artists and more lyrical depth that a lot of what is played on the radio (Ponder that statement as you listen to 2 Chainz on your iPod).

With almost 3 million views, this video has already created a bit of a buzz, but we’d be doing our readers a disservice if we didn’t post this.

For those who need a new, catchy summer song to add to their playlist, you can do a lot worse than Hot Cheetos and Takis.

[Thx NPR]