Tastemakers Shows Us How to Be Fresh, Humane, Local Foodies

In 2008, a movie entitled Food, Inc. told us about the importance of organic foods. Now, four years later, has announced a new series called Tastemakers, spotlighting local businesses in major cities across the U.S. who bring “Food Done Right” to their respective communities. Using some of the underlying themes of Food, Inc., Tastemakers will highlight where you can get the most humane, organic, homemade, locally sourced and sustainable products to make your meals.

“As the digital publishing division of Participant Media, TakePart is committed to continually highlighting the issues raised in our films and providing consumers with the most relevant and qualified actions they can take to make a difference,” said Karina Kogan, General Manager of TakePart in a press release.

“TakePart Tastemakers is a great example of our ongoing effort to engage and educate the public about our food system in a way that is both entertaining and actionable.”

The site covers ten major cities across the States:  Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and the Twin Cities — each highlighting 10 businesses for a total of 100 features.

Those of you tired of eating rubbery processed foods from chains or looking for somewhere new to shop for groceries will definitely want to check this out.

via Tastemakers