This Food Stall Only Serves Penis-Shaped Foods


In a recent trip to Taipei, YouTuber Micaela Braithwaite discovered a food stall that served nothing but penis-shaped foods. Yep, take a second to take it all in.


At the stall, Braithwaite was happily greeted by the owners who gave her a little demonstration on what kinds of penises they had for sale. A combination of savory sausages and sweet popsicles, the stall served penises in a variety of different flavors.

This included sausage penises with Thai Chili Sauce, Red Wine Tomato Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Taiwan Sweet & Spicy Sauce and a Caesar Cheese Sauce. On the sweet side, there were frozen popsicles with a variety of flavors including a popular berry.


The walls of the stall were covered with photos of past patrons, each with a penis in hand (or mouth). Needless to say, it was a surreal experience for the YouTuber.

Check out her video below and get an upclose look at the mysterious penis food stand.


Taiwanese Restaurant Slammed for Naming Pasta Dish ‘Long Live Nazi Spaghetti’


It looked like a simple pasta dish with German sausage, but then things got controversial. Rockmill restaurant in Taiwan thought it’d be a wonderful idea to serve up a dish called “Long Live Nazi Spaghetti.”

Manager Chao Ya-hsin told TVBS she didn’t think the dish would get so much attention. She was just trying to provide an easy way for customers to identify the dish as German. The Wall Street Journal reported that it was a popular dish over the last year and hadn’t received any complaints until a local station ran a story on it. After getting media attention, the complaints started pouring in as both Israeli and German representatives in Taiwan were outraged at the lack of sensitivity and understanding of the Holocaust.

Chao apologized and changed the name of the dish to “Long Live Purity.”

Reminds us of that one time “Holocaust Beer Pong” was unfortunately a thing.

Picthx WSJ


Unfortunately Trending: Instant Ramen Pudding


Apparently, dunking pudding in ramen is now trending on the internet. Although, are we surprised? The current ramen lineup includes (don’t hold your breath): ramen chicken wings, ramen taco shells, ramen burgers, ramen fries, ramen burritos, ramen grilled cheese and ramen pizza.

If anything, it’s about time dessert got a little ramen love. The ever-inquisitive staff at RocketNews24 decided to taste test this phenomenon, plopping a package of custard into a standard cup of hot instant ramen. The sweet custard melted into the broth, creating a creamy soup.

According the RN24‘s writer, the overall flavor made for a “pleasant experience” with “a nice blend of salty and sweet and the hot noodles and cool pudding balanced out to a comfortably warm temperature”.


With a “17 out of 22 stars” rating and a combined (ramen + pudding) price tag of $3 US, we’re not going to say we’re not thinking about trying this. Hey, we’re hungry.


Pizza Hut Launches Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza in Taiwan


Pizza Hut has been stuffing crusts full of all kinds of things lately. From chili dog stuffed crust to Marmite, the pizza chain has been debuting new stuffed crust products at their international locations left and right. The newest kid on the stuffed crust block is the Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza, which is now available in Taiwan.

A popular snack in Asia, pineapple buns aren’t even filled with its fruity counterpart. The sweet buns get their name from their golden crispy outer shell that resembles the tropical fruit. *Cue “The More You Know” comet and music*

The new Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza has a crispy, flaky, sweet crust similar to a pineapple bun and is stuffed with the usual melty cheese that put Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza on the map. We’re not too sure how the crust will mesh with customer topping choices but we’d totally nom on it.

H/T First We Feast, PicThx Brand Eating

Fast Food

Burger King Taiwan Gets All-Pork Whopper Toppings

BK Pork Burger

Burgers are serious business. Fast food chains are constantly outdoing each other with their own bold versions, like Lotteria’s Chocolate Burger and Jack in the Box’s Bacon Insider. So how is Burger King giving competition a run for their money? One word: PORK.

Since your standard tomato, lettuce and mayo aren’t enough (duh), BK has rolled out an all-pork topping sandwich, AKA the Super Deluxe BBQ Bacon Whopper. Starting with a Whopper beef patty, the burger is covered in sliced ham, bacon strips and split sausage, because you can never have enough meat, right?

This pork-packed meal is currently available in Taiwan and costs about $3.34.

H/T + Picthx BurgerBusiness

Fast Food

McDonald’s Taiwan Rolls Out New Rice McWraps


McDonald’s Taiwan recently tweaked the classic McWrap and added some local flavor into the mix. The new “Rice McWrap” features rice from nearby Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan, mixed with either chicken or beef, sauce and vegetables. The texture of the rice has a tender, “al dente-like chew” to it, with mushrooms and sesame oil added for a boost.

The chicken version includes a fried chicken patty, sliced cucumbers, greens and a sweet and hot sauce. The beef version features an Australian ground beef patty, greens, seasoned rice, sliced beefsteak tomatoes and barbecue sauce to seal the deal.

Both wraps come in at 470 and 460 calories, respectively, and cost $99 NT ($3.32 US). This is one of the few times I wish I lived in a different country — it’s awesome seeing Mickey D’s bring in some local ingredients.

You can view the new McWraps commercial below:

H/T + PixThx Brand Eating


This Barbie-Themed Restaurant Is Wall-to-Wall Pink & Features a ‘Barbie Bar’

Hardcore Barbie fans looking to feed their doll addiction have a brand new destination: A Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.


The cafe opened its doors on Wednesday to reveal a restaurant fully decked out in Barbie’s favorite color and furnished with all of her favorite accessories. We’re talking tables shaped like stilettos, chairs decorated with tutus, waitresses wearing tiaras, and (of course) everything from the carpets to the menus is wall-to-wall pink.

Customers who want to get as close as possible to Barbie by literally eating her face  can sample the cafe’s variety of Barbie-themed desserts, including macaroons and Barbie cakes. Those who enjoy a more adult form of Barbie worship will be glad to know that the restaurant comes equipped with a fully stocked “Barbie bar” to make every cocktail-infused fantasy come true.


The cafe also offers a select assortment of Barbie merchandise for purchase, because it wouldn’t be a full Barbie experience without the opportunity to drop some cash on accessories.

H/T NY Daily News