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Domino’s Taiwan Stuffs Their Pizza Crust with Cheese and Peanut Sauce


Just when we thought the world has seen plenty of novelty pizza crusts, Domino’s Taiwan introduces another take on what a stuffed crust should entail. The region-specific entree will feature a pizza crust filled with mozzarella cheese and special Taiwanese peanut sauce. Yep, you can now get peanut sauce in the crust.

While the crusts are something to write home about, the pizzas themselves can be customized to however customers prefer. Don’t expect any special peanut sauces on the pie itself. Though, we think just the crust should be more than plenty.

Not quite sure if peanut sauce and cheese are such a great idea, but if the creative minds behind Domino’s are willing to give it a chance, it can’t be that crazy.

Maybe it’s worth a nibble or two.

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This Ridiculous Bib Table for Two Will Force You to Actually Look at Your Date

napkin table

Aziz Ansari said it best: the idea of marriage is insane. Two people who enjoy hanging out decide they’re only going to hang out with each other until they die, and they go around wearing metal circles on their fingers so everyone else is aware of the arrangement. If, however, the idea of utter codependence still strikes you as romantic, here’s a little invention designed to make outdoor picnics even easier/more difficult than they already are.

In the spirit of keeping oneself tethered to another human being, graduates of the Tunghai University school of design in Taiwan created the “Napkin Table,” a portable table you can carry around like a tote purse and tie around one other’s necks like bibs. The point is to provide an easily accessible surface complete with cup-holders and utensil pockets as well as “improve the relationship between two people eating together,” writes PSFK.

Call me a commitment-phobe, but I like having the freedom to look or not look at my date whenever I please. I also don’t appreciate having someone stare at me as I scarf down my grilled cheese. Ugh, could you please just go play Candy Crush or something?

Picthx PSFK

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This Taiwanese McDonald’s is Run by Maids That Refer to Customers as ‘Masters’

More a one-night stunt than a long-term business model, a young female crew at a Taiwanese McDonald’s rung in this past New Year’s Eve in style — by dressing up in pink maid outfits and adressed their customers as “master.”

Apparently, the above photo made its way across social media on the 1st day of the year, and according to RocketNews24, the cosplay “only took place at the Dingshan branch in Kaosiung,” for one night (December 31st). Several of the staff members shared photos of themselves via the location’s Facebook page following the event:

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