TacoCopter Reveals the Future of Food Delivery?

A futuristic concept for food delivery has surfaced, as The TacoCopter will have not only foodies, but techies excited about the possibilities.

A world where you can order tacos from your phone and have an unmanned drone fly it over to your GPS-marked location is a world we should all want to live in.

The Bay Area-based TacoCopter site cites that the tacos could be ordered through smartphones, so it is probable that an app would be created for easy ordering.

Not even Futurama was this efficient. TacoCopter makes Futurama’s space ship deliveries look prehistoric.

Why stop at tacos? Everything should be delivered by copter. How about a BurgerCopter, or PizzaCopter? Hell, get the robot from Rocky 4 to bring it into my kitchen.

You also have to wonder if you’d have to tip the drone? And if you tried to pull the ‘thank you’ and quickly shut the door without tipping move, would it turn into violent TacoCopter?

Of course, the TacoCopter isn’t real, but as Will Ferrell said in Talladega Nights, “It’s just exciting that we’re trying things like that.”

I’m 18 percent sure that TacoCopter will be the surprise twist that caused the airborne virus in The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse.

All right, no more pop culture references, just a plea for more robots bringing us food.