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Buffalo Wild Wings Wants To Take Over Taco Tuesdays With 1/2 Price Wings


Gone are the days of 50-cent wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. All that’s left is the nostalgia of stuffing your face for $5, and the limited time deals they throw out every once in a while.

Their latest deal is trying to compete with our beloved Taco Tuesdays, as B-Dubs announced that they will start offering their wings at half-off on Tuesdays. That means their on-menu Snack, Small, Medium, and Large sized traditional wings will have the discount applied. It does not work for boneless, unfortunately, but does include a side of celery and carrots with ranch or blue cheese.

If you’re an a la carte kind of person and aren’t familiar with their traditional wing sizes, the Snack size comes with 5 wings, Small has 10, Medium has 15, and large has 20. The largest size usually goes for about $26, so on Tuesdays, you could max out those 20 wings for about $13.

It sounds like they needed a reason to bring people in on Tuesdays this fall. Their Wednesdays and Thursdays are covered by their 75-cent specials. Fridays, they get the weekend warriors ready to leave behind their work worries. Then Saturday through Monday, football has the wing restaurant popping off.

It’s going to be tough to convince the taco-loving community to switch things up, but discounted wings would at least make them think about it.


Taco Tuesday Essential: Taco Truck Taco Holders


Alright. So you’ve loaded up your precious taco shell with all the shredded cheese, ground beef, guac, sour cream and whathaveyou you could fit. (That’s what she said.) However, there’s a bottle of Corona with your name on it and attempting to double fist both could lead to this unfortunate situation.

Fret not. This seriously alliterative Taco Truck Taco Holder can hold up to two busty tacos, keeping the mess to a minimum. Plus, they’re a slick addition to any taco lover’s home and can double as a napkin holder when not in use. Boom.


Taco Truck Taco Holder, $20


Whore Yourself Out For Free Mexican Food at Qdoba This Valentine’s Day

Qdoba Mexican Grill is ditching the idea of coupons this Valentine’s Day in favor of public displays of affection. On February 14th, Tuesday…or in certain circles, Taco Tuesday…err…Valentine’s Day, Qdoba will be offering up a buy one get one free deal for all of its customers. To initiate the deal, you’ll have to head in on February 14th, buy one entree and share a kiss with a “signifcicant other, family member, friend or understanding stranger.”

Find a location near you. Per usual, the offer is valid at “participating locations” and not valid with other offers.


Adventure: Taco Mesa (Mission Viejo, CA)

As part of our bi-weekly contributions to the Mission Viejo Patch publication, Taylor and I made our way to the Mission Viejo branch of one of our favorite Mexican food eateries, Taco Mesa. While our normal visits to Taco Mesa revolve around their amazing Taco Tuesdays (can you say $1 gourmet tacos, margaritas and $1.50 Tecates?), this particular trip was a bit more sophisticated.


“Tequila Taco Night” Will Change Your Tuesdays [VIDEO]

Tuesday. New Epic Meal Time episode. Today finds our epic group of Foodbeasts exploring a re-imagined Taco Tuesday that features tequila, girls, a quesadilla, tacos, a burrito and a nutritional setback of 9,082 grams of fat and 98,824 calories. Follow the journey as they piece together a bacon weave taco, a platter-sized burrito and a quesadilla that will make even the biggest foodies cry. Eat. On.