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Taco Truck Opens In The Middle Of Freeway Traffic, Saves The Day

Growing up in Los Angeles, I know the feeling of being stuck in traffic, tired, hungry, and wishing all the cars in front of me would disappear. I’ve been stuck in random road closures before and can feel the pain of the folks in Seattle, WA who had to endure hours of sitting and waiting for the I-5 freeway to clear up after a propane-filled truck tipped over this past Monday.

There is a happy ending to this story, however, as a heroic taco truck opened in the middle of the freeway and started dishing out delicious Mexican food to hungry drivers, according to the Seattle Times.

Tacos El Tajin was in the same boat as everyone, and weren’t going to make it to their lunch stop, so they decided to just open up where they were.

Little by little, other motorists were noticing that people were walking around with boxes of food, and got up themselves to form a line and buy tacos.

If only taco trucks could be around during all times of distress, the world would be a better place.

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Danny Trejo Says Burger King’s Whopperrito Isn’t Helping Obesity


At the launch of his new food truck, we spoke to actor Danny Trejo reagarding his healthy eating habits. Y’know, the kind of diet that makes a 72-year-old man look like he’s still in his 50s.

We asked him what he thought of Burger King’s new Whopperrito, a commercial fast food take on the Tex-Mex dish.

Here’s what he told FOODBEAST:

One of the reasons we have such an obesity problem in the Mexican population is because our food is starchy and really heavy. I don’t think McDonald’s or Burger King can help that issue. They’re a part of the problem, really.


He then spoke about how his truck differed greatly from such items like the Whopperrito.

Our truck has vegan food, gluten free [food], vegetarian, and good carne asada. Even carne asada, it’s a good meat. It’s not like your Burger King [meat], it’s a good meat so it’s not gonna be bad for you.


In specific, one of Trejo’s menu items is a colorful vegan cauliflower taco. This is a huge contrast to what Burger King offers in the burger/burrito hybrid with chopped up beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes; essentially the contents of a Whopper inside a large flour tortilla.

You can find the Trejo’s Taco truck cruising around the Los Angeles area, where you might even run into Trejo himself.


Taco Truck Meth Bust Would Disappoint Heisenberg


Did you ever watch an episode of “Breaking Bad” and think to yourself, “Man, this show is basically giving a step-by-step blueprint to drug dealing. Some idiot out there is going to try these things”?

So, some idiots out there tried these things. Except they didn’t keep their businesses separate the way Gus Fring did in “Breaking Bad.” Instead, the methamphetamine was sold straight out of a taco truck in Denver, CO. Customers could walk up to the truck, order some tacos and literally order a side of meth.

The Denver Post reported that this was one of the biggest drug busts in Denver’s history as 55 pounds of meth were seized in the investigation called “Operation Cargo.”

Seventeen arrests were made. The operation used several stash houses, a storage unit, a Mini Cooper and, of course, a taco truck.

In the words of Saul Goodman, “You suck at peddling meth.”

H/T Denver Post

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Taco Tuesday Taco Truck

Every Tuesday in the Orange Circle, for the last two years there is a bike ride from Orange to Santa Ana to a 24hour taco truck. Well the two year anniversary ride just passed, so myself and about 80 other people made the ride. After the line had died down, we finally ate.