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Taco Bell Adds Carolina Reapers To Their Quesaritos For A Fiery Kick

Taco Bell’s latest test items are bringing the heat with the inclusion of fiery Carolina Reapers. Made into a Reaper Ranch sauce that’s their spiciest condiment to date, the chain has already begun testing it in the form of loaded fries.

Now, Taco Bell is incorporating the peppers into a new form, as the Reaper Ranch Sauce is making a new home inside their Quesaritos.

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

The standard fillings of beef, rice, sour cream, and red tortilla strips don’t change for the inside of the Reaper Ranch Quesarito. However, both the inside and outside now contain a blend of the Reaper Ranch sauce and Taco Bell’s nacho cheese sauce. It helps take some edge off of the heat, but also makes the burrito incredibly creamy and cheesy.

Fans hoping to try this saucy creation will have to head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a bite. It’ll be available at locations in the area through mid-November, sold on its own for $2.99 or as part of a $5 box with two Crunchy Tacos and a medium drink.

Fast Food What's New

Taco Bell’s Newest Item Features One Of The World’s Hottest Peppers

Taco Bell just cranked up the heat with one of their newest items. Called the “Reaper Ranch Fries,” it brings together the chain’s popular fries with a fiery sauce made from Carolina Reaper chilies.

reaper ranch friesPhoto: Foodbeast // Evan Lancaster

Available as a test item in Cincinnati, Ohio starting August 16th, the Reaper Ranch Fries feature a spicy ranch sauce that’s hotter than any other condiment the taco titan has created. Taco Bell reps told Foodbeast that their new creation is about a level of heat above their Lava Sauce, their spiciest item prior to the Reaper Ranch.

While available, you can get the new sauce in the same forms Taco Bell’s original Nacho Fries were served in. That means you can order the sauce with the seasoned fries as a side, or in a Reaper Ranch Fries Supreme form with fries, ground beef, sour cream, and tomatoes. The test locations serving up the sauce will also have it available to put on anything else on the menu if you want to turn up the heat on any other items.

While that test is going on in Cincinnati, another new set of fries are being tested in Columbus. Dubbed the “Rattlesnake Fries,” they’re available in Supreme or burrito form and include pickled jalapenos, steak, nacho cheese sauce, and jalapeno sauce. They’re not as spicy as the Reaper Ranch, but the Southwest-inspired twist on carne asada fries can still pack a punch.

Both new forms of Taco Bell fries will launch in their respective test locations on the 16th, and be available until mid-September. If the tests go well, they could be launched nationwide some time next year.