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For $600, You Can Now Get Married At Taco Bell

Earlier this year, we broke the news that Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Cantina location would begin offering weddings to patrons over the summer. That’s right, love birds could officially tie the knot at Taco Bell by purchasing wedding packages.

Taco Bell just announced that beginning August 7, anyone can now sign up for a ceremony at the flagship Las Vegas Cantina restaurant.

A few months ago, the fast food chain held a contest for two lucky Taco Bell lovers to be the first to wed at the location. On June 25, Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda made Cantina history by exchanging vows and tacos in front of friends and family.

At $600, the wedding package includes an official ceremony complete with ordained officiant, a private reception for 15 guests, customized swag for the bride and groom, Taco Bell branded champagne flutes, a Taco 12-pack, a Cinnabon Delights cake, and a bouquet made of hot sauce packets.

If you happen to be in Vegas and want to lock down the love of your life, here are all the nitty gritty details on how to get married at the flagship Cantina.

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One Enterprising And Hungry Bride Created A Gown Out Of Taco Bell Wrappers

One woman wants to win the Taco Bell wedding contest so badly, she has fashioned a dress as tribute to the fast-food chain

The wedding industry meets Crunchwrap couture.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… the remnants of yesterday’s fast-food lunch?

Last month, Taco Bell announced that they would be hosting a contest for one lucky couple to get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas, and one woman is determined to win. Diane Nguyen entered the social media contest wearing a surprisingly chic wedding dress made entirely from Taco Bell burrito wrappers. We can’t say whether we’re befuddled or impressed at such an ardent dedication to Mexican fast-food, but perhaps it’s a hearty mixture of both.

The couple even submitted a cheeky photoshoot holding hands over the counter at their local Taco Bell.

“IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!!! We didn’t know until recently that it was our dream to get hitched at a Taco Bell,” Nguyen said in an Instagram post. “We also didn’t know about this contest until we were out of the country and halfway around the world. With help from our friends and a bit of extra hot glue we got off the plane and immediately scrambled to shoot a photo at our local restaurant before the deadline.”

Taco Bell will be announcing the winners later this month after voting ends on March 5. We imagine if Nguyen comes up empty, she’ll have some beef with Taco Bell… but guac’ you gonna do about it?

This article was written by Joanna Fantozzi, (The Daily Meal)

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