You’re Not Dreaming, This Inception-Inspired Coffee Table Is Totally Real


One of the trickiest purchases when moving into a new place is that coffee table, that one thing that brings together all your cruddy furniture and completes the room. A designer created the ultimate coffee table that’s sure to get conversations going.

Stelio Mousarris, a Cyprus designer, built a coffee table that’ll leave you in awe until your coffee gets cold. Called the Wave City Coffee Table, the piece of furniture features a detailed cityscape underneath the surface of the table.


Inspired by the Christopher Nolan film Inception, the table simulates a wave that sweeps away skyscrapers and buildings. Mousarris used a 3D printer to combine wood and steel in this epic piece of carpentry.

The glorious table can be purchased for €4,000 which is roughly $4310 US. Maybe we can sweet talk our publisher into getting one for the office…


This Is The Awesome OCTOPUS COFFEE TABLE We Can’t Afford


Check out this amazing octopus coffee table by Kirk McGuire. It isn’t the first octopus coffee table we’ve seen and hopefully it won’t be the last.

Keep em coming as far as I’m concerned. Octopus coffee tables for everyone! Also, this one’s actually available for purchase which makes all the difference in the world. Except it’s $17.5k *spit-takes-vomits-passes-out* so nevermind. Octopus coffee tables only for the rich.





Written by Brittany High  of Incredible Things


Giant Grill Table Gives American BBQ the Korean BBQ Treatment


For those who don’t know, Koreans are the masters of communal grilling. Unlike the American backyard barbecue, where there’s only one grill master and a bunch of other people standing around drinking Coronas, Korean barbecue takes place almost exclusively indoors, with pre-marinated meats, endless sides, and a neat little table grill that allows everyone present to actually communicate with one another whilst also stuffing their faces with all-you-can-eat brisket.


Well, for those hot dog and burger fans looking to get in on the tabletop action, look no further than the JAG Grill. A grill-slash-fire pit-slash-outdoor wooden table, the JAG boasts eight individual grilling stations and one impressive center grilling dome for housing fire and coal or logs. Each station offers enough rack estate to cook more than anyone’s fair share of steak and fajita veggies, as well as separate, removable dining surfaces for easy cleaning.


The whole USA-born-and-raised rig will run you about $2500 – 3000, but can you really put a price on staring awkwardly at friends and family while you all slowly die from meat sweats? Didn’t think so.

H/T The Awesomer


This Ridiculous Bib Table for Two Will Force You to Actually Look at Your Date

napkin table

Aziz Ansari said it best: the idea of marriage is insane. Two people who enjoy hanging out decide they’re only going to hang out with each other until they die, and they go around wearing metal circles on their fingers so everyone else is aware of the arrangement. If, however, the idea of utter codependence still strikes you as romantic, here’s a little invention designed to make outdoor picnics even easier/more difficult than they already are.

In the spirit of keeping oneself tethered to another human being, graduates of the Tunghai University school of design in Taiwan created the “Napkin Table,” a portable table you can carry around like a tote purse and tie around one other’s necks like bibs. The point is to provide an easily accessible surface complete with cup-holders and utensil pockets as well as “improve the relationship between two people eating together,” writes PSFK.

Call me a commitment-phobe, but I like having the freedom to look or not look at my date whenever I please. I also don’t appreciate having someone stare at me as I scarf down my grilled cheese. Ugh, could you please just go play Candy Crush or something?

Picthx PSFK


The Secret to Grabbing a Good Seat at Any Social Gathering [INFOGRAPHIC]


Or: How Not to Get Stuck Next To Someone That Sucks

It happens to the best of us. No matter how friendly we try to be or how much good karma we attempt to accumulate, sooner or later we’ll wind up at a party with an unbearably awkward seating arrangement – sitting next to some girl who’s convinced we’re hitting on her, or next to some guy we kinda wish was hitting on us.

In these situations, it’s always comforting to know we have our trusty smart phones for backup, but what if you could avoid the awkward chitchat altogether? No, I don’t mean by getting shwasted right before the party (but I like the way your mind works). I mean, by knowing the perfect place to sit for optimal good vibes and maximum party enjoyment, each and every time?


(click to enlarge)

Luckily, designer Alex Cornell has got the whole musical chairs thing down to a science. According to his infographic “Choosing the Right Seat,” 4 person circle tables are ideal and you’re safe sitting anywhere. 6 person rectangles are a little trickier, especially if you’re in a loud location, where a nice, communal conversation can easily become fragmented. Above all, avoid the 2 table configuration. You can’t really help it if your party has a lot of people, but whatever conversation’s happening at the other table will always sound a million times more interesting than what’s happening at yours. If you do find yourself in a 2 table configuration, just know, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Ah well, human interaction is overrated anyway.

H/T + Picthx Laughing Squid


This Fully Functioning Dining Table Has Eight Legs and Can Walk

Moving furniture can be a pain in the ass, especially when you can’t gather enough man power to help you.

But if you had this walking table by designer Wouter Scheublin there would be no sweat involved. With a little push, the beautifully engineered table seems to start moving on its own. We don’t know how Scheublin came up with this idea, but it looks like he got some inspiration from a scurrying spider with 8 legs.

See it in action here:



International Beer Coaster Table

A perfect gift for any self-proclaimed beer aficionado. MEasuring 40″ by 20″ by 20″, this is a collectible, scratch-resistant, individually numbered and signed coffee table featuring dozens of distinct import and domestic beer coasters that line the top of a high quality solid beachwood table, all with a classic espresso finish. Each table is unique, and will run you about $200.