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Tabasco Sauce-Infused King Cakes Exist and You Can Order One In Time For Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is coming up quick, guys. Regardless of whether or not you’ll be in NOLA for the celebrations, you’re probably thinking about bringing a King Cake to the table on March 5. FYI, King Cakes are actual cakes that’ve been used to celebrate the Carnival season in New Orleans for decades — but that doesn’t mean you can’t order one and devour it in your hometown. Instead of opting for the OG cinnamon roll-style cake, though, you might want to check out Sucré’s Tabasco Sauce-infused King Cake.

The Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake, which is currently being sold at Sucré, a Louisiana-based sweet shop, puts a hot spin on New Orleans’ sweet Mardi Gras tradition. How is that, you ask? Well, Tabasco Habanero Sauce is literally used to accent the cake’s filling, effectively spicing up the dessert. (As someone who pours hot sauce on everything that I consume, I’m basically ecstatic.) Tabasco Habanero Sauce isn’t the only key ingredient that makes the cake so compelling, though. In fact, the cake is full of savory flavors that’ll leave your tongue buzzing during Carnival.

Photos: Tabasco x Sucré

According to McIlhenny Company (the makers of Tabasco Sauce), the The Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake starts off like a typical King Cake: with “braided, buttery dough” that’s cooked and sweetened with sugar and cinnamon. What makes the Tabasco x Sucré cake unique is that it’s filled with “single-bean Swiss chocolate whipped cream cheese filling.” However, that filling is essentially spiked (or, as the company says, “accented”) with Tabasco Habanero Sauce. I’m drooling.

I know, I know, some of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering how a cake infused with Tabasco Sauce would taste. According to the company’s press release, the Habanero Sauce adds flavors of “mango, papaya, and banana” to the amped-up dessert. Between those flavors and the sugary King Cake dough, I can imagine that it’ll bring the perfect amount of sweet and heat to your Mardi Gras celebrations.


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Louisiana Saturday night with our Sugar + Spice King Cake, made with @tabasco habanero sauce 💥

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If you want to try the heated Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake, you can head to Sucré’s website and buy one for $27. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to order the cake by Sunday, March 3 at 3 p.m. if you want to have it in time for Carnival festivities. If you’re already in NOLA (in which case, I’m jealous), you can stop by one of Sucré’s locations and pick one up in person.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about pouring extra Tabasco on top of my slice. No shame in my hot sauce game.

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Why This Bottle of Tabasco is Selling For $449 On eBay

Tabasco hot sauce is one of the most well-known sauces in the U.S., having been parked on the tables of most restaurants you can think of.

Well, it seems like there is an eBay seller who believes a hardcore Tabasco fan will be willing to spend $449 on a limited edition, commemorative “Diamond Reserve” bottle.

Good ol’ Tabasco has been around for 150 years now (which is 103 years longer than our beloved Tapatio), and to commemorate the 150th anniversary, the brand released the special Diamond Reserve Red Sauce.

Photo by Peter Pham

This special sauce was 6 ounces (an ounce bigger than the standard bottle), came in a pretty black and gold champagne-style packaging, and retailed at $34.99.

The fancy Tabasco sauce was described as:

“A selection of the finest tabasco peppers on Avery Island, chosen for their superior color, texture, and robustness. These peppers are mashed with a small amount of salt, then aged—some for up to 15 years—and blended with sparkling white wine vinegar. The resulting pepper sauce has exceptional complexity, while maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy for which TABASCO Sauce is celebrated around the world.”

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, it was a very limited release and no longer available on its online store.

So now, the only way to get your hands on one of these exclusive bottles is to fork over the money on eBay, or convince me to give you the one that’s been sitting at my desk for about a month.

Photo by Peter Pham

More listings have been popping up, one for a more reasonable $250, and the lowest being $99. It looks like all these sellers are posting pretty aggressive prices, so good luck finding one at retail.

Here at the Foodbeast office, we’ve been trying to figure out who would actually spend hundreds of dollars on hot sauce, especially when it was only worth $35. Here’s what we came up with:

Costa Spyrou/Contributor

“Collector’s items always go up in price once the sale ends, but usually not by that much unless it’s super dope or cult-worthy. Szechuan Sauce sold for thousands at first and Pie Tops 2 went from $150 to like $1,800 on eBay. But those were very limited quantities and highly sought-after, making them rare exceptions. I’m not sure how hyped up Diamond Tabasco was, but didn’t seem like it merited a 10x price increase.”

Phambot/Staff Robot

“When the inevitable Robot Apocalypse happens, money will be as useless as ‘love’ or ‘friendship.’ Hot Sauce, however, will be a sought-after commodity used for fuel, luring unsuspecting foodies to robot education centers, or simply as a weapon to throw into humans’ unprotected eyes.”

Reach Guinto/Managing Editor

“This person might know something about how limited this bottle is that we don’t. And if he sells that point well enough, some rich dude with extra cash and a penchant for hot sauces would buy it.”

We shall wait and see if this thing actually sells, and if eBay user ceichin1 laughs all the way to the bank. Or you can wait and see if they release a second batch, kind of like McDonald’s did with its limited edition Szechuan sauce.

Fast Food Restaurants What's New

KFC Australia Is Now Serving Up Tabasco-Marinated Fried Chicken

If you’re like me and think Tabasco is the king of hot sauces, then this fried chicken is going to be your new fave.

KFC Australia recently launched a new fried chicken that gets soaked in a Tabasco hot sauce marinade for 24 hours before getting fried up. Each $5 lunch or bucket of chicken you get also comes with a packet of more Tabasco for some extra fire.

Colonel Sanders’ restaurant is no stranger to the spicy chicken, with Zingers and Nashville Hot Chicken being some of the spicy flavors they’ve already dropped across the United States. However, this is the first time the restaurant has teamed up with the iconic hot sauce and used it for its chicken.

If you really want to get a taste of this new Tabasco-Fried Chicken, you’ll have to bound into a KFC in Australia before May 15th when LifeHacker reports it will be taken off of the menu.

Hopefully it does really well down under and influences KFC to serve its Tabasco Chicken out here in the United States. With all the Tabasco lovers we have out here, it would definitely be a huge hit.

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This Hot Sauce-Filled Shot Made A Guy Crawl In Agony And Quit This Show

We’ve spent the better part of 2016 searching for the worst shots bartenders could come up with. Whether they’re made as revenge or because customers just ask for terrible shots, these mixologists have shared some of the strangest combinations you’ll ever see in an alcoholic drink.

Our Worst Shots team of Sean Fahmy, Haley Autry, and Rudy Cheney went through a curdling Cement Mixer shot, the fishy Crawfish Revenge shot, and even an egg yolk-filled Sunshine in the Mud shot. With all those terrible drinks, there’s only one that made our own Sean Fahmy crawl on the floor in agony, and quit the show entirely – the Stop Drop and Roll shot.

The shot can be found at Hey 19 Public House in Torrance, California, and is the shot you’d literally give to your worst enemy, or a friend you want to prank the hell out of.


To start, they rim the glass with salt and pepper, which is already a red flag. Sure salted rims aren’t unusual, but whose idea was it to add pepper to the mix? It’s followed by 1 part herbal liqueur, 1 part tequila, lemon juice, and, wait for it… 20 shakes of hot sauce.

The result is a shot that looks like burnt transmission fluid mixed with Folgers coffee.

“I’m done with this show,” Sean said after taking the shot and doubling over in pain. “I’m serious this time. I’m done with this show.”


According to the bartender, the shot’s even worse coming out of your body, so there was that bit of excitement for our team to look forward to.

“I just remember getting heartburn and my stomach hurting real bad,” Rudy said, reminiscing on the awful shot.

At least now you know. Your bartender can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, depending on how your day is going and what you order. If you really want to torture someone, the Stop Drop and Roll will send shock waves through their body.

“If you have an idea for a terrible shot, please, please keep it to your f*cking self.”

Sean, we do not envy you at all.


Watch How Tabasco Sauce Is Made


Tabasco sauce rules. We like to keep a bottle stashed in case our hash browns ever need some extra spice or burgers need some extra heat. Have you ever wondered how the sauce was made?

Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made took a quick look at the origins of the famous pepper sauce. Watch the journey a single pepper goes through to finally become a part of that iconic bottle we keep in our glove compartment.

Fast Food

Popeyes Now Has Chicken Strips Marinated In Tabasco


If given the choice between spicy chicken and regular chicken, spicy will always win. Imagine our delight to find that Popeyes is adding a new spicy chicken item to their menu. The poultry-themed chain is now using meat marinated in Tabasco sauce.

It’s called Red Stick Chicken. Apparently the name comes from the little red sticks used by Tabasco that determine whether or not a pepper is fully ripe. If the colors line up, the pepper is ready for a-picking.

Made with chicken tenderloins, the meat is marinated in a blend of Tabasco and cayenne. It’s then breaded and paired with a new Smok’n Pepper Ranch.

The Red Stick Chicken will be available from now until April 26. They’re sold with Cajun Fries and a buttermilk biscuit for $3.99. While probably not as spicy as their Ghost Pepper Wings, hopefully the new Red Stick Chicken will add some kick to the menu.


Jelly Belly to Introduce Draft Beer and Chocolate Covered Tabasco Flavored Beans


In case you’re missing our live Instagram and Twitter feeds of the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Elie Ayrouth and I will be doing our best to post as often we can throughout.

Candy-bean behemoth Jelly Belly (JB) is introducing two ridiculous new flavors: Draft Beer and Chocolate Covered Tabasco.

Yes, the Draft Beer beans do actually taste like beer, but we’re a bit befuddled about our excitement level. To the chemical flavor guy at JB, congratulations you deserve a promotion, or at least a bonus.

If I can talk to you man to (wo)man for a second – this bean probably doesn’t land in your top 10 favorite flavors, hell it may not even crack the top 100. How can it when they have Coldstone flavors? And unfortunately for our alcoholic readers of the site, the beans do not contain a smidgen of alcohol. But if you’re an addict of multiple vices and your vapor cig isn’t cutting it – the flavor of these beans might help you get through the trenches:



We’re probably most excited for the new chocolate covered addition of last year’s Tabasco jelly bean. But for some apparent reason, JB decided to feature the new packaging around the entire booth and NOT HAVE SAMPLES AVAILABLE.

This is a complete travesty since we’re at show that parallels a Saturday morning at Costco, if that Costco took Alex Rodriguez levels of HGH and found a way to rain down samples from the heavens. Shame on you JB. You temptress. So we ate some the Tabasco flavored beans with some Mexican chocolate from another booth because that’s our version of R&D. This bean really has some potential. Oh, yeah and shout out to the SVP of some eco-friendly snack company that photobombed our picture. Glorious:



Why Tabasco Is – and Always Will Be – Better than Sriracha


In which Tabasco is a dapper, crotchety old gentleman and Sriracha is a hip and trendy cock.


Okay folks, let’s rap. More precisely, let’s rap about Sriracha.


Picthx NPR


Sriracha is one of those internet-famous things, like bacon and memes, that everyone knows about and has loved since – I dunno – FOREVER, but no one really remembers the origins of, nor can even imagine ever having lived without.


But I’m here to remind you that, yes, we did have something else. Some other source of fire and heat with which we could all brighten our days and fill our otherwise meaningless lives with joy and fulfillment.


That’s right, I’m talking about Tabasco.


Picthx Tumblr


Remember it?


Picthx Wattafukk


Slim, glass, respectably designed and brought to us by the fine gentlemen over at McIlhenny in Louisiana?


Picthx Lucullent


Known for its cutting, vinegary-taste and its whopping 2,500 rating on the Scoville scale (about 50% the heat of a jalapeno, but still a good 300 points over Sriracha, thank you very much)?

Picthx Gif28


Yeah, well, while all you guys have been OBSESSING over Sriracha, making Sriracha porn videos and Sriracha underwear and Sriracha comic strips, Tabasco’s just sitting here, chilling, being better than Sriracha in almost every way, with literally no one giving it the attention it deserves.


Picthx Nerdalicious


Well, enough is enough. “Open your brain tank brah, ‘cause here comes some premium 91 octane knowledge.”


For starters, Tabasco is a work of art.

Following the company’s century’s old tradition, the peppers used for Tabasco are handpicked, ground into mash and placed in oak aging barrels for up to three years. Then, once the peppers have adequately matured, the mash is strained, mixed with vinegar and left to age again for another month before finally being bottled. You see how careful and involved that process is? It’s practically the same as whiskey. Fancy-shmancy oak barrel whiskey!


Picthx Elliot Bay


You know how Sriracha’s made? They just take a bunch of peppers and ground them all together, skin and all! In other words, this thing is literally just a hot mess.


Blue Kale Road


And you know what else? That whole “Sriracha goes great with everything” thing? Who ever said that was a good thing? You know, we have names for people like that. Kiss asses. And brown noses.


You know who Tabasco is trying to impress?


Picthx Lucullent




It knows it only goes well with tacos, eggs and oysters and guess what? It likes it that way.


Picthx Caterer and Hotel Keeper


It doesn’t need to compromise its values just to please everyone else (except, okay, for that whole “we’re gonna make our own version of Sriracha” thing). But aside from that, totally steadfast. Tabasco is like the Walt Kowalski of hot sauces. It’s the Stairway to Heaven of spice.


I mean, yeah Sriracha tastes like “a delicious blessing flavored with the incandescent glow of a thousand dying suns,” and looks amazing when drizzled over macaroni and cheese.


Picthx Tablespoon


And in salt form.


And on vegetables.


Picthx Barbee Housewife


And heck, even over ice cream.


But Tabasco’s old (145 to be exact; at 33, Sriracha is a wee baby in its eyes).


Picthx Nola


And . . . we need to respect our elders.


And what’s with that stupid rooster anyway, amirite?



It’s not like the combination of garlic and spice even tastes that good.


Pixthx Closet Cooking


And that kick of sweetness on top of Sriracha’s pasty, ketchup-y texture (especially when compared to Tabasco’s soupy, watered-down spice-vinegar swamp puddle of doom)? Totally overrated.


Picthx 84thand3rd


. . .


Picthx Olives for Dinner


. . .


Picthx Rasamalasyia


. . .


Pixthx Daily Waffle


Yep, overrated.


Picthx Savory Simple


. . .


Picthx She Knows

. . .


Picthx Pickled Plum


. . .


Picthx From Away


 . . . Oh, shut up.


Lead Picthx Thisissambennett