This Adorable Unicorn Mug Will Definitely Brighten Up Your Mornings


Think Geek is selling this super magical unicorn mug for just $13. As you can see, it is amazing. They’ve also got a t-rex version if you’re less into mythical creatures and more into prehistoric beasts or whatever.



Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Think Geek


How To Pair Your Favorite Dinosaur With Your Favorite Beer


With Jurassic World coming out this weekend, it’s safe to say most of us have dinosaurs on the brain. While you’re out enjoying drinks before the movie, why not put yourself in the footprints of the dinos themselves.

The folks at Let’s Grab A Beer designed a pretty charming infographic pairing popular dinosaurs with popular beers. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex downing a pilsner or a Brachiosaur chugging a IPA.

Check out the graphic below and see what kind of dinosaur drinking buddy you have the most in common with.



How to Eat a Dinosaur, For Tyrannosaurus Dummies

A T-Rex trying to eat a Triceratops, we imagine, might be pretty much like humans trying to eat crawfish or crab legs – a whole lotta work for not a lotta meat. Luckily, scientists have been kind enough to publish a step-by-step illustrated guide on the proper way to do it, which basically involves pulling off that weird bony head-part in order to get to the nutritious neck meat.

For any of you non-extinct lizard kings in hiding, get educated:


[Via Nature]