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T-Pain Battles Olivia Culpo In Foodbeast’s First Celebrity Kitchen League Match

Foodbeast’s Twitch cooking competition show, Kitchen League, is geared up for its first celebrity battle, with music icon T-Pain and supermodel and actress Olivia Culpo duking it out against each other this Thursday at 2pm PST. Kitchen League veteran chefs, Malika Lim of HyperRPG and Leon C. Brunson will be serving as the coaches to each respective contestant.

LG’s decided to join in on all the fun for this special Kitchen League Homestyle Challenge by providing a host of next-level appliances that introduce state-of-the-art technology to the Foodbeast kitchen arena.

For the unfamiliar, Kitchen League is a battle arena on the Foodbeast Twitch channel that is equal parts cooking and hijinks, with the audience given the power to either sabotage or protect the contestants. Sabotages can come in the form of chefs being forced to cook blindfolded or even have the use of kitchen utensils taken away from them for a period of time. Whatever the shenanigans, trust that the results are always entertaining and chaotic.

How T-Pain and Olivia Culpo can handle that type of heat in the Foodbeast Kitchen League arena remains to be seen, but know that we’re all in for a dynamic matchup that pits T-Pain’s appetite and cocktail-making prowess against Culpo’s kitchen skills and restaurateur experience. It’s Kitchen League, of course, so trust we’ll be wowed throughout much of the competition.

Catch this much-anticipate livestream on the Foodbeast Twitch channel here at 2pm PST.

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Even With Strategy, T-Pain Immediately Regrets This Hot Wing Challenge

If there’s anything we’ve learned from watching First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenges, it’s that there is no sound strategy for escaping the unbearable heat coming off those wings.

Their latest guest, T-Pain, went into the challenge a little cocky, doing a couple of Google searches, and feeling that he he knew what to do in order to take down the 10-wing challenge like a champ.

While he actually did get through the challenge pretty well, it didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped. The hip-hop singer had some nonsensical strategy that had to do with milk, and it didn’t help much, as he was spazzing out, and not thinking straight by the end of it.

As always, it’s fun watching celebrities suffer through the spicy burn, and it’s even sweeter watching T-Pain struggle, in autotune.