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Watch The Creators of “Rick and Morty” Try The Coveted McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Very few in this world have the financial capability to spend frivolous amounts of money on even more frivolous items. For example: World renowned DJ, Deadmau5, purchased a 64oz. jug of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for about $15,000.

If you have been previously unaware of the hype going around regarding the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, the popular animated television series Rick and Morty — following a grandpa/grandson duo’s inter-dimensional misadventures — brought the limited time McNugget sauce back from its 1998 nostalgic obscurity, igniting the internet’s fascination.

In the video above, creators Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and their team all get a chance to try the Mulan-inspired sauce, bearing mixed reviews.

If only my 8 year-old self could recall how this presumably delicious McNugget sauce tasted like; my tastebuds wouldn’t be trembling. These guys are practically grubbing away at a dipping sauce worth roughly $235/oz. The hype is real.

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Deadmau5 Drops A Staggering $15,000 On McDonald’s Coveted Szechuan Sauce

After McDonald’s gave away a few bottles of their famous and coveted Szechuan sauce on Twitter, one user decided to sell theirs off for a good cause, and it paid off big time.

WWG writer Robert Workman, who goes by @TheDCD on Twitter, put his bottle of Szechuan sauce that he won up for auction on Ebay, and it turned into a total bid war. The price eventually ratcheted up to a staggering $15,000, which is a lot to pay for a half gallon jug of a condiment that people used to get for free with their McNuggets.

In a strange turn of events, the top bidder of the initial auction never paid for the item, forcing Workman to file an unpaid claim and contact the second place winner. That runner-up turned out to be acclaimed record producer and DJ Deadmau5, who also bid around the $15,000 mark for the Szechuan sauce. The artist then officially agreed to pay for the sauce and obtain it after he finished getting married over the weekend.

It seems that all of the paperwork to make this happen has gone through, and Deadmau5 has posted a picture of his brand-new Szechuan sauce on Instagram. Workman, meanwhile, has pledged to give a fourth of the proceeds to at least five different charities.

Holy fuck!

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For those of you who were hoping to score some of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce on this auction but got outbid by the celebrity DJ, there’s still more chances. One other winner from the Twitter giveaway has put over half of their sauce up for auction, and we’re pretty confident that McDonald’s will have it available in the near future for the upcoming live-action Mulan flick. We’ll just have to wait and see if we’re right on that one.

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Here’s How to Make McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce At Home [WATCH]

Thanks to Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, literally everybody is trying to get some of McDonald’s discontinued Szechuan sauce. One clever individual is even selling some old packs on Ebay for a couple hundred bucks right now.

If you don’t want to shell out that kind of cash on a nearly 20-year-old pack of sauce, you can always try to make the Szechuan sauce at home. YouTube channel Binging with Babish has got you covered there with the above video.

The video showcases three different recipes that are all relatively simple: a traditional, spicy Szechuan sauce recipe, a version that the YouTube channel found on Reddit, and a mishmash of some of McDonald’s other sauces.

Pick whichever one is to your personal liking, and go ahead and take a crack at it at home. Or, you can do what Binging with Babish did and just mash all three up together at the end.

While I’ve never had the privilege to taste the original Szechuan sauce, I’m sure that these recipes are all relatively close.

At the very least, these recipes will hold us over until McDonald’s brings back the Szechuan sauce, which they may do for the live-action Mulan movie coming out next year.

And if McDonald’s doesn’t bring the sauce back, at least we’ll have these replicas to make our own.

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McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Selling For HUNDREDS On eBay Thanks To Rick And Morty

McDonald’s cult Szechuan Sauce has been trending hard these last few days and never have we wanted to try a fast food dipping sauce so badly. The question is, how much would you pay to get your hands on some?

Over the weekend, Adult Swim quietly dropped the long-awaited premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 and it was glorious. We’re about to get into some spoilers, so avid Rick and Morty fans who still haven’t caught the episode may want to watch it on Adult Swim before reading any furthur.


In the episode, Rick makes it his life’s goal to get his hands on some McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce that was released during the promotion of Disney’s Mulan back in ’90s for a limited time.

It seems the sauce has garnered a massive following after the release of the episode, prompting folks who held on to the item for nearly two decades to capitalize on the momentum of the hype.

Quite a few packets of Szechuan sauce packets have found their way onto eBay, some are selling for nearly as high as $200. As reference, McDonald’s used to charge about 15 cents for their sauces before just giving them away for free a few years ago.

A glimmer of light in this dim world, is that the proceeds from quite a few of these listings will go towards charity.


A completely different turn of events compared to the dude who sold that bottle of Big Mac Sauce and his mixtape for $10,000.

Man, if only we knew how to make this sauce at home.

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Rick & Morty May Have Convinced McDonald’s To Bring Back Their Szechuan Sauce

For those of you that missed it, Rick & Morty came back out of nowhere on April Fool’s Day and the adult cartoon show has one specific request for McDonald’s: bring back the Szechuan sauce.



The new episode features an origin story for lead character Rick Sanchez, part of which includes a quest to bring back this limited-time dipping sauce option for McNuggets. The Szechuan sauce was released in timing with the release of iconic Disney movie Mulan back in 1998, but was discontinued afterward and hasn’t returned since.

This wasn’t just headlined in the show, however. The official Rick and Morty Twitter began talking about and requesting that McDonald’s bring back this sauce, as well.

They even got McDonald’s to respond in Rick and Morty fashion, so the possibility does exist that this might happen.

Actually, considering that the live-action Mulan movie is scheduled to release next year, you never know what is possible. Maybe Rick and Morty succeed in bringing the Szechuan sauce back after all.

UPDATE: A McDonald’s corporate chef just tweeted that he will “see what he can do,” meaning that the Szechuan sauce could actually be returning to McDonald’s restaurants soon.