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The Curious Black Market Of Oddly-Shaped Cheetos

So, I Googled Cheetos the other day, as one normally does on a random Wednesday afternoon, and within my search, I was not expecting to stumble upon a $4,500 Cheeto on eBay.

The chip was shaped like Chester Cheetah, I got a good chuckle out of it, and was about to move on with my day, until I saw that there was also a Cheeto shaped like Chester playing baseball, selling for $2,700. After that I was led to a Cheeto shaped like Super Mario, and another shaped like a fox sniffing the ground.

Before I knew it, I was trapped in a wormhole of randomly-shaped Cheetos, selling for exorbitant prices you’d see for work at a contemporary art gallery.

Apparently, a strange black market for oddly-shaped Cheetos exists.

Does anybody buy these Cheetos? Doubtful, but the fact that there are pages upon pages of people attempting to sell these snacks for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, is insane.

As with most things in life, this Cheeto phenomena could probably be traced back to Harambe.

In February 2017, a year after we lost our dear sweet Harambe, an actual bidding war took place for a Harambe-shaped Cheeto.

The Cheeto’s resemblance was uncanny, and would make you think, ‘Is this really Harambe reincarnated into a cheesy snack?’

OK, maybe not, but the Cheeto was significant enough to garner 115 eBay bids, and a final bid of $99,900.

The Harambe Cheeto seller had a hard time actually getting hold of winning bidder, according to TMZ, but he did have 36 bidders that eBay snaked down until someone paid something.

If you see a Harambe Cheeto sell for damn near $100,000 you best believe someone’s going to try to be next in line for that type of eBay food hype.

Believe it or not, it took no more than two weeks for the next ridiculous random food bid to take place, as someone bought a McDonald’s Big Mac sauce bottle for $10,504.


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At the time, the bottle was a rarity with McDonald’s releasing a 10,000 bottle limited batch. Being extremely business savvy, the Big Mac sauce seller shipped the winning bidder a copy of his current mixtape, and planned to use the money to get rapper Young Thug to appear on his upcoming mixtape.

You can’t make this shit up.

Later that April, the eBay hype train hit again, this time with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

Before McDonald’s officially brought back its coveted Szechuan sauce, there was an underground scene of sellers selling the original sauces that released in the 90s.

The sauces returned to relevance after the Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty mentioned the sauce as part of a gag. They didn’t sell for quite as much as the great Harambe Cheeto, or the Big Mac sauce, though, mustering up a comparatively reasonable $199 bid at the time.

As we all know, McDonald’s later re-released the Mulan-inspired sauce, and while it slowly became more available to the public, at least that eBay bidder had one of the originals.

With all this rich recent history of making money selling ridiculous food items for thousands of dollars, we now see these hundreds of Cheetos, aimlessly floating in the eBay atmosphere, each hoping to be the next hit.

Will we ever see one hit the heights of Harambe? Who knows. Although there is a new Harambe Cheeto listed at $2,500. There are even 26 people watching it, granted it’s probably half the Buzzfeed staff waiting for it to sell so they can write seven two-paragraph articles, and post two quizzes titled something like, “Which Harambe-shaped food are you?”

Regardless if any of the oddly-shaped Cheetos sell or not, we can admire the entrepreneurial spirit and the imagination to see these shapes within their metallic polypropylene chip bags.

I’d punch you right now if I could.
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Are McDonald’s Employees Creating A Szechuan Sauce Black Market?

McDonald’s recently dropped their latest round of viral Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce. They may already be facing an issue with the supply, however, as it’s possible some employees are keeping packets to themselves in attempts to re-sell, theoretically trying to create a Szechuan Sauce black market.

On eBay, as the above Twitter user pointed out, multiple people have begun selling whole cases of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for varying prices. Each of the postings shows 250 packets of the “Mulan McNuggets Sauce” in an officially labeled box. While it’s not confirmed whether any of the sellers are actual McDonald’s employees, it’s possible they could be utilizing the promotion to turn a quick profit.

In the official promotion, the sauce packets come free with any qualifying purchase. In the eBay postings, however, folks are looking to get as much as $4 for each sauce sachet, with one case going on sale for $1000.

The alarming number of whole cases popping up online does raise the possibility of a Szechuan sauce black market. However, many customers have been able to obtain tons of extra packets of sauce. While some were able to obtain a couple of packets upon purchase, people have asked for anywhere from thirty to sixty packets and gotten their requests granted. That shows that even if employees are selling the sauce by the caseload on eBay, it does seem that there’s plenty to go around this time.

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McDonald’s Notorious Szechuan Sauce Returns To All Locations Nationwide

The legacy of McDonald’s “Mulan McNuggets Sauce” extends another chapter, as the infamous Szechuan Sauce returns for yet another limited drop.

szechuan sauce returns

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

To make up for the fact that the sauce’s last miniscule release resulted in riots over availability, the golden-arched giant will be sending out a hefty amount of the condiment to all of their locations nationwide. The announcement was made via a podcast surrounding the Szechuan Sauce controversy. In total, 20 million sauce packets will be available for distribution starting Feb. 26 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once those packets are gone, that’s all the Szechuan we’ll be getting… for now.

Obtaining the sauce won’t be too hard, as you simply need to make a “qualifying purchase” to get the Szechuan Sauce on the side, according to a press release. What that “qualifying purchase” is may vary by location. Buttermilk Crispy Tenders are the item of choice, but you may want to check to see if McNuggets, Big Macs, or egg-stuffed McChickens also count towards your free Szechuan Sauce.

Fans have been clamoring for more of this sauce with each tiny amount that McDonald’s has given away in the past. Renowned DJ Deadmau5, for example, paid $15,000 to get his hands on a bottle, and packets of it sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Between that and the onslaught of chaos from the last drop, it’s clear that there is a high demand for the Rick & Morty-inspired sauce.

Will this be the last time Szechuan Sauce returns, though? A McDonald’s representative has been unable to confirm as of now, saying that the chain is “always evaluating the national menu and bringing customers the delicious menu items they crave.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if that means another Szechuan Sauce drop will happen after this one.

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McDonald’s Apologizes For Limited Szechuan Release, Is Bringing It Back Due To Public Outcry

Chances are you didn’t get to try McDonald’s Szechuan sauce this past weekend, as the fast food restaurant decided to do a limited edition release for the popular condiment similar to a rare sneaker drop, leaving many fans upset.

Thankfully, the fast food giant immediately announced it felt bad that it was so limited and would be releasing another batch this winter.

The Szechuan sauce was only made available in a limited amount of stores across the country, and even then, they only gave out between 20-40 per store, causing dramatic fans to literally protest.

After an aggressive outcry from Rick and Morty fans, who are the reason McDonald’s brought it back in the first place, the Golden Arches has decided to make it more accessible this time around, saying:

“We’re bringing more—a lot more—so that any fan who’s willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald’s.”

That statement sounds like they’re getting rid of the “limited” factor of the sauce in hopes that all fans can try it this time around. We probably shouldn’t expect it to be permanent menu item, but at least it will be more readily available.

In an interview with Foodbeast, McDonald’s Chef Mike Haracz said there were no initial plans to have a full release of the Szechuan dip, but the public outcry from sad Rick and Morty fans has clearly forced their hand.

You can’t really blame McDonald’s for hyping up the limited release and leaving people wanting more, but it’s a nugget sauce, not a pair of Jordans. It’s nice that they’re actually going to makes things right after such a negative response from customers, though.

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Folks Outraged Over Super Limited Release Of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Fans were eagerly awaiting a “really, really limited release” of McDonald’s coveted Szechuan Sauce at over 600 locations this weekend. However, the Szechuan sauce release backfired, as multiple locations that were supposed to have the sauce didn’t, and several had a very limited number of packets to give away. Thus, many fans protested outside of their local franchises and took to Twitter to lob complaints at how McDonald’s handled the release.

Several locations either didn’t receive their sauce, didn’t know about the promotion, or ran out quickly despite loads of people coming out for the sauce. People weren’t happy as a result, but at a couple of locations, folks were annoyed enough to force cops to show up.

Police were even called to one location where over 1000 people showed up to get the sauce, but only 70 packets were available. Twitter user Ian Sikes reports that customers there even jumped the counter and grabbed handfuls of the sauce for themselves.

Of course, those who weren’t as invested in the sauce got a great laugh out of McDonald’s snafu with the dip. Wendy’s, for example, took an absolutely savage shot at their golden-arched rival:

Before the weekend began, Foodbeast had a chance to speak to McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz. He spoke on the challenges of bringing the Szechuan Sauce back to life and how the company would approach the sauce going forward, both of which are insightful considering how the release went this weekend.

Describing reviving the sauce itself as a “challenge,” Chef Haracz told Foodbeast that it took “a lot of people to get this done.”

“We wanted to make sure that it was THE exact sauce the people were expecting. We wanted to make sure that we had everything internally to give the people what they want. We have people here at McDonald’s who have been here for a long time and know what it tastes like. When you’re a restaurant of our scale, it takes a lot of people to get this done. But I think it rolled out like clockwork.”

As for whether the sauce would return itself, McDonald’s has already promised a larger scale national launch sometime this winter to appease angry fans. Other than that, though, Chef Haracz indicated that there weren’t other plans going forward.

Despite the Szechuan Sauce originally coming out for the original Mulan movie in 1998, it appears that as of right now, McDonald’s won’t release it again for the live version of the movie. “There’s actually no association to the live Mulan movie that’s coming out,” Chef Haracz told Foodbeast. “This is purely based off of consumers wanting it and the Rick & Morty show. But we have no plans to associate with the movie at all.”

For now, at least, it seems that the additional winter release may be the last we see of the Szechuan sauce. Hopefully, McDonald’s is able to appease Rick & Morty fans with this launch, as it may be the last time they will get a chance to taste it.

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A List Of Every Single McDonald’s Carrying The Szechuan Sauce Today

If you watched Rick and Morty and got super hyped that McDonald’s decided to bring back its old Szechuan dipping sauce, you’re probably dying to find out where to get it this October 7.

Unfortunately, not every McDonald’s will have it, and some entire states will be left in the cold, but there are still quite a few places to get your fix.

It seems there are limited quantities, with stores only carrying 20-40 packets, but give it a shot, or wait for them to pop up on eBay.

So check out all of the locations below and good luck:


Florence: 1155 N. Woods Ave, 35632

McCalla: 4796 Eastern Valley Road, 35111

Mobile: 5601 Old Shell Rd, 36608-3040


No Alaska store will have it.


Flagstaff: 1401 S Milton, 86001

Tempe: Two locations! 1785 E University, 85281 and 1205 S Rural Rd, 85281

Tucson: 1711 E Speedway, 85719


Little Rock: 104 South University, 72205


Bakersfield: 2699 Mount Vernon Ave, 93306

Bellflower: 8507 Artesia Blvd., 90706

Berkeley: 1998 Shattuck Ave., 94704

Sacramento: 7800 Walerga Rd., 95824

San Diego: 2345 El Cajon Blvd., 92104

San Francisco: 255 Winston Dr., 94132

San Jose: 2191 Monterey Rd., 95125

Santa Barbara: 1213 State Street, 93101


Boulder: 1800 28th St, 80301

Colorado Springs: 207 N Wahsatch Avenue, 80525

Fort Collins: 1250 W Elizabeth St, 80521


Norwich: 79 Towne Street, 6250


Newark: 374 E. Main St., 19711

(Washington) D.C.

4130 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., 20016


Coral Gables: 1148 S Dixie Hwy., 33141

Davie: 6405 Nova Drive, 33317

Deland: 102 Internat’l Speedway Blvd., 32724

Gainesville: 1030 E University Avenue, 32601

Miami: 9850 Sw 8th St., 33174

Miami: 345 Ne 2 Ave., 33132

Orlando: 4294 N Alafaya Trail, 32817

St. Petersburg: 300 38th Avenue North, 33704

Tallahassee: 676 W Tennessee Street, 32304

Tampa: 2101 E. 13th Ave., 33605

Tampa: 1520 W. Kennedy Blvd., 33606

Tampa: 11707 N. 56th Street, 33617

Winter Park: 3162 University Boulevard, 32792

Winter Park: 1302 W. Fairbanks Ave., 32789


Athens: 2230 W Broad St, 30606

Atlanta: 1105 Northside Dr, 30318

Atlanta: 526 Ponce De Leon Blvd, 30308

Atlanta: 2210 N. Druid Hills Road, 30329

Savannah: 246 W. Broughton St, 31401


No Hawaii stores will have it.


No Idaho stores will have it.


Chicago: 2400 N. Lincoln Ave, 60614

Chicago: 1951 N. Western Avenue, 60647

Chicago: 180 W. Adams Street, 60603

Chicago: 5200 S. Lake Park, 60615

Evanston: 1117 Howard St, 60202

Forsyth: 109 Lucille Ave, 62535

Herrin: 1706 South Park Avenue, 62948


Bloomington: 2300 N. Walnut Street, 47404

Indianpolis: 1020 Broad Ripple Ave., 46220

South Bend: 416 N. Michigan St., 46613


Iowa City: 804 S. Riverside Dr., 52246


Kansas City: 7530 State Ave., 66112


Beaverdam: 1860 North Main Street, 42320

Lexington: 357 S. Limestone Avenue, 40508

Louisville: 301 Warnock Ave, 40208


Baton Rouge: 4979 Jones Creek Rd, 70817-1530

Gonzalez: 1939 W. Hwy. 30, 70737-5112

New Orleans: 3443 S Carrollton, 70118

New Orleans: 2856 South Claiborne, 70125-3932

Shreveport: 1302 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy, 71105-2408


No Maine Stores will have it.


Baltimore: 934 York Road, 21204

Salisbury: 407 N. Fruitland Blvd., 21826


Boston: 540 Commonweath Avenue, 2215

Holyoke: 233 Whiting Farms Road, 1040


Alpena: 1424 M-32 West, 49707

Ann Arbor: 3001 Lohr Rd., 48108

Detroit: 4235 Woodward Ave., 48201

East Lansing: 1024 E Grand River Ave., 48823

Flint: 1831 S Dort Hwy, 48504

Saginaw: 2930 Tittabawassee Rd., 48604

Traverse City: 710 E Front St, 49686

Walker: 2652 S. Alpine Ave., 49504


Minneapolis: 407 15th Ave. S.E., 55414

Minneapolis: 2929 Hennipen Ave., 55408


No Mississippi stores will have it.


Grandview: 5100 Harry Truman Drive, 64030

Kansas City: 5353 Nw 64th St,, 64151

Kansas City: 4215 Rainbow Blvd., 66103

Kansas City: 1200 Emanuel Cleaver Blvd., 64110

Marshall: 816 W. College Street, 65340

Maryville: 1106 S. Main Street, 64468-2602

Warrensburg: 311 E. Young Street, 64093


No Montana stores will have it.


Lincoln: 2140 K St., 68510

Omaha: 7717 Doge St., 68114


Las Vegas: 4855 S Maryland Pkwy, 89119

Las Vegas: 2896 South Las Vegas Blvd, 89109

Reno: 305 E Plumb Ln., 89502

New Hampshire

Manchester: 196 South Willow Street, 3103

New Jersey

Camden: Haddon Ave And Federal St., 8103

Newark: 188 Springfield Ave, 7103

Paterson: 186-194 3rd Avenue, 7514

New Mexico

Albuquerque: 925 San Pedro Dr Ne, 87108

Albuquerque: 2200 Central Ave Se, 87106

Rio Rancho: 2109 Southern Blvd. Se, 87124

New York

Buffalo: 3400 Sheridan Drive, 14266

Long Island City: 32-55 31st Street, 11106

New York: 541 6th Ave. & 14th St., 10011

New York: 4040 Broadway & 170Th Street, 10032

New York: 1872 3Rd Ave. @103Rd Street, 10029

New York: 809-811 6th Ave. @ 28th, 10001

New York: 556 7th Ave. & 40Th, 10018

New York: 262 Canal Street, 10013

New York: 160 Broadway, 10038

New York: 26 East 23rd Street, 10010

Orchard Park: 3232 Orchard Park Rd, 14227

Poughkeepsie: 729-31 Main Street, 12603

North Carolina

Charlotte: 8121 University City Blvd, 28213

Greensboro: 2241 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., 27406

Greenville: 310 E 10th St, 27858

Pembroke:801 W 3rd St, 28372

Raleigh: 3710 Western Blvd, 27606

Raleigh: 416 Oberlin Rd, 27610

North Dakota

Grand Forks: 4340 Gateway Dr., 58203


Ada: 132 South Main Street, 45810

Akron: 246 East Exchange, 44304

Athens: 399 Richland Aven, 45701

Bowling Green: 1470 E. Wooster Street, 43402-3260

Columbus: 1972 N. High Street, 43201-1165

Fairborn: 2853 Centre Drive, 45324

Oxford: 601 Locust Street, 45056-2111

Tiffin: 1714 W. State Route 18, 44883-2561

Youngstown: 570 5th Avenue, 44502-1241


No Oklahoma stores will have it.


Beaverton: 3519 Cedar Hills Blvd., 97005

Eugene: 659 E Broadway, 97403

Portland: 10050 Sw Barbur Blvd, 97219

Portland: 8149 Se Stark, 97215


Philadelphia: 3935 Walnut St., 19104

Philadelphia: 5020 City Ave., 19131

Philadelphia: 2109 N. Broad St., 19122

Pittsburgh: 1630 Penn Ave, 15222

Scranton: 900 S. Washington Ave., 18505

Shippensburg: 333 E. King St, 17257

State College: 2821 East College Ave, 16801

Rhode Island

Providence: 649 North Main Street, 3809

South Carolina

Charleston: 230 Spring St, 29403

Clemson: 1065 Tiger Blvd., 29631

South Dakota

No South Dakota stores will have it.


Chattanooga: 1117 E 3rd St, 37402

Collierville: 3675 S Houston Levee, 38017

Memphis: 5263 Poplar Ave., 38119-3513

Nashville: 2700 West End Avenue, 37203


Arlington: 800 W Pioneer Pkwy, 76013

Austin: 5355 N Interregional, 78723

Austin: 4501 E. Ben White Blvd, 78741

Dallas: 5960 Greenville Ave, 75206

Denton: 306 W University Dr, 76201

Fort Worth: 3012 Berry St, 76109

Houston: 1302 Westheimer, 77006

Houston: 9126 Cullen St, 77051

Houston: 4100 University Drive, 77004

Houston: 11825 Bellaire, 77083

Houston: 5512 Bellaire, 77081

San Antonio: 4331 Vance Jackson, 78230

San Antonio: 10950 Hwy 151, 78251


Provo: 211 W 1230 N, 84604

Salt Lake City: 242 S 700 E, 84102


None being sold in Vermont.


Arlington: 1800 North Lynn Street, 20009

Fairfax: 7600 Little River Turnpike, 22003

Norfolk: 2328 E Princess Anne Rd, 23504 (only 20 packets available here)

Richmond City: 2700 W. Broad St., 23220

Virginia Beach: 2097 General Booth Blvd, 23454 (only 20 packets available here)


Bellingham: 112 Samish Way, 98225

Federal Way: 34814 Pacific Hwy S, 98003

Seattle: 5146 25th Ave Ne, 98105

Vancouver: 405 Se 131st(Mill Plain), 98664

West Virginia

Morgantown: 2932 University Avenue, 26505


Beloit: 45 State Street, 53511

Madison: 4500 University Ave., 53706

Milwaukee: 1614 E North Ave, 53202

Milwaukee: 2455 W. Wisconsin Ave., 53233

Milwaukee: 6631 W. North Ave., 53213


Laramie: 3000 Grand Ave,, 82070-5105

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Watch Daym Drops Give His Spicy Take On McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

McDonald’s is dropping a limited release of their Szechuan Sauce this coming weekend, meaning that curious fans will finally get a chance to try the much hyped condiment out in stores. If you want to get an idea of what the sauce tastes like beforehand, YouTube fast food critic Daym Drops just dropped his spicy take on the Szechuan Sauce on his YouTube channel.

Daym got an early hookup on the condiment from McDonald’s and grabbed some McNuggets to dip into it and share his thoughts. Based on the video, Daym is clearly a fan of the new sauce, proclaiming it to be “the truth” at one point as he inhaled the McNuggets. His sharpest insight on this Mulan McNuggets Sauce is a comparison to “your local hood Chinese spot,” so if you frequent those restaurants, you’ll be able to get an inkling of what the sauce is like for yourself.

Peep the video above to get Daym’s full take on the returning condiment. If you’re inspired or skeptical of Daym’s feedback on the Szechuan Sauce, grab some when it drops to see if you’re down with it or not.

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For One Day Only, McDonald’s Is Putting Szechuan Sauce Back On The Menu

In a move that would make Rick Sanchez flip for joy, McDonald’s is putting Szechuan Sauce back on their menu for just one day only.

The “Mulan McNugget Sauce,” which has gained a cult following after being heavily referenced on the popular animated show Rick & Morty, is finally becoming available to more than just a few fans. To celebrate the return of their Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, McDonald’s is launching a saucy campaign that includes a variety of sauce-themed posters plus Szechuan Sauce’s long-awaited return.

However, not every location will be getting their hands on the Szechuan sauce to try. Just over 600 McDonald’s restaurants will have it available in limited quantities starting at 2 p.m. on October 7. Nearly every state is covered in the continental U.S. (sorry, Hawaii and Alaska), but a few states, like Montana and Vermont, will be missing out on the sauce as well.

If you live close enough to one of the 600-plus locations, and want to get a hold of this legendary sauce, make sure to head to McDonald’s on October 7th starting at 2 pm. The sauce is available on a first come, first serve basis, so you’ll have to act fast.

If you don’t get some, however, rest assured. You can always make your own version at home to make up for it.