Chicken ‘N Waffles Syrup for Your Chicken and Waffles

If the delicious marriage between fried chicken and waffles wasn’t awesome enough, Torani went ahead and condensed that savory, sweet-salty flavor combination into a syrup. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get this particular flavor in stores just yet, but it is available directly from their website.

I have absolutely no idea why this initially started out as an April Fool’s joke. This idea has so many applications beyond smothering your waffles! Torani even offers up some inventive recipes in which to utilize this new savory creation. Chicken and waffle cocktail anyone?

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“Chicken ‘N Waffles” Syrup and Why Torani Brand Ruined April Fools’ Day

Torani, you are a respected San Francisco based family-owned company that has produced flavoring syrups, sauces and blended drink bases for years. In fact, your history dates back to 1925, and some even credit your involvement in the creation of the ‘flavor latte.’

Fast forward to 2012, over 80 years later, you will now be credited with possibly ruining April Fools’ Day for the lot of us.

Or so it seems. Late in March, we caught wind that Torani brand might be launching a “Chicken ‘N Waffles” flavored syrup. Us being gullible quirky food newsaholics were giddy over the possible existence of such a flavor. Actually, in all honesty, the flavor didn’t sound that good, but the novelty factor of it was too interesting not to bring to public attention.

Sure enough, the flavor was fake. The gimmick was, Torani didn’t announce it was fake until this morning, which completely takes a piss on the unspoken April Fools’ Day etiquette of confining the antics to the 24-hour period of April 1st.

What makes the situation irritating is that when we did our fact checking on the product last month, we went straight to the source, the Torani website. Low and behold there was already a product page created for the syrup, a few lines of information, and a note that the product was launching in April.

When it comes from the source, that’s enough for us to make a post about it. It would be in poor taste for McDonald’s to announce bankruptcy on the 29th of March, and a few days later use April 1st to say “Just kidding about that bankruptcy thing!”

You Mad Foodbeast?

A little, yeah. You [Torani] are tampering with the awesomeness that is April Fools’ Day.

Imagine you had a cousin who calls you on March 27th, telling you that he found two brand new iPods, and he plans to give one to you when he sees you next week. Sure enough, on April 1st, your cousin comes to your house and says he has no iPod, it was an April Fools’ Day joke. Good joke, douche.

An April Fools’ Day joke that started in March? Punch your cousin in the face. You wanted an iPod. He told you, in the confines of trust that exist in the generally joyous month of March, that you would be able to listen to your classic Limp Bizkit tunes on a brand new iPod.

What did he give you? A lame April Fools’ Day joke.

It Gets Worse, I Now Have To Beg For an iPod/”Chicken ‘N Waffles” Syrup?

Not only was it a terrible “made-up flavor,” Torani’s Public Relations team apparently planned for it to be such an amazing PR move — such a ground breaking flavor — that they would hope people would CAMPAIGN for its creation. Here’s a look at the e-mail we got this morning:


What could have been a cool April Fools’ Joke was ruined by not launching it on the actual holiday. I love pranks. Pouring salt into the sugar canister at IHOP so my friends sip salty coffee? I do that!

Suddenly break up with my girlfriend in January, and then on April 1st, pop into her bedroom screaming “April Fools! I didn’t really break up with you back in January!” ? Nope, that doesn’t work very well.


Still Mad Foodbeast?

No, I’m good now. I guess I just needed to talk  about it with someone. Hell, maybe the Torani April Fools’ Day jokes was better than I thought?




Bacon Pancake Truffles

The days of cutting up pancakes, dousing them in maple syrup, and then chewing them all on your own, are over. Why go through all that effort when the food processor can mush all of it into one easily digestible (and tasty!) goo?

Of course, more effort is added in when you mix it with candied bacon (duh, I mean you’ve met me, right?), scoop it into balls, and coat it in chocolate. But those are the sacrifices you should be willing to make to experience this fabulous, not just for breakfast, truffle.

Bacon Pancake Truffles


  • Candied bacon (coated with brown sugar and cooked), crumbled
  • Pancakes made from your favorite recipe (Aunt Jemima’s “Just Add Water” mix works for me)
  • Your favorite pancake syrup (Aunt Jemima’s yet again)
  • White chocolate bark


  1. Crumble cooled pancakes in a food processor.
  2. Turn on the food processor and drizzle the syrup into the opening until the pancake crumbs adhere to each other. (See comments on the final ratio below).
  3. In a medium bowl, stir candied bacon into the pancake/syrup mix.
  4. Scoop into 2t balls and put in the fridge to set.
  5. Melt your chocolate, coat your truffles and return to the fridge to harden the coating.

I used 6 pancakes, 7 slices of bacon and about 1/3 to 1/2 cups of syrup. But I left my ratios out of the recipe because you should just do what works for you. If you like a drier pancake, use less syrup, if you are more of a “I’d like some pancake with my syrup, please” kind of guy/girl, use more. The same goes for the ratio of bacon to the pancake goo. (For those of you who would prefer to leave the bacon out all together, they are still really good without it).  Whatever ratio you land on, you definitely will be pleased with the results.


Apple Walnut Cake w/ Simple Syrup

Apple Walnut Cake, are you with it? Grated apples, chopped walnuts, instant wheat grits, homemade simple syrup. I can only imagine the near out-of-body experience correlated with gently breaking into this dessert with a warm fork, maybe a side of whipped cream if you’re into breaking your diet. Kate has the entire recipe on her blog for those of you who are more dooers than onlookers. Eat on!

Cravings Sweets

Fritos and Reese’s Cup Pancake

It just got very interesting… Fritos, Reese’s Cups and pancakes just unofficially joined forces to make this Fritos and Reese’s Cup Pancake! The mix of salty and sweet is definitely going to make your taste buds stand up when you take a bite out of this pancake! Maybe you can add some syrup or jelly for an extra kick if you’re feeling short on sugar! (Thx TheCerealBaker)


DRUNKBEAST: Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles X Wafeek Bottomless Beer III

Let’s start this off. Myself (@taylorcorner), Elie, Marc ( and Victor (@vyanie1184) all wanted to make a trip up to LA to hit up Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles. If you’ve never been to Roscoe’s you are really missing out on something unique and special. On the way we swung by our boy Rudy’s (@Rudeluv) warehouse party in collaboration with Wafeek. This was their third party in a series aptly named Bottomless Beer (III). Good friends, good drinks, good music; really what else could you ask for? Check after the jump for the massive gallery of our night!

Cravings Sweets

The All-In-Oner Breakfast

They say breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so you better clear some time for it! You can definitely have some time to eat with this all-in-one dish! French toast, meat, cheese, whipped cream and syrup all in one sandwich? (Thx IW)


Fool’s Gold Stack


Here we have what is being called a Fool’s Gold Stack. Pancakes layered between peanut butter and bacon and topped with maple syrup. (Thx Thisiswhyyou’refat)