IHOP Celebrates Year 56 with 56-Cent Pancakes


Who: IHOP Restaurant

What: Get a short stack of pancakes for 56 cents (about three pancakes).

Where: Any participating IHOP location.

When: July 8, 2014 from 7 am – 7 pm



How to Make Pancake-Wrapped Sausage on a Stick [VIDEO]


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Breakfast needs to be more portable. With that in mind, this is the breakfast corn dog. The beautiful amalgam of two breakfast staples and a novelty dish you can eat on a stick is one of the illest additions to the breakfast game since the invention of the breakfast burrito.

All you need is some sausage links and pancake mix. Fry up the sausages, adding a tablespoon of water right as all the edges brown to ensure the insides cook evenly. Dab your sausages so they don’t get too greasy. Get the pancake batter ready, either made from scratch like the video or pre-made. Skewer the sausages with popsicle sticks and dip them evenly into the batter. Get your oil ready and deep-fry them for about 45 seconds so they brown on both sides.


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The most important .gif of coffee caramelized croissant french toast sticks, ever

Syrup on pancakes

Corned Beef Hash Hot Dog in a Maple Syrup-drenched French Toast Bun


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Skull-Shaped Pancake Molds Make Death Delicious


Wish to include a little DEATH into your morning diet? This new skull-shaped pancake mold (brought to us by Williams-Sonoma) lets you start every morning with the subtle reminder that you are gonna die some day! Hooray! Totally joking.

On a happier note, these skulls are adorable and fitting for the Halloween season. Upon seeing these spooky molds, my consumer “MUST BUY” impulse was triggered. Unfortunately, they’re all sold out at the moment, but you can enjoy them vicariously through these pictures as you stare longingly at your non-skull shaped pancakes.



H/T Incredible Things + PicThx Williams-Sonoma

Fast Food

KFC UK Has Kream Balls Filled with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce


Gotta hand it to KFC, the fast food chain knows how to feed our inner glutton by offering the masses unnecessary inventions like KFC Go Cups and now, Kream Balls. The on-the-go plastic pods are designed to make eating ice cream not only convenient but less messy (see: less fun).

The Kream Balls are available in three different variations, including vanilla soft serve with caramel drizzle and macadamia nut, chocolate drizzle and crumbled chocolate biscotti, or strawberry drizzle and cherry crumble.

Unfortunately, it looks like the first world novelties to-go are only available in the United Kingdom and India. Until these icy treats make their way to the US, tease your taste buds with these Instagram snaps.


‘Like’ This Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream


Yes, Facebook-flavored ice cream exists. No, it doesn’t taste like narcissism and tears.

After noticing that his 15-year-old daughter was spending a lot of time on Facebook, ice-cream maker Admir Adili was inspired to create “Facebook-flavored” ice cream. Admir brought his idea to fruition by pouring blue syrup over vanilla  ice-cream and slapping on a kitschy sign featuring the Facebook logo.


Together with his brother, Ibi Adili, the pair began selling the new flavor out of their ice cream shop in Tisnom, located on Croatia’s Murter island. The cold treat proved to be a big hit with tourists this summer, although customers were probably digging the novelty of the item, rather than it’s “chewing gum and candy” taste.

While the Adili brothers have yet to ask Mark Zuckerberg for permission to use the Facebook name and logo, Admir assures that “if he calls, I’ll ask him.”

H/T + PicThx Oddity Central


Waffle Made of Cheese is A Breakfast Behemoth


He brought us the 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, then followed it up with the Breadless Bacon Double Cheeseburger. At this point, are you really surprised that Nick at Dude Foods would have the audacity to roll out with Bread Cheese Waffles? Well, he has and once again, it’s a glorious discord of food indulgent enough to satiate even the most beastly of appetites.

The Bread Cheese Waffle brings back one of Nick’s favorite go-to items — bread cheese, or “Juustoleipä” as its known in Sweden and Northern Finland. The cheese is baked, causing the sugars on the outside to caramelize and create a sweet brown crust. For the recipe, Nick uses cheese from Brunkow and Carr Valley. He then chops them up into squares, pops them into a waffle iron and 45 seconds later, low and behold, Bread Cheese waffles. Don’t forget to add copious amounts of maple syrup  to your caramelized cheese waffle and make sure you’re not doing anything for the next few hours. You’re definitely going to KO after taking on this breakfast behemoth.

H/T + PicThx Dude Foods