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A Half Kangaroo, Half Emu Pizza Is A Unique and Delicious Reality In Australia

I’ve tried many flavors of pizza in my life, even ones with toppings from all over the world. Because pizza is such a vesatile medium for countries and cultures to put their flavors onto a slice, I don’t think there will ever be a day where we try every pizza this planet to offer… and that’s a wonderful thing.

Take this half emu, half kangaroo pizza for example.

Called the Coat of Arms Pizza, the pie is a 50/50 tribute to the two iconic animals of Australia and can be found at the Austrian Heritage Hotel in Sydney.

One half is topped with kangaroo steak and capsicum peppers. The other half is topped with marinated emu meat and juicy whole bush tomatoes. Once out of the oven, the Coat of Arms Pizza is finished with a drizzle of lemon myrtle mayo, a native ingredient to Australia.

Together, the two meats form one formidable pizza pie that attracts both tourists and locals alike.

Reuben Mourad, our Foodbeast correspondent on the other side of the world, says the pie packs the flavor of the lean meats while being able to stay juicy throughout.

Pizza aficionados, you may want to put this on your bucket list.

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Finalists Chosen To Travel The World For Whisky In What May Be The Coolest Job Ever

Earlier this summer, Grant Whisky invited three final candidates to travel the world with a suitcase full of whisky on a 10-day journey as part of The Greatest Job Interview in the World. Their journeys echoed the legendary trip undertaken in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, son-in-law of company founder William Grant.

The brand received almost 5,000 applications from candidates in 103 countries. Applicants were initially narrowed down to 20 who were flown from 13 countries to attend “The Mixer” event in Dufftown, Scotland, the brand’s spiritual home. After a series of challenges, three finalists — Amy, a Physical Education teacher living in Madrid; Danny, a whisky barman from Edinburgh; and Linda, a radio presenter from Johannesburg — were then each sent to three different worldwide destinations to “live the job” for ten days.

Between them, the finalists covered more than 51,000 miles, visiting 15 cities in nine countries across five continents, undertaking 20 international flights. They Segway’d around Tel Aviv, tuk-tuk’d across Mumbai, rickshawed across Taipei and soared by seaplane over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Amy mixed cocktails in Krakow while Daniel led tastings in Taipei, and Linda DJ’d in Colombia. Their ultimate goal was to bring to life the brand’s motto, “Stand Together.”

The successful candidate will travel to many more countries in 2018 to spearhead a series of special events.


Of course, there can only be one, as the new Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador will be revealed next Thursday (Nov. 30th) on Grant’s official Instagram and Facebook channels.


McDonald’s Quietly Opened a Cafe with Healthier Options, No Big Macs


It’s called “The Corner.”

Upon first glance, no one would put together that this low-key health food establishment could ever be tied to the fast food empire of McDonald’s. It doesn’t incorporate bright, primary colors or a terrifying mascot, and lacks french fries. Yet, apparently McDonald’s has indeed launched a health food cafe.

Located in Sydney, Australia, The Corner is far from a fast food burger joint. In fact, the newly opened eatery serves items like lentils, pulled pork, Moroccan chicken, tomato basil soup, coffee and craft sodas. It appears they’re going for a more natural, fast-casual approach.

While The Corner does carry burgers, you can probably expect them to taste a bit different than their McDonald’s counterparts.

No word yet on whether the US will see a similar store opening anytime soon.

h/t Consumerist


Don’t Worry, These Adorable Pork Bun Piggies Won’t Squeal When You Bite Them


I imagine these pig-shaped pork buns are only difficult to eat until you’ve taken the first bite, averting your eyes to avoid the pleading gaze of these little guys. Can’t you just hear them, all steamy and sad, crying at you? “No, don’t eat me! I’m like Wilber, via Charlotte’s Web! I am Babe! I am Gordy!” (Other people watched Gordy, right?)

And then you eat them anyway, and it’s like, “LOL never mind.”

Of course, Redditor Poptarter who posted these pork piglets online says they’re available at Chef’s Gallery, Town Hall. In Sydney, Australia.

Dang, really bro? Australia, bro?

H/T reddit + PicThx imgur