El Pollo Loco: FREE Small Premium Side w/ Drink Purchase

For those of you curious on trying the recently revealed El Pollo Loco Premium Side Dishes, the chain is offering up a printable coupon to acquire any of the three new dishes for free with the purchase of a drink. The offer extends until April 25, 2011, with a limit of one coupon per customer, per transaction, per visit, at participating locations. For those looking for a light meal, a drink and some Sweet Potato Fries doesn’t sound too shabby. Enjoy!

Fast Food

El Pollo Loco Reveals Sweet Potato Fries As Part of 3 New Side Dishes

This week sees the addition of three new premium side dishes to El Pollo Loco‘s menu, highlighted by the addition of Sweet Potato Fries, along with Sweet Corn Cake and spicy Flame-Grilled Corn. The sides come in small and large varieties, with prices at $1.79 and $3.99 respectively. The Flame-Grilled Corn is described as a “fresh sweet corn off the cob,” fire-roasted and seasoned with chipotle and a squeeze of lime. The new Sweet Potato Fries come prepared from seasonally harvested sweet potatoes and lightly coated. The last addition to their new host of sides is the Sweet Corn Cake, explained as “a delicately sweet melt-in-your-mouth corn cake with additional bits of corn baked in.”


The Counter: Custom Built Burgers (Irvine, CA)

A few weeks ago Victor (VYaniePhoto) and I were cruisin’ around in Irvine, and I mentioned to him about The Counter, a place he had never experienced. In typical Victor Yanie manner, he went all out and ordered their one pound burger. Basically this burger could feed a small African village, but that’s how Vic rolls, Foodbeast to the core. If you haven’t ever been to The Counter, you really should go because it’s quite awesome and the food quality is amazing. Check the rest of our trip after the jump.

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Hopmonk Tavern: Sebastopol, CA


A few weeks back I made a trip up to northern California to visit my uncle and cousins, for one of their high school graduations. Sebastopol is a small little hippy town full of long beards and indians, and clearly some amazing places to eat. Hopmonk is a tavern, bar, beer garden, and a dance club and after a long day it was the perfect place to eat and drink. Check the pictures after the jump:


Craving: Mork's DORK from ORK


What we’re looking at is a half pound of mouthwatering DORK (Duck + Pork), mounds of Cheddar cheese, 7 pieces of Maple bacon, Sauteed Onions, Zillion Island Sauce all on an organic Essential Baking Company kaiser roll with a side of Sweet Potato Fries. I’m starving. (PicThx PourYourHeartIntoIt)