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Taco Bell Opens Their Online Taco Shop For Holiday Swag


With the holidays getting closer and closer, you’re probably starting to sweat about what to get your loved ones almost as much as you would after drowning a Crunchwrap in Taco Bell’s Diablo salsa.

Knowing that we’re probably going to be in a bind regarding gifts, the fast food chain has now opened up their Taco Shop to fans and patrons who are looking to get some pretty sweet Taco Bell swag for their friends and family.

Items from the online store include Taco Bell gift cards, vintage sweatshirts, cellphone cases, hot sauce beach towels, and t-shirts.

Taco Bell’s merch are sorted into a $5, $10, and $25 dollar price range, in case you wanted to put a monetary value on your friendships.

Check out the Taco Shop for ideas on what to get your closest compadres this holiday. We’re gonna try to get our hands on one of those sweet vintage sweaters.


Denny’s Is Selling Bacon Scarfs And Breakfast Skateboards


National American diner chain Denny’s is selling more than just breakfast dishes. The company recently announced they will be offering breakfast-related apparel customers can purchase. Imagine rolling into work dressed like a grand slam.

The new items include a bacon scarf, coffee mugs, skateboard decks, egg hoodies and shirts and coffee-scented candles.

Called the Breakfast Stuff Network, fans of the morning meal can buy any of the 12 breakfast-themed items the restaurant offers.

The website also posted an infomercial parody where customers can actually text the items they’re interested in and get a free item. The diner chain quickly ran out, promising to restock as soon as possible.

Denny’s sent over a few select items from their online store, and since Rudy was the first one at the office, he got dibs.


Picnic Backpack Guarantees First Date Success


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about damn time we stepped our first date game up. Dinner at your go-to Italian restaurant isn’t going to make her swoon and watching Fast and the Furious 273 isn’t going to make him tumble head over heels.

No, it’s time to take things to the next level with the Picnic Backpack.

The canvas pack comes decked out with plates, goblets, utensils, cloth napkins, and a cozy blanket for you and your date to cuddle under. There’s a detachable wine cooler on the side for pinot noir or some bubbly, plus a large insulated compartment to keep your food cool.

Of course, the impressive part comes in the attention to detail, as the backpack also includes salt and pepper shakers, a wooden cutting board and a corkscrew (which you know how elusive those can be).

So, next time you’re trying to impress, invite your date to a modern-day picnic. Break out the wine and cheese plates, then follow it up with a steak dinner while soaking in Mother Nature. Might as well do it proper the first time around.


As you can see, we got ours personalized. Swag.






Picnic Backpack, $80 @Red Envelope


Shut Up and Take My Money! Banana iPhone Case Exists


Is that a banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? Oh… wait.

If you just happen to be in Japan, keep an eye out for this awesome iPhone swag. Sadly, it appears to be only for the iPhone 5 model. But all the more reason to upgrade, right?


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