Good Enough to Eat: Wrap Your Baby in a Tortilla Swaddle Blankie

Baby Tortilla

Though I’m no parent, I’m sure a major concern during the winter season is making sure your baby is warm enough. So what better way to do that foodie style than to wrap your infant up in a tortilla to keep the heat. After all, no one likes a cold burrito.

Made with 50% polymer and 50% cotton, the 40-inch swaddle comes with a matching knot hat. So definitely not edible. The swaddle and hat combo comes in “flour” color. It even comes in a bag similar to the tortilla packages they sell in stores, complete with a 4-step recipe on how to wrap your burrito baby. Just made sure to hold the rice and beans.

Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket & Knot Hat,$48 @Bon Vivant Baby