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This Upcoming Documentary Wants to Save Our World’s Food Supply

Let’s face it, America, we all know that there are problems and issues when it comes to the production of our food — whether its antibiotics, additives, sanitary conditions, quality of life, pesticides, or any of the other issues that are of concern when it comes to our food, be it produce or livestock.

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If we continue to grow crops, raise livestock, and eat the way we do, we’re likely to use up the global food and fertile soil supplies by 2050. That means that within the next 35 years, we will lose the ability to adequately feed the entire planet.

One documentary wants to inspire us and our farmers to change the way we eat, grow, and produce our food.

This new documentary, called Sustainable, aims to alter our agricultural practices before irreversible damage is done. It calls for changes in how we use our soil and plant our crops, how we can conserve necessary water to grow enough food to feed everyone, and addresses other major topics like climate change and pesticide use.

Sustainable accomplishes this by telling the story of Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer who has pioneered Chicago’s sustainable food movement after “big ag” (Monsanto) ruined his land and the community around him through industrial farming practices. By switching to sustainable farming practices, he was able to revitalize his farm and restore his family’s legacy for his son to continue.

Of course, the issues of farming extend well beyond those of a single farm. Across the world, we are firsthand seeing what our food desires are doing to our climate and soil. Land consistently used to grow cash crops like corn, soy, and wheat are becoming nutrient-starved. Cattle are forced into poor living and sanitary conditions that lead to higher incidences of E.coli and other food-borne pathogen outbreaks. Fresh water for livestock, crops, and humans is seriously depleted every year to raise water-heavy crops and livestock at industrial scales.

It’s great to see an organized movement begin, because to ensure a secure future of food, it’s going to take a massive global effort, and one that Sustainable aims to inspire and launch through their film.

The film will officially be released to the public on VHX February 1st, and later available for purchase on Amazon Video mid-month. iTunes will also start carrying the film in April or May. Screenings of the film are also being organized across the country for a viewing and open discussion of the film.

Hopefully, this documentary is able to accomplish its goal and renew a movement to shape the way our food is grown. The future of our food supply — and the world — depends on their ability to do so.