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Watch This Piece Of Sushi Suddenly Come To Life, Shocking Diners

One of our biggest fears eating raw food from a restaurant is that it’s so raw, there’s life left inside. Ever since we saw that footage of an eel coming to life, we now have to take a beat when we’re about to go in on some “fresh” seafood.

Imagine the surprise of these diners when they discovered their sushi was still alive.

SoraNews reports that patrons of a Sushiro, a conveyor belt sushi location in Japan, were shocked to find that one of their pieces of hokkigai (surf clam) sushi was still wiggling around. You can see in here in the video exactly how fresh their food was.


What’s ironic is this particular chain is known for their inexpensive sushi — leading customers to occasionally complain about the quality of the seafood.

The viral video garnered more than four million views, sparking up a discussion on whether the food was actually fresh or if the movement was simply a failure to follow proper sushi preparation techniques resulting in reactions from surviving nerves.

Now, unless you’re Marc Singer’s The Beastmaster, there really isn’t any way to tell for sure. The diner who posted the video did, however, eat the sushi and claimed it was delicious. Bold move.

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These New Exclusive Sneakers Are Perfect For The Sushi Obsessed

Rap legend Bun B is a man of many interests. From being a hip-hop legend and copping the freshest sneakers to his hometown of Houston and delicious food, he really does it all. So, it’s no surprise that he’s combined his loves for his latest collabo — sushi-inspired sneakers.

Bun and his partner Premium Pete, the creators of the food community, have teamed with Ewing Athletics to create the EWING 33 HI x YouGottaEatThis! (Sushi).

The shoes’ upper sports a salmon suede along with an embossed You Gotta Eat This logo tongue. The strap tab is inspired by wooden chopsticks while the green wasabi sock liner sits on a white rice inspired outsole.

The kicks, priced at $140, were launched in limited release this past Sunday (Dec. 2) at Houston’s Htown Sneaker Summit. Next month, the sneakers will be released via select stores or online at

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Reporter Claims That Microwaving Store-Bought Sushi Makes It Restaurant Quality

For sushi fanatics, a package of cold, pre-made nigiri or rolls from the grocery store can be a travesty to consume. The lifeless grains of rice are dense and somewhat chalky, and the fish loses flavor as it stiffens from its frigid surroundings. However, one reporter from SoraNews24 claims to have a solution to give the meal new life, and it involves microwaving store-bought sushi.

microwaving store-bought sushi

As unconventional and sacrilegious as it may seem to some to cook nigiri, a reporter known only as “Meg” claims that it can transform grocery-sourced rolls into a restaurant quality meal. The trick is to set your microwave down to 500 watts (the lowest power setting possible) and blast the sushi for 30 seconds for a two-person store-bought sushi dinner. Apparently, that’s enough for every component, from the rice to the toppings, to revert back to their original freshness.

Meg describes the rolls as “glistening and moist,” while the slightly warmed rice went from cold and hard to fluffy and tender. As for the fish, it too regained the vitality and flavor that refrigerated conditions had sapped out of it. Overall, Meg felt that the sushi’s taste and texture was “truly out of the supermarket and competing with the likes of good quality servings you’d find at any Japanese sushi train restaurant.”

The method may be completely unorthodox, but if it really can resurrect supermarket sushi, it’s definitely worth trying at least once.

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Watch These Guys Attempt A Human Sushi Roll

The dudes from Good Mythical Morning are no stranger to fantastic food experiments. Their human nacho challenge is a cheesy example that they have no trouble covering each other in food for the entertainment of millions of fans.

In one of their most recent videos, the fellas decide to turn Link into a human roll of sushi.

As the co-host strips down to his underwear, Rhett covers his partner in all the essential ingredients that go inside a sushi roll as well as complimentary condiments. The foods dumped on Link’s human sushi roll includes rice, cucumbers, avocados, wasabi, ginger, spicy mayo, crab meat, soy sauce, all while he lays on top a customized nori bed.

They then proceed to roll Link, and all the ingredients, together into a sushi roll. Needless to say, it looked extremely painful. Check out the video to see the painstaking process behind a human sushi roll.

Dunno why, but despite this video, I’m really craving some sushi.

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California Rolls Are Actually From Canada And Our Minds Are Blown

Back in 1971, sushi wasn’t popular at all here in North America. Consumers weren’t quite ready yet to fully dive into a meal consisting of raw fish and seaweed. Vancouver sushi chef Hidekazu Tojo realized this, and developed a sushi roll that’s become the most recognized roll in Canadian and American sushi restaurants today: California Rolls.

Chef Tojo made the California Roll as a way to hide the seaweed that normally was on the outside of traditional sushi rolls and draw more people to eat his food. Great Big Story reports that he did get some backlash in Japan for the new method. However, it resonated well with Canadian consumers, especially when Chef Tojo began incorporating ingredients more suitable to North American tastebuds.

By making a sushi roll out of cooked crab (or surimi, an imitation crab product made out of fish), cucumber, and avocado, Chef Tojo helped turn a lot of people on to eating sushi. His creation was initially called the Inside-Out Roll, but allegedly gained its California Roll name after becoming extremely popular with Los Angeles tourists that dined at his Vancouver restaurant.

california rolls

Photo: Jim G on Wikimedia Commons

The California Roll quickly became a gateway for those foreign to Japan to try and fall in love with sushi. For his work, Chef Tojo was named a goodwill ambassador to Japanese cuisine last year by Japan’s ministry of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

If it weren’t for Chef Tojo, we may not just have the California Roll, we may not also have the plethora of sushi and Japanese food options available to us today, as it may have never gotten off the ground. Thus, we have this Canadian sushi chef to thank for his contributions to Japanese cuisine’s popularity, and for his delicious California Rolls.

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Wokcano’s Monkey Brain Sushi Roll Is Truly Insane

In a society driven by innovation, not even food is safe. So, it’s easy to see how the brilliant culinary minds at Wokcano, who have been serving Asian-inspired cuisine in Southern California since 2009, have used their collective gastronomic intelligence to dream up their latest item — The Monkey Brain.  

While Wokcano’s newest menu item isn’t exactly what it sounds like, the concept behind the naming convention seems to fit the primary characteristics. Named after its visual presentation, Wokcano’s Monkey Brain contains sliced avocado, crab meat, and spicy tuna, fried in tempura batter, and topped with a spicy eel sauce.

While its name might turn a few heads — the Monkey Brain can only be found at Wokcano at MainPlace Mall.

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

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Watch This Guy Masterfully Craft Sushi For His Cats

How do you like to pamper your cats on special days? If you’re short on ideas, we’ve found a new way to spoil your pet that’ll make it think it’s on Cloud Nine: sushi made especially for cats.

YouTuber Jun’s Kitchen shows in the above video exactly how to craft this feline food masterpiece. Utilizing a variety of proteins like tuna and some masterful knife skills, Jun creates some nigiri-shaped pieces of sushi that are easily edible for his cats. How the cats react to getting this flavorsome treat will make you laugh and cry from the high levels of adorable.

Now, if you’re going to replicate this at home, a word of caution must be put in. Tuna is one of those foods that isn’t as good for your cats since it doesn’t contain the nutrients they need. So be sure to follow what Jun did and incorporate a variety of meats and nutrients to ensure that your cat’s five-star meal is also nutritious.

It may seem like a lot of work to put in for cat food, but if you’re gonna go all out with the special treatment, this is the way to do it.

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Irish People Try Sushi For The First Time [WATCH]

The first time we tried sushi, many many years ago, we were pretty nervous about the idea of eating raw fish. Since that first experience, we’ve fallen in love with the iconic Japanese dish.

Over at Facts, the production company dug around and found six people who have yet to experience the bliss that comes from raw fish and vinegared rice.

Popular sushi items include Rainbow Rolls and Ebi Tempura Rolls with Masago. After the first two rolls, however, things take a pretty weird turn in the rolls that come out in front of them. The group tries a Mango California Roll, Charred Salmon and Strawberry Roll, and what they call a Jo Pineapple Roll.

Hang on a second… what? Maybe these are just popular over in Ireland.

If you want to see this group of lads and lasses eat strange sushi-fruit hybrids while struggling to get a grip on their chopsticks, check out the video above.

Man, sushi sounds pretty good for lunch right now. Especially since it’s a million degrees outside.