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Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza and Immediately Spits It Out [WATCH]

Food innovations are hit-or-miss in this wacky culture of ours. In order to achieve success, one must find that perfect balance between two completely different dishes. For every cronut, there’s a sushi pizza. As a matter of fact, guess which one Gordon Ramsay can’t stomach?

In a classic episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the world-famous chef visits the failing restaurant Sushi Ko to help the husband and wife owners turn their business around. One of the items he was served on his visit was a sushi pizza made with rice, salmon, crab, mayonnaise, and some cheese.

Sounds scrumptious.

Check out Chef Ramsay’s reaction to this sushi pizza

With all the possible food combinations out there, perhaps sushi and pizza aren’t the best choices to meld together. That being said, a chili cheese churro would sing symphonies in ol’ Gordon’s gullet. Perhaps one day we’ll be lucky enough to serve it to him.


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Craving: Sushi Pizza

Funny, when I go to Costco, I usually pick up a pizza and a package of sushi. So when someone directed me to a “sushi pizza”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m sure there are other variations on it, but here’s one! (PicThx Geoffrey-7-11)