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Assemble The Whole Squad To Tackle This MASSIVE 16-Pound Sushi Donut Challenge

You may remember sushi donuts from the hype they drew in 2016 and early 2017. These artsy sushi creations briefly had their viral moment on social media, but began to die down in favor of other food fads. The sushi donut is back, though, but in a colossal new form sure to make jaws drop.

16-pound sushi donut

This 16-pound sushi donut behemoth was made by WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida. They teamed up with JP & Julia from YouTube’s HellthyJunkFood, who are known for taking popular items and supersizing them beyond belief.

Between all the seafood, seaweed salad, and rice that went into constructing the donut, it clocked in at an astonishing 7,680 calories. Despite being almost the size of an actual tire, it retained the visual pop and appeal that made the smaller versions crush on Instagram in the past.

To see HellthyJunkFood’s full construction of the sushi donut from start to finish, peep the video below:

After construction was completed, JP & Julia brought in two semi-competitive eaters, Nathan Figueroa and Nick Dompierre, to see if they could take on the 16-pound sushi donut combined. Figueroa was actually able to finish his 8-pound portion, but Dompierre came up just short. You can view their full challenge attempt in the video below:

For those who want to take on this challenge themselves, or just want a massive sushi birthday cake, Wave is still considering how to offer up the 16-pound sushi donut in the future. Based on demand, they’ll either offer it up just as a challenge, or have it available by order only.

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Are Viral Foods Like The Sushi Donut Killing The Restaurant Industry? [The Katchup Podcast]

Are sushi donuts killing the restaurant industry?

That’s the major topic of the first episode of our BRAND-NEW podcast, “The Katchup. The discussion launches a weekly podcast discussion on the top trends in food. Given the viral success of the Sushi Donut, which generated over 80 million video views between ourselves and other food news outlets in the past week, it had to be the key discussion for this week.

This week, Foodbeast’s Editor-In-Chief, Elie Ayrouth, brought in Andy Nguyen, the owner of viral restaurant successes like Project Poké’s Sushi Donut and Afters Ice Cream’s Milky Buns, and Jason Quinn, owner of the Playground Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, to discuss how social media virality is affecting customer eating habits at restaurants.

Since the Sushi Donut’s massive success was borne from Nguyen’s poké shop, the group also discusses the future of poké and of the restaurant industry. 

The podcast gets extremely real when Elie brought up e-mails he received regarding Foodbeast’s coverage of these items:

“I have quotes on two chefs, at least two chefs in my inbox, that have said: ‘Fuck you Elie, stop promoting sushi donuts, and stop promoting shit with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on it.’ “

Definitely give the podcast a listen, as it provides in-depth commentary as to how items like the Sushi Donut are affecting the future of restaurants and their menu offerings.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Sushi Donuts Are the ‘Hole-y’ Grail of Food Mash-Ups


Featured Photo by Tanaya Ghosh

Do you ever get that ridiculous tug-of-war feeling with yourself when you have the one of the most artistic dishes you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and can’t decide whether to ruin its perfection by consuming it or letting it’s perfection consume you?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the feeling this sushi donut gives us. One of the latest fire Instagram food trends, this donut-shaped sushi is so photogenic, it’s practically the edible version of your favorite Instagram model (No sliding into DMs necessary).

While this prism of savory perfection is not all that new to us, it has become increasingly available. Project Poké in Fountain Valley, CA is the just the latest food joint to incorporate the neat mashup into their menu.

If you love sushi, but hate using chopsticks, the sushi donut might just become your new best friend. If you’re a donut fiend, but don’t want to look silly having donuts for lunch or dinner (we’re not judging, if you do), this is your ‘holy’ grail.


Hello Kitty Pumpkin Donuts Combine All of The Internet’s Favorite Things


All right internet, here’s what we’re working with: cats, donuts and pumpkin. You know what to do.

Japan’s Mister Donut – previous purveyor of the “Sushi Donut” – has seriously out-trended itself this Halloween, with a new line of special edition, pumpkin and strawberry-flavored, Hello Kitty jack o’ lantern donuts. By swapping out Kitty’s usual coy expression for an adorably toothy grin, Misdo might have just won itself at least ten – no, fifteen – internets. Plus like two more, simply because #pumpkin.


For 1,000 yen (or about $10 USD), you can also get a specially-themed box of seven of the Halloween donuts, complete with a witchy Hello Kitty plush. Now if only dressing up in a Japanese-themed costume for Halloween were enough to actually get you there, sigh.

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