8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sushi

Sushi 101

Sushi is a mysterious creature. From cats to cologne, we already know the Japanese dish comes in many varieties. But there’s way more to the raw fish rolls than we ever thought, and thanks to blogger Ryoko Iwata, we’re about to get schooled in sushi.

Iwata created the ‘Sushi 101’ infographic below to share fun tidbits about the cuisine, because even though you might enjoy chowing down on shrimp or tuna rolls, did you know there’s a proper way to dip it into soy sauce? Or how to put out that mouth fire that is wasabi overload?

Iwata also says ‘there’s really no wrong way to eat sushi,’ but hey —  a little sushi knowledge never hurt anybody. Check it out below:

Sushi 101

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